5+ Best ChatGPT-Powered WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid)

If you are reading this, you already know about ChatGpt. Give instructions, and this chatbot will write almost anything and everything. This brings content writers and marketers a new arsenal of tools. 

With the help of AI-powered chatbots, writing can be delivered faster and more efficiently.  So, ChatGpt-powered plugins can be a great addition to your WordPress site, as these will take a massive workload of writing articles/posts or the role of engaging visitors in a chat.

So, which plugin to choose? Which one delivers the most accurate writing and information? How much budget do you need? Is there any good plugin that won’t break the bank? 

We’ve brought you the 5+ Best ChatGPT-Powered WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid) to answer your questions. As all these are tested and verified by experts and thousands of users, just choose one and start working. 


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Let’s start! 

1. Aiomatic

Powered by AiomaticAPIs, OpenAI’s GPT-3, and GPT-4 AI engine, Aiomatic is one of the best cutting-edge content writer plugins, which can deliver tons of content in no time, turning your site into an auto blogging machine. Product reviews, dialogues, articles, blog posts- it will write anything and everything; you just need to think and give instructions. 

Originality is a must when it comes to writing content. Aiomatic shines, with the top-of-the-line content it can generate. GPT-3 AI engine’s help can produce unique, enjoyable, and exciting writing. On top of that, the contents will be search engine optimized, making them rank faster. 

Writer’s block is a common problem for writers, impacting work severely if not helped quickly. Aiomatic can help people here, too, with automatic copywriting. Now, you won’t have to spend hours looking at blank pages; instead, relax your mind and let the plugin do the job for you. This plugin will also help you to generate ideas for your following content, so you won’t have to spend extra time thinking and getting new writing ideas. 

Key Features 

  • Rewrite old published posts.
  • Automatic AI-generated content-adding option at the start or end of published posts.
  • Automatic post categories or tags generation from contents and titles. 
  • Automatic featured image generation for posts. 
  • Features keyword replacer tool, which is very helpful for affiliates. 
  • Gutenberg editor compatible, with AI assistant. 


The regular license price is $59, with 6 months of support.

2. AI Chatbot for WordPress with OpenAI

If you are looking for something that can be a chatting/engagement tool, Chatbot for WordPress with OpenAI can be the perfect pick. Besides being a native plug n’ play WordPress chatbot, this plugin is targeted at increasing user engagement and keeping people interested by showing them specific posts. So, if you are running an online shop or e-commerce store, this plugin will be of exceptional help to you.

The most prominent feature of this plugin is, obviously, the unique competency of making conversations. This plugin can hold conversations independently, because it is integrated with OpenAI and Google’s natural language processing (NLP) and AI through Dialogflow V2. All you need to do is just set intents for commands. You can set custom intents to make the chatbot more intelligent, comprehensive, and humane, making visitors’ experience more pleasant. 

Another fantastic feature of this plugin is onsite retargeting. Often, people will just leave your site, and you will miss out on potential customers. However, using the onsite retargeting feature, WPbot will detect exiting visitors and show them offers specifically targeted at them. With that, you will have the chance to retain almost 15% of the visitors (who were leaving your site) and turn them into customers. It can give you a significant boost in sales and revenue. 

Key Features

  • FaceBook messenger live chat integration.
  • Light integration with most of the 3rd party live chat systems.
  • Remarketing through onsite retargeting, and optimizing conversions. 
  • Chatbot widget shortcode.
  • Supports images and YouTube videos.
  • The plugin can be embedded on any other site. 


Free | The regular license for Chatbot for WordPress with OpenAI is priced at $29. 

3. SureTriggers

If you want to automate your tasks and want AI’s help in that, SureTriggers is a great solution. SureTriggers is a powerful WordPress plugin allowing you to automate tasks and create custom workflows using a drag-and-drop interface without requiring coding skills. 

ChatGPT is integrated into it, meaning it can enhance your automation capabilities by allowing you to automate conversations with your customers. With the power of ChatGPT’s natural language processing capabilities, you can create automated chatbots that can answer customer inquiries, provide support, and even make sales. 

