7 Best Free & Paid Social Proof And FOMO WordPress Plugins

Best Free & Paid Social Proof and FOMO WordPress Plugins

Are you facing difficulties gaining trust from your customer since you’ve opened a new store? Solve this problem right away only by installing a Social Proof and FOMO WordPress plugin. 

If someone is new to your shop or you’ve opened a new shop, he or she would not easily trust you for your product. If he or she sees other peers purchasing from your, he or she would trust you and will buy from you. 

To make your site Social Proof, you can display your other customers’ actions on your site to your new or every customer in the form of a small notification. You can display the name and image of your buyer who made a purchase from you. You can even set a clickable link on the notification. 

Moreover, you can show the positive reviews made by your customer regarding a product of yours. This way, you can easily build trust with your customer.

Now let’s learn about FOMO, Shall we?

FOMO means fear for missing out. If you add a countdown of a better deal for a specific product for a particular time, people will likely check them out even they might end up purchasing it. Customers who experience FOMO are more likely to purchase faster.

A Social Proof and FOMO WordPress plugin helps you boost your sales and increase credibility for your business. Let your customer know that they can trust you and your shop is busy by showing recent orders, positive reviews, social proof, and sales notifications. 

But choosing the best one would be difficult, isn’t it? Therefore, we have done the research and handpicked the 7 Best Free & Paid Social Proof and FOMO WordPress plugin. To know how you can use them and what features they will provide you to increase your sale, keep reading the post. 

7 Best Free & Paid Social Proof and FOMO WordPress Plugins


NotificationX is the most powerful social proof and FOMO WordPress plugin that boosts your traffic into conversion by showing notifications of your other customer’s activity on your website. This plugin provides you the best free ways to boost your sale.

This attention-grabbing plugin helps you build trust with your valuable costumes and turn them into your buyers in a very short fraction of time. The notification shown by the plugin includes the name of the customer, what he or she purchased, and when the purchase happened. 

You can also add customers’ reviews and star ratings in the notification. Moreover, you can show them your new products or your best deals on your website. The notification bar included with the plugin helps you show the latest offers at the top bar of your site. 

The plugin features a pro version along with the free version. The pro version lets you have more advanced features like WordPress download count, which is my favorite.

Using this social proof and FOMO WordPress plugin, you can record your product download, which you can show to the other customers to boost the sale of that particular product. Furthermore, you can also add a countdown bar to create an urgency within the customer to check out your offers. Isn’t that great?

Top Features

  • Sales Notification Alert
  • Sales Notification Bar
  • 10+ notification types
  • Countdown timer
  • Email subscription (Pro)
  • Zapier integration
  • Custom Notification (Pro)
  • WordPress download Count
  • Google Analytics (Pro)
  • WordPress comments
  • Elementor Integration (Pro)

Price:  You can get the free version from the WordPress repository. The pro version will cost you $39 for a single site. 


Want to make your customer believe you for your products and services? TustPulse can make that happen in a snap of a finger. With the special use of FOMO, this plugin boosts your sales and conversions by showing social proof notifications. 

If you want to increase more sales, signups, and more email subscriptions, this plugin is a great alternative to NotificationX. To gain the trust of other people, you can use the plugin to show the actions of other customers on your site. 

For instance, you can show them the number of sales of a specific product, who bought the product, membership site registrations, email signups, etc. You can choose where you want to show your notifications and convert more traffic into your customers. 

TrustPulse social Proof and FOMO WordPress plugin also has the smart targeting feature, which ensures to show the social proof notifications to the right people at the right time. Besides, you can also track the activities of a specific user on your site and display that for your benefit. 

Moreover, the built-in analytic tool lets you determine which pages of your site are getting the most conversion rate. It can help you detect and optimize your content to boost conversion even further. 

Top Features

  • Fully customizable notifications
  • Showcase activity
  • Smart targeting
  • Real-Time Event Tracking
  • “On Fire” Notifications
  • Actionable Analytics
  • Easy-to-setup
  • Advanced layout options (Pro)
  • Analytics notifications (Pro)
  • Action messages (Pro)

Price: To try out the free version, download this awesome Social proof and FOMO WordPress plugin for the WordPress repository. The price of the pro version starts from $5/month for two websites. 

Smash Balloon

Next, we have Smash Balloon, which can make your site fully social proof by showing your social media feeds. Using Smash Balloon, you can show social media feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube anyplace on your site. 

If you want, you can even display your social media likes, shares, comments, views, and followers within the feed to build your trust even more with new customers. This plugin simply helps you accumulate social media testimonials and effective user-generated content. 

Though this plugin lets you display feeds from four different social media, you have to use four different plugins offered by Smash Balloon separately. They are Instagram Feed, Twitter Feed, Facebook Feed, and YouTube Feed. Alternatively, you can buy them all together in a bundle.

The Facebook Feed allows you to display a feed of Facebook reviews regarding your product on your site. Using the Instagram Feed, display the Instagram hashtag feed of user-created content. 

Adding a YouTube playlist of video testimonials from your customer is easy on your site using the YouTube Feed. All these plugins let you display what people really think about your service and products to your visitors automatically. 

