5 Best WordPress Business Hour Plugins (Free & Paid)

Best WordPress Business Hour Plugins

Are you looking for the best WordPress Business hour plugin to notify or let your valuable customer know your business hour? If you are, then you are in the right place. 

Today we will let you know the list of the 5 Best WordPress business hour plugins that will show your business hour and business days within your website so that no one returns to their home without buying or enjoying your service.

A WordPress business hour plugin is capable enough to show business hours in both 24-hour clock and 12-hour clock and can show them a countdown timer till closing or opening your store. You can also let them know if you are open on public holidays and your schedule. 

Want to learn more about them and learn about their incredible features? Keep reading the post. 

5 Best WordPress Business Hour Plugins

Business Hours Indicator

Business Hours Indicator is one of the best free WordPress Business hour plugins to indicate if your store is closed or open. The plugin features highly customizable shortcodes to show your opening and closing time in any format you desire. 

Besides, you can also use widgets to show your opening and closing time since this plugin comes with four unique widgets. Therefore, you can display your business hours using both shortcodes and widgets. 

The exciting part of using the plugin is that it supports countdown until your next opening or closing time. Even you can define different opening times for special dates and supports vacations. 

As this plugin is all about customization, it lets you edit the open and close message for your business hour. Even you can add an opening or closing soon warning to create an urge within the customers.  

The pro version supports caching, SEO features, unlimited multiple locations, a custom message builder, advance opening or closing timer, and many more. 

This plugin also supports display times in 12 or 24-hour format, multiple locations, and your preferred time zone. 

Top Features

  • 12 or 24-hour format time display
  • Time zone
  • Special hours
  • Vacation hours
  • Customizing opening and closing message
  • Widgets & customizable shortcodes
  • Unlimited multiple locations (Pro)
  • Supports caching (Pro)
  • SEO features (Pro)

Price: Get the free version of this WordPress business hour plugin from the WordPress repository. The pro version will cost you $40 for a single site. 

WooCommerce Open Close

If you are looking for a WooCommerce extension plugin to manage your business hours easily and automatically, this is the plugin you are looking for. All you need is to define your schedule of opening and closing hours and dates. 

It will help your online store act as a physical shop. Your customer will be able to see your opening and closing hours and not be able to purchase from your store when closed. 

Unlike the previous plugin, it lets you create unlimited sub schedules for the same day and enables you to choose different styles for showing schedules. It comes with a cool countdown timer with several types and can set in multiple places. 

You can also show a countdown timer for opening hours too with a custom message on each schedule. 

The plugin also comes with pro features such as front-end schedule management, Dokan plugin support, and many more that you can enjoy in the pro version. 

Top Features

  • Shortcode support
  • Unlimited business schedules
  • Sub schedules for the same day
  • Several styles for countdown timer on multiple places
  • Custom message 
  • Notice bar to display shop closing message
  • Translation ready
  • Allow add to cart when the shop is closed (Pro)
  • Dokan plugin support (Pro)
  • Front-end schedule management (Pro)

Price: Like the previous WordPress business hour plugin, WooCommerce Open Close is also free. If you would like to try the pro features, you have to purchase the pro version for $49 for a single website. 

We’re Open

We’re Open also offers you a free solution for managing the business hours of your online store. Like the rest of the plugin, you can post your business schedule any place you want using a shortcode and widget. 

The intuitive user interface makes it quicker and easier to schedule regular openings and special opening hours for public holidays. Besides, this plugin lets you set up three groups of opening times on a single day. 

This plugin is also best when it comes to customization since it lets you customize the day and time formatting, add prefix and suffix for each group of times, overwrite the local day names, separate day/date formatting for regular or special opening hours. 

Top Features

  • Conditional shortcode & text
  • Highly customizable
  • Shortcode & widget
  • Responsive interface
  • Consolidation of hours
  • HTML classes for better customization
  • Structured Data (schema.org) support

Price: Get this incredible WordPress business hour plugin for free from the WordPress repository.  

Advanced Business Hours

Next, we have one of the best premium-only solutions that let you create a stunning and advanced widget to display your store’s business hours. 

Using the plugin, you can easily show business hours for the whole week, business hours for today, and even for specific days. Like the rest of the plugin, it even lets you show the countdown timer of your business opening and closing hour. 

As the plugin is highly customizable, it lets you upload custom images to replace the default header for both opening and closing hours. It even enables you to customize the closing and opening messages and show them during particular days or public holidays. 

Moreover, the business hours can be shown in both 24-hour and 12-hour clock. You can show your business hour widget on any post or page using shortcodes. 

Top Features

  • Unlimited colors for customization
  • Compatible with caching plugins
  • Fully responsive & customizable
  • Multiple opening hours for separate days
  • Display business hours using a 24-hour clock & 12-hour clock
  • Customize all messages
  • Upload images for opening and closing hours
  • Display a countdown timer for closing and opening hours

Price: Buy this premium-only WordPress business hour plugin for $16 for a single site.  

Woocommerce Store Closing

WooCommerce Store closing is another promising premium-only plugin to show business hours. When your business hour ends, this plugin disables your customer to add products to their cart. 

Through the intuitive user interface, you can easily define the opening and closing times of your store. The exciting part is that you can even show a custom notification message if your store is open on specific days, such as public holidays. 

As the plugin is highly customizable, you can set individual notification messages for each day and dayparts. You can also set up a popup for your notification if you want and also can exclude pages to show those popup notifications. 

Like the rest of the WordPress business hour plugin, it lets you add a countdown timer to show your closing and opening hours. The plugin is entirely responsive so that it will support all modern display screens. All these features make it one of the best WooCommerce extension plugins. 

Top Features

  • Notification message across the store
  • Customize the notification messages and notifications
  • Set up to three different opening and closing times for each day
  • Exclude page from showing popup notifications
  • Add separate notification messages for each day and dayparts. 
  • With one click, close your store
  • Add countdown to your notification message
  • Show the selected active date and time in your notification

Price: As this is a premium-only plugin, you have to buy the plugin for $21 for a single site.  


We hope this article has helped you discover the best WordPress business hour plugins out there in the market and what you can do using them. 

Do let us know which one you have decided to use for your website. If you are still confused about which one you should choose, go for the top features again. 

You can also try installing the free plugins before jumping to premium plugins. After all, all these plugins are best for accomplishing the same job of showing your store’s business hours.

If you have liked the article, consider sharing it on your social media with your friends. Do let us know if we have missed including one in the list. Also, let us know your thoughts in the comment section. 

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