6+ Best Free WordPress Related Post Plugins

Best WordPress Related Post Plugins

If you wish to keep your visitor longer on your website and increase page views, you can easily do that by showing them the related posts to the current post using Best WordPress Related Post Plugins. 

If your website manages to keep visitors longer, Google likely gives them a better ranking on Google SERP. The more time a visitor spends on your site, the better improvement you have on your site’s bounce rate. 

Now the question arises which one you should try among the tons of WordPress Related Post plugins. Not all of them will be better and will not be able to fulfill your requirements. Therefore, we have researched for you on your part to save your valuable time. 

We have handpicked the best 6+ Best WordPress Related Post Plugin that lets you customize every aspect of your related post box. Some of them will let you decide how many posts you want to show and where you want to show. 

Some of them also let you decide which basis the plugin would decide the related posts for your current post. If you want to know their name and their top features, keep reading the post. 

6+ Free Best WordPress Related Post Plugins

If you want one of the best WordPress Related Post plugins maintained professionally, Yet Another Post can be a great pick. It enables you to show pages, posts, and custom post types related to the current post. 

This incredible plugin comes with an advanced and effective algorithm that finds the related content considering post titles, content, tags, categories, etc., and shows associated posts in RSS feed with custom display options.

You can control how your related posts will look like. This plugin offers both a thumbnail and a list view. You can show them in your widget area using shortcodes. But if you wish to show them in other places, you should have the technical knowledge and edit your theme file.  

The problem with using this plugin would arise if you have a multilingual site and you use WPML. You can take it as a downside of this plugin that it does not support WPML but supports Polylang. 

Aside from these, this plugin also supports multi-site and can manage them from one place.

Top Features

  • REST API Support
  • HTTPS support
  • Versatile algorithm
  • Multi-site support
  • Polylang support
  • Thumbnail or list view
  • Shortcode support

Price: You can use this plugin for free and download it directly from the WordPress repository. 


Shareaholic is one of the best multipurpose plugins that give you a helping hand for social sharing, showing related posts, and seeing the analytics. You can use this plugin with WooCommerce products and custom post types effortlessly. 

It does not matter if your site is small or big. This plugin makes it possible and grows your traffic by showing your related content in your current post. Select the number of posts to display related content and themes to match your site’s look. 

What’s more interesting is that this plugin is fully modular, and you can deactivate the extra functions of analytics and social share. You can fully customize the algorithm on which basis this plugin will show the related posts. 

Furthermore, if you are looking for a GDPR cookie notice plugin, you can easily count on Shareaholic. This plugin actively notifies your visitors about the cookie policy.

If you wish to earn extra cash, Shareaholic provides you the opportunity. This plugin makes money by selling ads that are usually mixed in with related posts. If you enable showing ads that come deactivated by default, Shareaholic will give you a tiny share of the money they will generate through your site.  

Top Features

  • Several themes
  • Number of related content to show
  • Works with WooCommerce product or custom post types
  • Effective algorithm to determine the related posts
  • Monetization option
  • Social share option
  • Content analytics
  • Modular and lightweight
  • GDPR Cookie notice
  • Translation ready

Price: You can use this multi-purpose plugin for free by downloading it from the WordPress repository.

Related Posts Thumbnails plugin is another brilliant WordPress Related post plugin that enables you to add related posts right after posting content. It allows you to customize the shape and size of the thumbnails, display settings, and associated content types.

You can select the related content based on categories, tags, custom taxonomy, etc. You can also choose the number of posts that you want to display. You will also get a widget that allows you to display related posts using shortcodes.

As this plugin is all about customization, you can easily customize the thumbnails. You can also change its background, border, title and excerpt length, text sizes, background change on hover, etc. 

What’s more interesting is that the plugin lets you add videos as thumbnails. It is also translation-ready, so using it on a multilingual website won’t be a hassle. Besides, you will also get a dedicated block if you are a Gutenberg Block user. 

Top Features

  • Customize the content relation
  • Select the number of related content to show
  • Shortcode supports
  • Highly customizable
  • Video thumbnail
  • Multi-lingual
  • Dedicated Gutenberg block
  • Excerpt length
  • Background change on hover

Price: Download and enjoy this WordPress Related Post plugin without spending a single penny.  

If you want the easiest way to display your content-related posts within your posts and pages, Inline Related Posts is the great one to get the job done. It gives you the freedom from adding the related posts only in widget areas.

