7 Best WordPress Report Builder plugins

Do you wish to add cool data reports based on charts, graphics, pictograms, or infographics on your website? Data visualization is the perfect solution that makes it easy to comprehend your report.

Regardless of your online business, data & information is a dominant factor for your operations. If you do not display those data and information correctly, you could be cheating yourself and your stakeholders. To get the best output, you need a report builder plugin to display those data elegantly and professionally. 

Otherwise, your report and analysis will look dull if you just put them on a table on your website. If your report or analysis has a chart or graph, your visitor would prefer to see the research and eventually will stay longer. It will be easy for them to digest your analysis. It would also help you improve your website’s bounce rate. 

Today, I will introduce you to the 7 Best WordPress Report Builder plugins, which are best to create a data report with cool charts and graph visualizations. 

7 Best WordPress Report Builder plugins


Best WordPress Report Builder Plugins

At first, I want to introduce you to Visualizer. Making interesting graphs or reports is super easy with Visualizer. With this WordPress report builder plugin, you can create interactive data on your WordPress site’s pages and posts. It is the best option to make a visualization report for Finance, Health, Science, Marketing, and Technology. 

Almost everyone who has a website has table contents and a visualization chart or report to better explain their research and content. It allows you to customize every aspect of your report or chart. To create animated tables, charts, and graphs, Visualizer uses Google visualization API, DataTables.net, and ChartJS.

These charts and graphs are cross-browser and cross-platform compatible.

Moreover, you can import data from Google Sheets, Excel, and CSV with this WordPress report builder plugin. If you consider to upgrade it to the pro version, it will permit you to import data from WordPress. On top of that, you gain access to the other 6 charts and the front-end editor. This plugin lends you a hand to retrieve and manage your data according to your requirements and show them in a professional way.

The fun fact is that you can use this WordPress report builder plugin for free, and this free version contains 9 awesome chart designs to let you make a report or chart in no time though you can also start from scratch. It also supports Gutenberg, pagination, search & sorting, etc. Its responsiveness supports every modern device and browser. 


  • Offers prebuilt charts with the free version
  • Pro version provides you a front-end editor to make charts and reports quickly.
  • Fully responsive and support Gutenberg editor.


  • Data types are limited.
  • Data tables are managed separately.


If you want various data sources from which you import and generate visualized reports for your online pages and posts, you should check out wpDataTables. It supports and accepts data from numerous sources. It uses the Google Chart Engine to create cool charts and visualized reports.

With this WordPress report builder plugin, you can use CSV file format, JSON, XML, and Serialized PHP arrays, Google Spreadsheet, Excel, etc. Its data type is not limited, like Visualizer. It’s a refined report visualization plugin that supports a variety of different devices. Its advanced search and filters let you narrow down the results. 

Its rich filter option lets you display results only from a particular date, location, and so on. It is best for creating complex data charts or reports, tables, and graphs where your users can input values. It also lets your users change the data of your report and get a different report in realtime. 

It is available in both the Lite and Pro version, which is another reason I have put it in second place on my list. It is the same in one aspect with Visualizer as it let you access the front-end editor after purchasing the Pro version.


  • Supports almost every data sources and formats
  • Available in both the free and pro versions
  • Responsive data charts, graphs, reports, and tables
  • Unlimited customization
  • Availability of conditional formatting like Excel
  • Pro version offers 35 dynamic chart types.


  • The free version features only one chart template.

POWr Graph

Next, I have POWr, third on the list of the 7 best WordPress Report Builder Plugin. It is a free plugin that does not demand any coding knowledge to generate an incredible report with graphs and charts. With the plugin, you can create and embed graphs to show your data to your visitors flawlessly. 

POWr Graph WordPress report builder plugin is packed in the POWr Pack plugin, a suite of professional add-ons that you can integrate on your website using a single tool. Therefore, you can expect to get lots of functionality without needing any coding skills. You can create charts like the bar chart, pie chart, donut chart, area chart, line plot graph, step chart, area step chart, scatter plot graph, etc. 

You can start using this multi packed plugin for just $4 only if you want more functionality. Nevertheless, it gives you access to over 50+ different plugins on their free version too. It is designed to aid you in increasing your conversions, get more followers, and subscription. 

It supports multiple chart types and comes with unique interactive controls that make it user-friendly. You can add graphs and charts to your site with shortcodes and customize them the way you want. Graphs and charts of this plugin are best for marketing, website analytics, agencies, finance, etc. 


  • Fully compatible with any site
  • Interactive controls to remove or show data
  • Supports up to 10×10 data fields
  • Adjustable sizing and style
  • Get you access to the 50 more unique plugins.


  • To manage the plugin suite, the user does not require an ID.

Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

Managing and creating tables, charts, & reports is super easy with Data Tables Generator by Supsystic. It allows you to make your tables and charts responsive automatically though you always can disable them to adjust table dimensions. 

To sort and filter your chart and graphs for your reports, you can take unlimited columns and rows, unlike the POWr graphs WordPress report builder plugin. As different kinds of reports require different types of representation. This plugin provides you various charts like area charts, line charts, pie charts, bar charts, column charts, and bubble charts. 