Top Features

  • YouTube Feed
  • Instagram Feed
  • Twitter Feed
  • Facebook Feed
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Easy-to-setup
  • 100% responsive
  • Popup media lightbox
  • Display post types

Price: All four plugins are also available in free versions. Check them out here. You can access all the pro versions of these plugins for $299/year for unlimited sites. But if you want to use only one of them, feel free to visit their official site

Thrive Ovation

Though Thrive Ovation is one of the best premium testimonial plugins, it provides one of the best ways to make your site social proof. Testimonials are useful social proof content that you can show on your site. 

If you see, you will notice that testimonials are normally good reviews you get from your customer for your products.

Using the plugin, you can turn comments from WordPress, Facebook, Twitter into amazing testimonials without any hassle. Moreover, it also grabs the name and photo of the person who left the comment. 

Furthermore, you can create testimonial landing pages to collect testimonials by using a simple online form. It also offers you to send out emails to your customers and leave a testimonial for your product or service automatically. 

Top Features

  • Templates and design
  • Seamless social media integration
  • Testimonial customization
  • Beginner-friendly user interface
  • Supports automated messages
  • Dynamically updated testimonials
  • Ability to insert testimonial anyplace
  • Converts WordPress comments into testimonials

Price: Start leveraging your conversion-boosting power right now using Thrive Ovation WordPress testimonial plugin. Buy the plugin for $19/month. 


WPfomify helps you grow conversions on your website instantly with social proof by showing recent sales and signups. This plugin also offers you customize your notification to match your site’s branding. 

There are three reasons for which you should consider using the plugin. First, it helps to boost your conversions; second, it helps you build business credibility, and finally, increase revenue. You can even display the visitor count of a page and conversion count. 

Displaying the recent activities of the customer on your site within a notification is what makes this plugin one of the best notification plugins. It even allows you to display the conversion data from various sources like WooCommerce, GiveWP, CSV file, or any kind of form on your site. 

WPfomify is similar to NotificationX, which lets you build credibility by showing real-time customer activity on your website through notification. Furthermore, the plugin works greatly by leveraging the FOMO to turn your visitors into your customer.

There’s no doubt why this Social Proof and FOMO WordPress plugin is one of the best premium Social proof & FOMO WordPress plugins after seeing all these handy features to boost your sale. 

Top Features

  • Integration with popular WordPress plugins & web services
  • Show user count
  • Show conversion count
  • Show Recent activity
  • Countdown bar
  • Customer reviews
  • Real-time customer activity
  • Granular targeting
  • Conversion tracking
  • Completely responsive

Price:  As this is a premium-only Social Proof and FOMO WordPress plugin, you have to purchase the plugin for $99/year for a single site.


Nudge your visitors by showing them the product, sale, or review notification. Using the plugin, you can offer your customer social proof, FOMO, and urgency notifications rather than offering an ordinary sale notification. 

By showing your customer the social proof and FOMO notifications, you can improve your site’s bounce rate. After seeing the notification, your user will check out the notification, and if he is convinced, he will be your customer. 

Like NotificationX, using this Social Proof and FOMO WordPress plugin, you can display all your live data to grab your customer’s attention. This plugin even lets you create custom nudges like the previous two plugins. 

Moreover, you can track how your nudge or custom notifications are performing and how much they’ve been able to convert your traffic into your customer. You can do the tracking using the built-in analytic dashboard. 

The interesting fact about this Social Proof and FOMO WordPress plugin is that it lets you display how many customers have viewed your particular page or product or reviews that are left by your customers. This creates urgency within your customer and will make them sure to check out that page or product upon displaying those pieces of information. 

Top Features

  • Recent activity nudges
  • Popularity nudges
  • Trustpilot and Google review nudges
  • Custom Nudges
  • Available in 25+ languages
  • 100% responsive
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Integration with popular WordPress plugins

Price: Enjoy the free version from the WordPress repository. The paid version starts from $9/month for a single site. 

ProveSource Social Proof

If you want to create urgency within your visitor and turn your visitor into your customer using FOMO, ProveSource Social Proof could be your pick. 

Like the rest of the Social Proof and FOMO WordPress plugins on the list, this plugin enables you to show reviews from your Facebook, Google reviews, Trustpilot, Yotpo, etc. The plugin also lets you customize the way it should look. You can even define the position, timing, pages, etc. 

The notifications created using the plugin are clickable and can lead the visitor to the advertised product page. You can also track and monitor the user activity to improve the conversion rate to a certain extent.

This plugin is very easy to set up and lets you easily show your verified conversions, activities, and sale on your site within a notification. The plugin supports more than 22+ languages through which lets you be more precise with your targeting and content. 

Top Features

  • Creates FOMO and urgency
  • Review popup notifications
  • Sales popup notifications
  • Supports more than 22+ languages
  • 100% responsive
  • Clickable notification
  • Easy to use and install
  • Adjust notification display time and speed

Price:  This social proof and FOMO WordPress plugin offer a free and a pro version. You can try the free version for free. The pro version will charge you $21/month for a single site. 


We hope by this time, you have understood how you can boost your sale by showing your customer a notification using the Best Social Proof and FOMO WordPress plugins.

Let us know your thoughts about these plugins and which ones you are using. Do share this post on your social media if you have liked the post. After all, sharing is caring. 

If you want to know more about WordPress plugins that can boost your conversion rate, feel free to check out 7+ Best Conversion-Boosting WordPress Plugins

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