7 Best Product Catalog WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid)

Best WordPress Catalog Plugins

Did you know that you could get more leads by converting your website into Catalog mode for unregistered users?

If you disable the prices, reviews, ratings, and add-to-cart options from your product pages for the unregistered users, they would be curious to know why this is happening. And using WordPress catalog plugins, you can show them a popup message at that time and instruct them to register to your site to unveil all the details. 

After seeing that, they would register immediately to your site if they genuinely want your products and want to know the price, ratings, review, etc. WordPress Catalog plugins let you define which users will see the catalog mode when they visit your site.  

More leads mean more subscriptions. The more subscriptions, the better sales you have. Now the question is which one is better as there are tons out there in the market. To answer that question, we have researched well and listed the 7 Best WordPress Catalog Plugins. 

Want to learn about them and what you can do using those plugins? Keep reading the post.  


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YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode


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Ultimate Product Catalog


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WC Catalog Enquiry


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7 Best WordPress Catalog Plugins

YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode

YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode is one of the easiest and quick solutions to turn your website into a catalog by removing all add-to-cart buttons and access to the checkout page. 

Just within two clicks, it allows you to turn your online store into an online catalog store. This catalog mode provides you the flexibility to focus on other aspects of your online business while maintaining online visibility. 

With the catalog mode on, you can display certain products without starting to sell and find them immediately. The free version enables you to hide the Add-to-cart button from all product pages and all other pages. 

This pro version of this WordPress catalog plugin is robust enough that it allows you to apply catalog mode to specific products, product categories, guest users, all users, or users from particular countries, etc. 

The pro version also provides an inquiry form on product pages so that users can contact you quickly and request a quote from you. 

YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode also comes with a button builder that lets you create unlimited buttons or labels to replace prices and add-to-cart buttons. 

Top Features

  • Hide add-to-cart button
  • Hide WooCommerce cart and checkout pages
  • Enable showing catalog mode settings
  • Hide Product price
  • Apply catalog mode for specific users, all users, or users from specific countries
  • Custom button/label
  • Hover effects for button/label (Premium)
  • Catalog mode for specific time ranges (Premium)
  • Request a quote (Premium)

Price: Enjoy the plugin for free from the WordPress repository. The free version has very limited options, whereas the premium version offers much better values. The premium version will cost you € 79,99/ year for a single site. 

Ultimate Product Catalog

If you wish to have a product catalog that lets you display your product in modern, sleek, and easy customizing catalog layouts, try Ultimate Product Catalog. This plugin comes with three highly customizable product catalog layouts. 

Ultimate Product Catalog features tons of handy features so that your customers have a good shopping experience. To make your life even easier, it lets you import and upload products directly from a spreadsheet for your catalog. 

You can add product categories, sub-categories, and a search bar to organize your category and make product filtering easy for your user. Even this plugin provides you with a widget to display recent products, product lists, and random products from the product directory. 

As this plugin is highly customizable, it supports custom CSS for further modifying the catalog style. This is undeniably one of the best catalog plugins that let you create a beautiful catalog for your online store, art gallery, restaurant, and many more. 

Other exciting features of the plugin are the product catalog function with AJAX, social media sharing options, currency symbol & location, product catalog overview mode, etc. 

Top Features

  • Three product layouts
  • Widget to display recent product
  • Upload & import directly from a spreadsheet
  • The price tag in various currencies and location
  • Social Media sharing options
  • Product catalog overview mode
  • Search product catalog functions with AJAX
  • Product Comparison (Premium)
  • Product Review (Premium)
  • Drag-and-drop and ultra-responsive tabbed product page layout (Premium)
  • WooCommerce product catalog integration (Premium)

Price: As this is a freemium plugin, you can get the free version from the WordPress repository. The premium version will cost you $57.36 for a single site. 

eCommerce Product Catalog

If you’ve been looking for an incredible WordPress catalog plugin with a request quote functionality, the eCommerce Product Catalog is an excellent pick for you. The plugin is 100% responsive; therefore, you do not have to worry about responsiveness.

As this plugin provides you the flexibility to a great extent, it lets you add product pricing, an add-to-cart button, etc. Besides, you can also add product search and filters so that your customer can find whatever they are looking for easily.

The plugin is highly customizable and lets you customize the product display with the WordPress customizer. You can even use templates or custom CSS to make your product page look the way you want. Moreover, you can define custom labels, headers, product catalog text, display design, etc.

What’s more interesting is that it allows you to let your customer see the product image in a beautiful lightbox gallery. You can showcase your product display anyplace on your page, which makes this plugin a great pick. 

The plugin is SEO-friendly as it is schema.org rich snippets enabled and generates product feeds by default. This plugin also provides you the ability to add multi-level product categories using shortcodes.

Top Features

  • In-built product shipping functionality
  • Product attributes
  • Custom fields
  • Lightbox gallery option
  • Three product listing templates
  • Two product page templates
  • Customizable price formats
  • Product catalog widget

Price: Get this WordPress catalog plugin for free.  

