3 Best Circle Progress Bar WordPress Plugins

Progress bars are increasingly becoming an essential tool in digital environments. Website developers, project managers, and content creators use progress bars extensively to visually represent the completion status of a process or project. These visual indicators are particularly useful in improving user engagement and providing clear cues on progress, making them popular in online courses, project tracking, and even website loading statuses.

Circle progress bars, a specific type of progress indicator, offer a visually appealing and compact option for displaying progress in a circular format. WordPress plugins that facilitate the creation of circle progress bars are increasingly in demand because they allow users to add these features effortlessly to their websites. These plugins are invaluable for enhancing user experience, providing a dynamic way to present data that is both informative and aesthetically pleasing.

What is a Circle Progress Bar?

A circle progress bar is a graphical element that displays progress in a circular form. Unlike traditional horizontal bars, circle progress bars enclose the progress in a loop, offering a distinctive and space-efficient visual. This style is particularly favored for its modern look and the ability to fit into smaller spaces while remaining clear and engaging.

The Best Use Cases for Circle Progress Bar

Circle progress bars excel in various scenarios, offering an engaging and efficient way to visualize data:

  • Fitness Apps: Users can easily track their workout progress, steps, or calorie goals, making it visually rewarding and motivating.
  • E-Learning Platforms: Helps students see their progress through courses or specific lessons, enhancing their motivation and engagement.
  • Project Management Tools: Provide teams with a clear visual indicator of project phases or completion percentages, aiding in better deadline management and task tracking.
  • Loading Screens: Improves user experience by visually indicating the wait time left, reducing perceived wait durations, and enhancing interface aesthetics.
  • Donation Drives: Effectively shows fundraising progress towards a goal, encouraging more contributions by demonstrating how donations are closing the gap.

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks leads the list because it can transform your content as easily as snapping your fingers. Packed with 26 blocks, Ultimate Blocks is the ultimate tool you’ve been longing for to make your work effortless and efficient. 

With Ultimate Blocks, you can easily improve your WordPress posts using a variety of blocks, ensuring your audience stays engaged. Whether you need a Progress Bar, Table of Contents, Testimonial, Countdown, or click-to-tweet, there’s a Block for every requirement. The Progress Bar Block from Ultimate Blocks is a perfect solution for visual data representation. With the plugin, your choice is simple; you can add line, circle, or half-circle progress bars that suit your work perfectly. 

The plugin offers a simple interface that lets you fine-tune your progress bars with various customization options. You can adjust the circle size and thickness, change the progress bar and background colors, and modify the number settings. These features make it an ideal choice for adding circular progress bars to your WordPress posts.


Key Features: 

  • Linear or circle progress bars with customizable styles.
  • Three styles to choose from: line, circle, and half circle.
  • Varying colors and thicknesses for bars.
  • Quick and easy setup process.
  • Simple interface.
  • Animation effect for bars.

Circle Progress Bar Widget for Elementor

Circle Progress Bar Widget for Elementor enhances your Elementor page with visually striking Circle Progress Bars. Integrated to showcase statistics, it lifts your data into animated infographics for a dynamic presentation. The plugin offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to personalize the widget to your specific needs.

With the plugin, customization options for Alignment, Title, Value, and Circle Size are at your disposal. You can also adjust Border Color, Background Border Color, Border Thickness, and choose whether to Show or Hide the icon.

In addition to those, options for Circle Progress Bar Styling and different settings for title typography and color will definitely help you integrate with your Elementor page. The plugin’s intuitive interface makes it easy to create engaging progress bars that capture attention and convey information efficiently.


Key Features: 

  • Customize Alignment, Title, Value, and Circle Size.
  • Adjust Border Color, Background Border Color, and Border Thickness.
  • Show or Hide the icon as needed.
  • Choose from various Icon Sizes.
  • Style Circle Progress Bars according to your design preferences.
  • Set title typography and color for easy integration.

The Divi Circle Counter Module 

The last on our list, the Divi Circle Counter Module presents an interactive means to exhibit statistics and numerical data on your website. But you need to keep in mind that to utilize this module, you’ll need to have the Divi theme installed on your WordPress website. 

The module comes with three distinct settings tabs for customization, namely Content, Design, and Advanced, to keep your work organized and less tiresome. Within the Content tab, you will find the options to enable the customization of Text, Elements, Link, Background, and more. From this tab, you can adjust the title of the counter and the number it counts, as well as show or hide the Percent Sign, apply a clickable link to the entire module, add various backgrounds such as color, gradient, image, video, pattern, or mask and many more. The Design tab hosts all design styles and options, including Circle Color, Circle Background Color and opacity, text alignment, color and shadow, styles and configuration for Title Text and Number Text. You can tweak different settings for sizing, spacing, borders, filters, animations, and more from this tab. 

The last tab, the Advanced tab, holds advanced customization settings encompassing CSS ID & Classes, Custom CSS, Conditions, Visibility, Transitions, Position, scroll effects, and more. With all those features, this module presents one of the best ways to display a circle progress bar on your WordPress site. 


Key Features: 

  • Interactive display of statistics and numerical information.
  • Three settings for customization: Content, Design, and Advanced
  • Text, Elements, Link, Background customization
  • Apply a clickable link to the module.
  • Ability to add and change color, gradient, image, video, pattern, or mask.
  • Customization options for Circle Color, Background Color and opacity, text alignment, color and shadow, and more.
  • Advanced tab for CSS ID & Classes, Custom CSS, conditions, transitions, position, scroll effects, and more.


Circle progress bars effectively show progress in a clear and attractive way, making them ideal for tracking projects, course completion, and website loading times. This article helps readers find the best WordPress plugins for creating circle progress bars. By exploring various options, you can choose the plugin that best fits your needs, whether you’re looking for ease of use, customization options, or additional features. With the right plugin, you can effortlessly add dynamic and visually appealing progress indicators to your WordPress site, enhancing both its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Read on, learn about the plugins, and choose the one you need best. Even if you find none of them useful, you will get to know some new tools you might need someday. Until then, farewell.

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