By integrating ChatGPT with SureTriggers, you can trigger automated chatbot or email conversations based on specific actions, such as a new customer sign-up or a purchase. This integration allows you to provide 24/7 customer support, improve engagement, and streamline customer service processes. 

With SureTriggers and ChatGPT integration, users can also create workflows that take advantage of the rich data generated by ChatGPT. This data can be used to create more personalized and targeted messaging for customers, improving engagement and satisfaction. For example, a user could create a workflow that triggers a special discount code to be sent to a customer who indicated an interest in a particular product.

Another advantage of the SureTriggers and ChatGPT integration is the ability to automate complex workflows that would otherwise be time-consuming or require significant development expertise. For example, users could create workflows that automatically classify customer inquiries based on their content, route them to the appropriate department or team member, and even generate follow-up tasks or notifications.

Key Features:

  • Hundreds of integrations 
  • Generate email and conversation replies
  • Automate any tasks
  • Automated response system for quick and efficient customer service.
  • 24/7 availability for customers to get their queries resolved anytime.
  • Ability to handle multiple conversations simultaneously.
  • Ability to learn from previous conversations to improve future responses.
  • Integration with CRM systems to keep track of customer interactions.
  • Automated lead generation and follow-up for potential customers.
  • SaaS and WordPress applications support.


Free Version | The Premium Version starts from $99 per year for 5 websites.

4. GetGenie

Well, the first two plugins of this list are targeted for specific jobs. But you may want something that’ll cover all the sides, so you won’t have to get multiple plugins for different functions. For those, GetGenie will be the perfect pick. This plugin will write content or chat with site visitors and optimize your SEO while providing critical data analysis on keywords and your competitors. Once you get GetGenie, you can bid goodbyes to the hassle of managing several plugins, and save a lot of money!

Knowing your competitors is vital for staying ahead of them. GetGenie can help you big time with that, as competitor analysis is one of the most significant features this plugin offers. It’ll automatically find posts from other sites, analyze them, see their weakness, and prepare reports for you. Based on them, you can then create content, which is flawless and get more traffic and sales.

Another amazing feature of this plugin is the SEO it provides. This plugin will give Ai-filtered NLP clustering, with which, you can cover all relevant keywords in your writing. This will help you reach more traffic quicker than ever. On top of that, GetGenie will make your content SERP-ready and make them SEO-ready on the go. That way, you’ll save the time used for search engines optimizing your posts.

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Key Features  

  • Blog post generator wizard for automated posting.
  • Competitor analysis. 
  • Email and ad copy generator. 
  • Conversational AI chatbot with 22+ expert modes. 
  • Content optimization with predictive AI score.
  • Elementor advanced support.


Free | Premium plans start at $14.25/month (billed annually). 

5. AI Engine

AI Engine is another powerful ChatGPT-powered WordPress plugin, which will let you create a chatbot on your site, just like ChatGPT, which can take instructions and deliver content accordingly. And it is not only limited to written content; users can even generate images if they want. Additionally, there is another internal API of this plugin’s own, so other plugins can tap into its potential too. 

Automated content generation is essential, and AI Engine does that with ease. You just need to tweak around your preferences to adjust the plugin, and give personalized instruction, and that’s it! The customized preferences and parameters you’ll set can be saved as templates too. On top of that, you can generate bulk content too. In the same way, images can be generated with ease. 

Letting other plugins use its own API can be a big reason to get this plugin, if you are using multiple plugins on your site. For example, AI Engine’s API can be used by ‘Media File Renamer’ for naming media files better and quicker. Or, take ‘Social Engine’, which works around post-sharing on social media platforms, and can also be helped by the API’s ability to create accompanying text. 

Key Features

  • AI Playground for various tools like translation, correction, SEO, etc.
  • AI is trainable to make it better at specific tasks.
  • Features speech-to-text with Whisper API. 
  • Template creation based on instructions. 
  • Track OpenAI usage with built-in statistics. 
  • Chatbot will be content-aware and can create dynamic forms. 