Moreover, your one right-click on any cell will open up more modifying options, such as it can turn the cursor into a resize cursor to adjust the size of rows and columns. What’s more interesting is that it allows you to insert links, images, or comments. If you want to add formulas, pagination, and search, you would not need other plugins. 

They have taken their table to an even different level by letting you add custom css for each table. Customizing it is a piece of cake. The Pro version enables you to change the font family and give you front-end edible fields. Their highlighting pro feature would be the Diagram that turns your tables into any chart format. 


  • Supports formulas
  • Support custom CSS
  • Availability of title, header, and footer customization
  • Choice of loader icon and color 
  • Supports CSV, Excel, PDF, and Google Sheets
  • Best for creating product tables for WooCommerce


  • Numerous limitations in the free version


Did you ever try adding Javascript content on your WordPress pages or posts? I know, it’s impossible because WordPress detaches all the Javascript. With the amCharts WordPress report builder plugin, you can add javascript maps and charts into your WordPress posts and pages effortlessly, which was a hassle earlier.

Moreover, you can also use the built-in PHP function to place your chart and reports anywhere in your report. It is not beginner-friendly; instead, it is made for advanced users. There is one noticeable fact that this report builder does not provide any visual editor. All you need is to create a shortcode and insert it on the page to add your post’s javascript content. 

This advanced report builder comes with 9 built-in charts, and they are XY charts, Sankey diagram, radar chart, gauge chart, chord diagram, treemap, and map. For each type of chart, you are allowed to define the default javascript resources libraries. The moment you know how it works, you will begin to appreciate this advanced plugin.

Don’t get overwhelmed between the M chart and amCharts WordPress report builder plugin though you can do the same thing using both the plugins. Both of them are unique in their ways, and amCharts has managed to gain more reliability than the M Chart. amCharts has an active installation of over 4000 and has an overall 5-star rating. 


  • Provided uncommon charts
  • Has flexibility while customizing codes
  • Defaults provided
  • Good for advanced users
  • Free to use


  • Unavailability of the visual editor
  • Documentation is very little
  • Not for beginners


Don’t get confused about the Uber taxi service with UberChart. They did not come from the same team. But one thing you can say, like Uber taxi service, UberChart WordPress report builder plugin is dedicated to providing you good-looking reports through their advanced chart solution without any coding knowledge. 

This WordPress report builder plugin supports a total of 10 chart types: Line charts, area charts, bar charts, horizontal bar charts, radar charts, polar area charts, pie charts, doughnut charts, scatter graphs, and bubble charts. 

You can duplicate any chart you made previously and can modify your created charts. Configuring charts are simple too. This plugin features a back-end spreadsheet editor; on top of that, it also allows you to upload your data directly from Open Office, Excel, and Google Spreadsheets. The charts and reports you will make with the plugin will be fully responsive; therefore, it will support every modern device displays. 

For customizing your chart, they have provided tons of styling options. However, the plugin offers you 240 customization options per chart. It is the best solution for adding visually stunning charts to your blog posts and reports.

So you can change whatever you like when making a stunning report with charts and graphs. You can modify your charts’ color, animations, font size, responsiveness, etc. You will have full control over your axis and scales from a data perspective.  


  • Offers 10 different data types
  • Back-end Spreadsheet editor available
  • 240 customization options for each chart type


  • Often lots of customization overwhelms the beginners.

Easy Charts

Finally, I would like to mention a free report builder plugin that may seem like a primary tool but trust me; it is not. Easy Charts WordPress report builder plugin facilitates chart creation and management on your WordPress website for free. It makes your article attracting and engaging by letting you add a data visualization chart or report. 

Creating a data visualized report is as easy as a piece of cake. You just have to put in your data, and you are allowed to build all types of charts. Switching between different charts and previewing how they will look on your website is super simple too.  

It includes 12 chart types such as Stacked bar charts, step up bar charts, percent bar charts, and others. Easy charts WordPress report builder plugin is based on the uvCharts javascript library. It uses the CSS3 transition effect and SVG to build a great graphical representation of your data. 

However, despite being a free tool and enabling you to create cool chart types, it has certain limitations as well. One limitation is that you cannot make responsive tables of data that your user can edit. It is the best solution for creating a range of detailed charts and graphs. 


  • Provides 12 free chart types
  • Easily configurable
  • Responsive charts and tons of customizations


  • No significant cons were noted at this time. 


If you have not decided yet which WordPress report builder plugin you should choose, let me break it down for you though I have discussed those above. 

You can choose Visualizer, which is a great table builder also along with a report builder that is based on charts and graphs. This is the number one reason I have put it on the top position on my list today. It’s more than just a report builder. Besides making charts and graphs, you can make cool tables of your product to highlight the product features to get a handsome remuneration. 

If you like tons of customization, you should go for UberChart WordPress report builder plugin, which provides 240 customization options for each chart type. And if you want to start using graphs and chart plugins for free for your startup, go for Easy charts and POWr graphs. 

You should choose wpDataTables or Data Table Generator by Supsystic if you wish to have unlimited pro-level customization and different data formats. 

I would request you to use amCharts if you are an advanced user. But if you are a beginner, you should avoid using it. 

I hope that by this time you have made your decision about choosing one for your website. I would urge you to try each of the mentioned WordPress report builder plugins if you like to discover more. You will be more amused after using them all by yourself.

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