You can set the plugin to display the related post by category or tag and display the related post after a certain number of words on every blog. Using the free version, you can add multiple related posts within the content.

This plugin also comes with many customizations to make your related content box look fantastic and boost user engagement ten times. You can select the theme for your related posts to match your site’s theme. 

It comes with 20+ style combinations to choose from and make your related posts attractive. You can also change the background color, text size & color, border, opacity, etc. It also allows you to modify the thumbnail size, display settings, etc. 

Top Features

  • 20+ style combinations
  • Pre Designed theme
  • Background and border color customizations
  • Display settings
  • Automatically adds related posts boxes
  • Mouse hover options
  • Detects line breaks automatically

Price: Like the rest of the WordPress Related post plugins above, you can try this fantastic plugin for free

Within one click, you can link related posts to your content using the Related Posts For WordPress plugin.

All you need is to install the plugin, activating it, leaving the rest to the installation wizard, and setting the number of related posts you want to display. 

Like the other WordPress Related post plugins, it lets you modify the text, text color, background color, opacity, etc. If you have CSS knowledge, you can customize the related post box even further. 

The plugin automatically associates posts to each other though you can always link posts to each other manually. Using the shortcode, you can show your related posts any place you want. It also comes with a widget to add related posts to any sidebar. 

The interesting fact about the plugin is that it creates its cache and does all the hard work in the admin panel to deliver top-notch related posts without hampering your site load speed. 

Top Features

  • CSS customizations
  • Automatically associates one post to another
  • Manual options to link the posts to each other
  • Easy-to-setup
  • Custom taxonomy support
  • Widget and Shortcode support
  • Multisite support

Price: Related Posts for WordPress is a freemium plugin. You can either download the free version or buy the premium version for $5.99/month for a single site. 

If you want another best feature enriched WordPress Related Post plugin, Contextual Related Posts won’t let you down. It allows you to add thumbnails and customize the thumbnail’s image size. You can even show your related posts in masonry grid style. 

The interesting fact about the plugin is that it automatically fetches the first image of the post to make it the featured image for the post to be used as a thumbnail. 

For better customization, it also allows you CSS customization. You can add any posts, custom posts, pages, or attachments for your related content. Like the Related Posts For WordPress, this plugin also creates caching to deliver you a good site load speed. 

Like every plugin on the list, it also supports displaying related posts content automatically and manually. The good news is that the Gutenberg users can use the related post content using the dedicated block. 

Otherwise, you have to use the plugin with shortcodes or with the widget offered by the plugin. The plugin is also GDPR compliant, ensuring that the plugin does not collect personal data about your users. 

Top Features

  • Gutenberg block editor
  • Automatically fetches image for post thumbnails
  • Custom CSS support for further customization
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Shortcode and widget support
  • GDPR compliant
  • Automatic caching
  • Excludes particular content from being included
  • Insert related content into the RSS feed

Price: Grab the free version of this WordPress Related Post Plugin from the WordPress repository.  

If you want to increase user engagement and improve bounce rate by showing your related content to your visitor, you can check out Related Posts by Taxonomy. This plugin lets you display the related posts as thumbnails, links, excerpts, or entire posts.

The plugin is robust enough to find the related content post in multiple taxonomies and post types. It also provides you the freedom to change the overall look of the post section by using your custom templates. You can even add your HTML templates. 

It also allows you to use the related posts within a post or pages other than only in the widget area. You can do that using shortcodes without any hassle. If you wish to use it on the sidebar area, it offers you the widget too. 

If you want, you can exclude specific taxonomies, authors, or date limits to feature the recent posts for your related post content. Besides, the plugin features the Small Footprint, which ensures to have minimal effect on your site load speed to enhance your site’s SEO.

Top Features

  • Shortcode and Widget support
  • Small Footprint
  • Exclude or include terms and posts
  • Freedom of using own HTML templates for related posts
  • Highly customizable
  • Ability to display the related posts as a link, thumbnails, excerpts, or full post
  • Automatically displays related posts after the post content

Price: Like all other plugins in the post, this WordPress Related Post Plugin is also free


We hope this article has helped you discover more about WordPress Related Post Plugin and what you can do with these plugins. These plugins help you improve your bounce rate by showing related content to the current content and keep them longer on your site. 

If you are looking for WordPress plugins to boost your traffic, you can check out our Best 7 WordPress Traffic-Boosting Plugins

If you have enjoyed the article, consider sharing the article on your social media to let your friends know about these plugins. Let us also know your thoughts about these plugins in the comment section. 

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