Free | AI Engine Pro starts at $49/year, for a single site use. 

6. GPT AI Power

GPT AI Power is another one-in-all plugin solution for WordPress sites. Content generation (both written and visual), conversion, chatbot creation, Woocommerce integration, embedding- you name it, this plugin will do it. And the best part is, most of the best features of this plugin are available on the free version, so you won’t even have to get the premium version from the get-go. So, if you are looking for a full-fledged plugin for multipurpose use, GPT AI Power can be a fantastic choice. 

The WooCommerce product writer module is an outstanding feature of this plugin. It is a very useful tool for creating optimized and dynamic product listings for your WooCommerce website. Leveraging enhanced GPT models, this feature seeks to speed up the entire product development process. The SEO optimizer module will automate meta description creation, so you can rank your site more easily. 

Converting audio to text and speech to post are two fantastic features of GPT AI Power. Using OpenAI’s Whisper model, this plugin guarantees the translation and transcription of audio files, at a fee of $0.006 per minute of audio. The best thing is, this feature supports 38 languages. Using the speech-to-post feature, you can quickly convert your word of mouth to a written post; you just need to upload the audio file. 

Key Features

  • Bulk content writing (automated).
  • AI Assistant (integrated with Gutenberg and classic editor).
  • WooCommerce product writer module. 
  • GPT-powered semantic search with embeddings.
  • Comparison tool for comparing different GPT models’ performance.
  •  Image Generator module (DALL-E and Stable Diffusion AI engines).


Free | Pro plan starts at $7.99/per month. 

7. AI Mojo

Some of you may not have the budget for a plugin. For those, as the last pick of our list, we’ve got a plugin that is totally free of any charge. AI Mojo is a ChatGPT- powered WordPress plugin, which can write blog posts, copy posts, source images, paraphrase, etc. For all these great functionalities, you don’t need to spend anything in return; just need to bring an API key of your own. Just give it to the plugin, and it’ll take care of the rest.  

One of the prominent features of AI Mojo is generating content outlines. You can just ask for an outline, and the plugin will straight up provide one for you. You can also ask for introductions, endings, body paragraphs, etc., and the plugin will provide them. And if you are not pleased with what you see, you can give customized instructions and will get more acceptable answers. 

Another key feature of this plugin is tweaking already existing posts. You can input an old post into the plugin, and decide what to do with that. You can have the plugin rewrite it for you, or shorten the length, or paraphrase the whole thing. That way, you won’t have to write new posts on already existing content, saving you the hassle and time of generating new ideas, writing, and polishing them. 

Key Features

  • The plugin is entirely free. 
  • Automated article generation (both full and partial). 
  • Customized outline, introduction, and conclusion generation through instructions. 
  • Rewrite, paraphrase, or remake already existing content. 
  • You can source relevant images through instructions. 
  • Uses the block editor for ease of use. 


AI Mojo is entirely free. You may have to spend money to get the API key from OpenAI GPT-3 or AI21 Studio. 


You have reached the end of today’s article, and we hope you now know better about ChatGPT-powered WordPress plugins. 

ChatGPT is revolutionizing the writing world. From blog posts to script writing, content creation to storytelling- there is no field where this powerful AI has yet to step in. So much so that, it can already be called the future of writing, regardless of the area and issue/subject. 

So, it is time to embrace the technology, for your own good. We hope, you can choose the plugin you need from today’s list of the 5+ Best ChatGPT-Powered WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid). These plugins have already proved themselves out in the field, and will generate beautiful content in a matter of seconds, without breaking a sweat. So, grab the one you like, as soon as possible, and get to work. But remember, as ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot, and still has a lot of development to be done to it, the end results might not be as you want. Human observation will always be needed as the final touch before content, so look out for them.

If you have liked this post, please do share it to spread the good words. And if you have any questions regarding the plugins, feel free to comment and ask. We’ll get back to you at your earliest convenience. 

We wish you good luck! 

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