7 Best Video Gallery WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid)

Day after day, WordPress appears with more tools and resources that help to make a website more functional and visually appealing. To date, WordPress allows you to make your website better by easily adding images and videos, which can make it more interesting and engaging for visitors.

A visually appealing and beautifully developed video gallery on any website helps it stand out, grab the attention of others and increase your sales by converting its visitors into customers.

The best plugins allow you to display your visual content from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and other video hosting platforms in an organized way. Unique features and impressive customization options make the best plugins stand out from the others. Here we have chosen 7 of them, which in turn will help you stand out from others in the global market. Let’s have a look at them. 



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1. Envira Gallery 

Envira Gallery is a resourceful WordPress plugin that allows the creation of responsive and powerful video galleries for your websites. This high-powered addon will help you catch the eyes of your visitors with beautifully crafted video galleries. 

Envira Gallery provides an addon that enables its users to introduce conspicuous video galleries by importing videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, DailyMotion, Twitch, VideoPress, or self-hosted videos. The simple drag-and-drop option of the plugin will permit you to create lucrative galleries most efficiently, and the tailor-made templates will give your galleries the customized outlook appropriate for your branding.  The plugin will enable you to embed your personal YouTube playlist from your account to your website. Furthermore, it will allow you to start any video from any predefined point of that video. You can easily keep track of your videos by combining them into albums and sorting them with unique tags. 

The Envira Gallery plugin will automatically collect thumbnails for your videos and let you customize or edit your videos according to your wish. You can add titles, have specific captions, and display multiple video control options. You can also have the video autoplay option and play/pause controls in a lightbox view, show videos in a fullscreen mode,  enable volume controls, display the length of a video, display download controls, and many more with the Envira Gallery plugin.


  • Drag and Drop editor. 
  • Numerous Gallery templates. 
  • Mobile responsive. 
  • Assemble videos in albums and sort them by tags. 
  • Supports YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and self-hosted videos as video sources. 
  • Deeplinking and pagination option. 
  • Autoplay and play/pause controls. 
  • Options for video and audio control. 
  • Automatic collection of thumbnails. 


Envira Gallery has both free and paid versions available to use. The paid version will cost $89 per year and $209 for lifetime access.

2. Modula

Modula is a powerful and flexible WordPress plugin designed to generate visually staggering and responsive galleries that helps your website to be readily optimized for performance and speed. 

Modula brings forth an intuitive interactive interface to create customized video galleries. The simple drag-and-drop interface works perfectly with videos from popular platforms, including YouTube and Vimeo, or your own videos uploaded directly to the WordPress media library. The autoplay option of the plugin will play only your self-hosted videos on mute. Modula features customizable gallery styles and layouts to enhance the visual appeal of your website. The three distinctive gallery types will make your work effortless and help your galleries to stand out from all the others. The added features will let you display a play icon to start the videos, customize the color and size, and upload your favorite icons to start the videos. 

Modula offers to make your videos load quickly and smoothly with optimization algorithms and device-sensitive layouts.  The plugin includes the lightbox gallery, hover and image effects, watermark and password protection, deeplinking, and many other features to make it understandably one of the most desired plugins to have. 


  • Responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Drag and Drop interface. 
  • Embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Allows self-hosted videos. 
  • Autoplay option.
  • Three gallery layouts, namely Creative, Custom grid, and Masonry.  
  • Custom icons with custom colors and sizes. 
  • Speed Up extension. 


Modula has both free and premium versions. The video extension is included in the Pro version, which is available at $39 per year. 

3. All-in-One Video Gallery

All-in-One Video Gallery presents a wide range of features that enables website owners to generate video galleries that are visually appealing, easy to navigate, and optimized for search engines. The plugin simplifies the process of creating and displaying video galleries on your website. 

The All-in-One video Gallery plugin introduces an mp4, WebM, OGV supportable custom HTML5 video player. It also includes embeddable players for videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Rumble, Facebook, and others. The players come with all kinds of customization options for player controls. You can add buttons for play and pause, timer, speed control, volume, fullscreen, share, embed, download, subtitle on and off, and many more. The playback options for the videos will include the autoplay, loop, muted, and preloaded options. The plugin allows users to generate unlimited categories, subcategories, and tags to organize the visual content into groups. You can choose to sort and display your categories in Grid or List views,  filter your videos according to those categories and tags, and sort the videos by posting date, title, views count, and random.  The plugin also enables its users to mark their favorite videos as “Featured”.

The additional features of this plugin include special gallery templates for popups and sliders, auto import of videos from YouTube and Vimeo, automatic thumbnail generator, SEO optimization for videos, custom logo and branding, and many more.  


  • Display videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Rumble, Facebook, and others.
  • GDPR compatible. 
  • Multiple options for player controls and playback. 
  • Create numerous categories, subcategories, and tags. 
  • Able to mark videos as “Featured”.
  • Ability to filter and sort videos. 
  • Premium templates.


The All-in-One Video Gallery is free for everyone to download from WordPress.org.

4. Video Gallery

Video Gallery is a lightweight and responsive WordPress plugin that is designed to enable users to make their website more presentable with the help of visual content from sources like YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia. 

Video Gallery has a user-friendly interface that helps leverage the power of video galleries using videos from popular channels. The plugin allows you to embed unlimited videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia or use self-hosted videos to create video galleries. With the plugin, you can display your videos in a smooth and beautiful lightbox. The plugin will readily offer 16 beautiful gallery themes, 9 gallery layouts, and 10 animation effects to change the appearance of your video galleries. The gallery pagination option of the plugin allows users to spread content across multiple pages in case bulk videos are available. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to add a Title for each video, write descriptions concerning your video gallery, and include additional links to forward your visitors to another page. 

