The fast and easy way to create high converting beautiful responsive tables in WordPress

WP Table Builder is a drag-and-drop table builder that brings the simplicity and power of page builders for tables. From pricing tables to schedules, restaurant menus, product list, info and more, if there’s any kind of table you can think of, you can probably build it with this plugin.

Trusted by 60,000+ users and recommended by major WordPress publications and reviewers

Creating good-looking responsive tables was always a hassle

WordPress seriously lacks behind in tables and there’s no other way to create better tables besides hand coding. It’s complex, time-consuming, error prone.

Making them responsive is a whole another mammoth task that even experienced CSS developers have a hard time with.

And customizing them was an even bigger challenge

If you wanted to make tables look consistent with your site design, good luck writing CSS for all the different elements.

Plus, editing required you go back into code and figure it out again.

You need a simple drag-drop solution that does it all for you

Stop worrying about tables. You have more important things to manage for your site.

Just install and use WP Table Builder’s drag-drop interface and it will automatically generate beautiful and responsive tables for you instantly.

No more hand-coding, googling syntax, and stressing about making them responsive.

Hundreds of people tried all sorts of table solutions and settled with WP Table Builder

Fantastic plugin. I have tried all the table plugins without success. The one I have been using for some years is not Accessibility friendly and throws up header errors. WP Table Builder does not do this so I am moving over!

Great plugin easy to use and meets all the basic requirements. Well done!

I have used several table plugins in the past and I only stumbled to WP Table Builder last night!

Instantly it’s the best table plugin I’ve used! Super customizable and drag and drop!

I tried some of the most popular table plugins for WordPress, and was disappointed with their lack of features or design.

To my surprise, WP Table Builder worked well from the start, was intuitive, and allowed me to publish a colorful and detailed schedule table in minutes. Thank you!

For a long time I was picking up different plugins. I liked this one the most. Very simple and straightforward. Easy to operate, no problem. Great job. Thanks.

I tried three different Table builders. This was the only one which met my customization expectations. Currently have 10 tables, expect probably 10 more.

I was struggling to create a simple table that could showcase our product’s technical information and this plug-in came to save the day. I just simply works. Its easy to use.

Great simple drag and drop interface for building tables. The tables can even be set to squash down and display really nicely on a mobile device.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a simple table plugin.

Was looking for a plugin to do simple tables with a few customizations and to be responsive.

This one does exactly what is says it does, and it’s easy and simple to use.

Give it a chance, I think it will at least match your expectations.

This is the best table builder plugin I have ever used. Easy to make beautiful table’s on the fly! Very versatile with many options. I use it on all of my websites. I highly recommend this plugin for all your table building needs.

Pre-built Templates

Jump start with Prebuilt tables

What’s faster than an easy drag-drop table builder?

Pre-built customizable table templates.

WP Table Builder gives you that as well. Just select a pre-built template, modify the content, and you have a table ready to embed.

Or you can even save your custom table as a preset to start from that point in the future!

Advanced customization

Customize every aspect of the table simply by dragging

Want to move cells/column/row to another place? Or add new cells? How about duplicating them?

All of that is possible with just a click of your mouse! It can’t get any easier.

native integration

Embed tables easily with seamless Gutenberg integration

If you’re using Gutenberg and don’t like shortcodes, our Gutenberg block gives you a live preview of the table right within the editor. This way, there’s no more confusion about which table you’ve embedded.

What’s even better is, you can create new tables and instantly embed them right from the block. No need to open a new tab, navigate to the builder and then hop back to embed.

Using a different table plugin or have a spreadsheet data to migrate? It’s easy.

We have an import option built-in to migrate data from TablePress or any CSV spreadsheet that converts it into a WP Table Builder’s table in an instant.

This is so you don’t have to go through the hassle of copy-pasting entries or do any tedious work.

The nitty-gritty details

Interested in knowing what exactly does WP Table Builder offer? Here you go:

Wide-range of Elements

Add anything from text to images, icons, star rating, lists, and more.

Advanced customization

Drag-drop reorder and edit any element in the table. No limits.

Responsive controls

Customize table appearance for different device breakpoints.


Set vertical/horizontal sorting that works even with complex tables.

Cell management

Merge/split cells, add rows or columns before/after any cell.

Pre-built templates

Save time by rapidly creating new tables from saved templates.


Migrate external data to table or move WPTB tables out as CSV/XML.

Gutenberg Block

Create and embed new tables right from the Gutenberg editor.

Table design options

Customize the look of the tables to match your brand and aesthetics.

We’re just getting started

Although WP Table Builder already helps you accomplish most of your table creation needs, we want to continue to polish and refine the experience further.

Our goal is to give you the best table building experience.

And that is why, we work hard continuously behind the scenes, every day, making it better than what it is today.

There’s a lot more to come!

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