WC Catalog Enquiry

Want to convert your WooCommerce store into a catalog site entirely or partially? WC Catalog Enquiry will let you make that happen within a few clicks. It is robust enough so that anyone can have both a shop and catalog simultaneously. 

This plugin is also a great solution when it comes to asking anything about the product. All your users have to do is fill in the inquiry form. The free version lets you hide product prices either for all users or only for guests. 

You can seven ell specific products while showing other products in the catalog. It provides you the control to restrict the store to selected users. Adding a custom link or a custom button to a single product page or all products on the shop page is also allowed. 

The pro version offers you an Enquiry dashboard, Enquiry cart for multiple products, a form builder, a mini inquiry cart widget, inquiry button position, etc. 

Top Features

  • Hide add-to-cart button
  • Hide product price for all users or guests
  • Captcha support on the inquiry form
  • Add a custom button/custom link
  • Customizable form fields
  • Restrict the store for selected users
  • Inquiry Dashboard (Pro)
  • Inquiry Reply from Enquiry Dashboard (Pro)
  • Use Add to cart with Catalog mode (Pro)
  • Form builder (Pro)

Price: You can grab the free version of this WordPress catalog plugin from the WordPress repository. The pro version will cost you $75 for a single site. 

WooCommerce Product Catalog Mode & Enquiry Form

Next, we have one of the best premium solutions that can turn your shop into a simple catalog mode and add an inquiry form regarding products. 

Within a few clicks, the plugin turns on the catalog mode and removes the product prices, add-to-cart buttons, etc. You will always have the option to remove the add-to-cart button from a single product page or the whole website. 

The plugin is robust enough that it can even replace the add-to-cart button with an inquiry form. You can also define the catalog mode only for some specific users or for all users. Like the YITH WooCommerce Catalog Mode, you can specify a list of countries to show catalog mode. 

This WordPress catalog plugin is all about customization and supports custom CSS and custom JavaScript. The plugin also allows you to place any third-party contact form shortcode within the Enquiry modal, such as Contact Form 7 shortcodes. The inquiry form opens in a pop-up window that is 100% responsive.

Top Features

  • Hide price, add-to-cart button, etc. 
  • Apply catalog mode for a list of countries & selected users
  • Popup to show inquiry form
  • Custom CSS support
  • Custom JavaScript support
  • Third-party contact form shortcode support
  • Edit inquiry title
  • User roles apply

Price: Since this WordPress catalog plugin is premium-only, you have to purchase the plugin for $24 for a single site from Codecanyon

Arena Product Store

We will finish our list today with another premium-only WordPress Catalog Plugin that is Arena Product Store. This plugin lets you create a product catalog website effortlessly within a short time. 

Using the plugin, you can divide all your products into categories and assign different sets of features, groups, attributes, and much more according to the products. Thus you will have a complete detailed catalog for your products.  

This plugin also offers you built-in image and video galleries so that you can show your various pictures and videos of your products. This plugin provides you with Nivo Lightbox for free to display the image in full size in a lightbox. 

With their User Reviews with Rating feature, your user can leave a review and rate your products in every usage aspect. Besides, the plugin is also best when it comes to comparing two different products. 

Top Features

  • Categorize Products
  • Animated Rating Bars
  • Compare unlimited Products
  • Ajax Live Search
  • Product Images and Videos Gallery
  • User Reviews with Rating
  • 7 Built-in Widgets
  • Built-in Page Templates
  • Easy to Use Control Panel

Price: You have to buy this plugin for $43 for a single site from Codecanyon. 

Catalog for Woocommerce

Catalog for WooCommerce allows you to immediately activate catalog mode over your whole online store and organize your product into lists effortlessly. 

Want to grow your email list even more? You can easily do that too by converting your site into catalog mode. Upon activating catalog mode, this plugin hides the add-to-cart button, price tag, ratings, reviews, etc. 

The catalog mode forces a new user to register with their email on your site to view the price, reviews, ratings, etc. This way, you will get your user’s contact mail. You can add a custom-linked button to get your user to the registration page for sign-up. 

Moreover, you can customize the button’s outlook tool. You can change the button’s background, size, text, etc., to match your site’s brand accent. 

Catalog for WooCommerce also offers a premium version that provides you with more advanced functionalities like adding an inquiry form and position, category-based catalog mode, product-based catalog mode, contact form 7 popup, etc. 

Top Features 

  • Hides add-to-cart button, ratings, prices, reviews
  • Customized button 
  • Style custom button
  • Compatible with support ticket system 
  • Category-based catalog mode
  • Product-based catalog mode
  • User-based catalog mode
  • Contact Form 7 shortcode
  • Multilingual support

Price: Enjoy the free version of this WordPress catalog plugin without spending a single penny. The premium version will cost you $39 for a single site.


These are the best 7 WordPress Catalog plugins that can convert your online store into Catalog mode within a few clicks. Hope this article has helped you know more about their features and what you can do using them. 

If you are still confused, we recommend you go for the Top Features section again of each plugin. You can try the free ones first before deciding to try out the premium solutions for your site. 

Let us know which one you choose for your website or already using. Feel free to share your thoughts about the article. Do share the article on your social media. 

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