The extended features of the plugin include a hover effect for video thumbnails, smooth animations for titles, descriptions, and others, customization options for speed, effects, and locations, support for multiple categories, unlimited zooms, and many more. 


  • Video Gallery with smooth lightbox option.
  • Multiple variations for themes, layouts, and animation effects. 
  • Accepts videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and self-hosted videos.  
  • Customizable gallery options (add, edit, delete).
  • Hover effect and customizable gallery pagination.
  • Options to add titles, descriptions, and links. 
  • Customizable animations, effects, speed, and locations. 
  • Zooming ability. 


The plugin is completely free to use.

5.  Essential Grid

Essential Grid is a prominent and versatile WordPress plugin that allows users to create flexible grids and galleries for their website content. The plugin lets its users choose YouTube, Vimeo, or self-hosted videos as the video source to make their video gallery. 

Essential Grid helps to create a good impression on your visitors with its wide range of features and customization options. The plugin provides a user-friendly interface that enables users to create responsive grids and galleries for their website content without any coding knowledge. The easy drag-and-drop feature and 50+ stunning templates will help you to create outstanding video galleries effortlessly. The plugin delivers a skin editor to try the skin variations to give your video gallery the customized look just the way you want them to appear. The plugin helps users to organize their gallery content effortlessly with navigation, filtering, and sorting options. 

The versatile plugin provides additional features, which include customizable layouts with adjustable columns, rows, and spacings, numerous animation styles and effects, adjustable transition speed, and many more.


  • Drag and Drop builder. 
  • Customizable templates with 50+ options. 
  • Skin editor for creating and customizing skins. 
  • Navigation, filtering, and sorting options for the video gallery. 
  • Import and export option for grids, skins, and metadata. 
  • Custom layout feature with adjustable columns and rows. 
  • YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, NextGen gallery, WooCommerce, posts, custom posts, and pages for content sources. 
  • SEO optimized. 


The Essential Grid Gallery WordPress Plugin will cost you $69 to obtain a regular license for the plugin. 

6. YouTube Feed by Smash Balloon

The YouTube Feed by Smash Balloon is a powerful and flexible plugin that allows website possessors to put YouTube videos on display in a visually appealing and organized manner. The plugin gives a massive boost to converting website visitors into customers, thus improving sales. 

YouTube Feed by Smash Balloon provides an easy way to create customizable video galleries that can be embedded anywhere on WordPress sites. Embedding a YouTube video gallery on your website takes only a few minutes. The plugin lets you automatically showcase your YouTube feeds from any public YouTube channel. If needed, you can always display more than one YouTube feed into a single feed whenever you want. You can easily embed a whole YouTube playlist or favorites or feature live streaming on your website.  The feeds the plugin provides will be responsive and optimized for every screen size. The plugin will let you take control of your video gallery with tailor-made templates and layouts. You will also have the authority to choose whether to show YouTube descriptions, titles, the number of likes, comments, and many more. 

YouTube Feed plugin significantly boosts your user engagement, converts your visitors into customers, and increases your overall sales. The plugin loads your videos only when your visitors start to interact with the video, thus allowing your website to run smoothly and get a higher SEO rating. 


  • Easy to use interface. 
  • Boosts engagements and sales. 
  • Embed videos from YouTube channels, playlists, live streams, and favorite lists. 
  • Customization options for the feed’s layout, size, background color, the total number of videos, and much more. 
  • Display feeds anywhere on the website. 
  • Better load times. 
  • Video sorting.


The YouTube feed plugin is a freemium plugin. Apart from the free version, you can buy the YouTube Feed Pro at $49 per year. 

7. Automatic YouTube Gallery

Automatic YouTube Gallery is an excellent tool for website owners that helps engage the audience with compelling video content and simplifies the process of managing and displaying video content on their website. 

Automatic YouTube Gallery includes the ability to display videos from YouTube directly to create unlimited video galleries on one’s WordPress website. This plugin automates the process of creating and managing dynamic video galleries with the help of a YouTube username, channel, playlist, search term, or custom video URL links.  You can enjoy the feature of embedding live streams from any YouTube channel on your website. The plugin benefits its users by providing the ability to customize the appearance of their video galleries with many unique and beautiful themes. The users can make use of these stunning themes to change the appearance of the popups, sliders, playlists, and inlines. 

The Automatic YouTube Gallery accompanies an easy-to-use admin interface, including a Gutenberg block, a shortcode builder, and a sidebar widget. The plugin will boost your gallery’s desired SEO with deep linking, make your page swift and load faster with the built-in caching system, and offers settings to keep your audience glued to your website for a more extended period. 


  • Automates creation and management of unlimited galleries. 
  • Use multiple YouTube sources, including channel, username, playlist, search term, or specific video URLs. 
  • Can embed live streams from YouTube. 
  • GDPR compliant. 
  • Fast loading with a built-in caching system. 
  • SEO optimization with deep linking, Open Graph meta tags, and schema markup. 
  • Customizable themes. 


The Automatic YouTube Gallery is a freemium WordPress plugin. The free version is available for everyone on WordPress.org, and the premium version will cost $9.99 per month and $69.99 for lifetime access. 


Video Gallery plugins provide the features to effortlessly display and create galleries that fit perfectly with the style and design of your website. The best ones available at the market will help you organize your content smoothly and improve your overall engagements.  The plugins introduced in this article come with responsive design, advanced customization options, and seamless integration with popular video-sharing platforms, which all anyone would look for from these plugins. Explore these plugins and choose the best one that helps you to achieve your goals. 

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase using any of these links, we will a small commission without any extra cost to you. Thanks for your support.

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