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Learn more about our story, team, and plan.

Hi, welcome to WP Table Builder, the best drag and drop WordPress table builder. WP Table Builder has been helping WordPress users to create beautiful and responsive tables since 2019. 


Our Story

We have been in affiliate marketing since 2012. We found that using tables in blog posts can increase affiliate sales dramatically. 


But the problem was, it wasn’t easy to create beautiful and responsive tables using existing table plugins. At some, we started using a page builder for creating tables. 


Again, that didn’t solve our problem. We had to build the whole page with the page builder even though we just needed the table portion.


In 2018, we decided to create a table plugin that’s easy to use and works like a page builder.


We started working right away and launched the plugin in 2019. Now more than 20,000 sites are using WP Table Builder. 


Our Plan


Initially, we built this plugin mainly for bloggers and affiliate markets. But from the very beginning, we wanted to make a full-pledge table plugin that lets users create any type of table. 


We are still not there. But we are on our way to make it a full-pledge table plugin. We are continuously working to make it more awesome. 


Our Team


We are the DotCamp family. We are a team of 9 members. We are the same team behind WPLeaders, RoadToBlogging, HostLater, Ultimate Blocks, WP Coupons and Deals, and some upcoming projects. 





Istiak Rayhan



Imtiaz Rayhan



Aarif Abdullah



Erdem Bircan



Ankur Raz Bongshi



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Thank you for taking the time to read about us. 

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