WP Table Builder Features

WP Table Builder is the best WordPress drag and drop table builder plugin. Here are the features that makes WP Table Builder the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress table builder in the market.

Drag and Drop Table Builder

Easily create tables within minutes with the drag and drop builder, without writing any code.

Prebuilt Table Templates

Start with prebuilt table templates to save more time. Save your own tables as templates too.

Responsive Mobile Friendly

Make 100% responsive tables that performs same in desktop, tablet and mobile.

Import/Export Tables

Import or export tables in two formats – CSV, XML. Make your work easier.

Advanced Elements

With elements like circle rating, ribbons, styled list make your tables more converting.

Gutenberg Integration

Create and edit tables in Gutenberg without having to leave the editor. All in one block!

Search Option For Tables

Add a search bar with tables so that your users can search for exactly what they are looking for.

Pagination For Tables

Break your long tables into pages for a better experience for your visitors.

Auto-migrate from TablePress

With one click move all your tables from TablePress and replace all shortcodes.

Lazy Load Built-in

Built-in lazy loading for images in tables for better performance.

Sortable Tables on Frontend

Make your tables sortable on the frontend, both vertically or horizontally.

Drag and Drop Sorting/Ordering

On the backend, sort your rows/columns by dragging and dropping them.

Sticky Rows/Columns

Make the first row or first column of your sticky when tables are bigger in size.

Full Column/Row Duplication

Save your time by duplicating full columns or full rows instead of repeating same task.

Merge Cells

Merge cells in your table with a single click. No coding, no hassle.

Set Empty Cells

Want to keep some of your table cells empty but they keep showing on the table? We got you.

Column/Row Separation

Separate columns and rows, add space between them for a better looking table.

Different Border Colors

When you separate the columns/rows, you can set different colors for borders.

Full Background Color Control

Control background of your table, for rows, columns or individual cells. Full control.

Tooltips for Lists

With tooltips for List items, you can add more information in the table.

Custom CSS Styling

Option to set custom CSS globally or for individual tables.

Padding & Margin Settings

Control the spacing in your table, set padding-margin for elements.

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