7+ Best WordPress Glossary Plugins

Best WordPress Tooltip Glossary Plugins

Did you know that you could make your website’s glossary terms interactive with the help of a WordPress tooltip glossary plugin? A tooltip glossary plugin displays the glossary term when a user hovers over it and makes it interactive. 

You can also add video, images, custom links, audio files, etc., to clarify any specific terms. Building a glossary can help your users understand your information on your site. Glossaries are useful because a word can have a different meaning in different contexts. The glossary is a must to let your user comprehend your site’s specific information. 

If your site has glossaries, using a WordPress glossary plugin is compulsory. But the question is which plugin is best for accomplishing your purpose. To answer this question, I have listed the 6 best free WordPress tooltip glossary plugins. If you don’t want your user to overwhelm what you wanted to mean through specific words and want to find out more about WordPress tooltip glossary plugins, keep reading this post.

So let’s get started without any further due!


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CM Tooltip Glossary

Best WordPress Tooltip Glossary Plugins

CM Tooltip Glossary is the most downloaded WordPress tooltip glossary plugin that allows you to insert tooltips to your website or inside a glossary of terms. You can also make reference books, word references, and a glossary that provides incredible highlights. 

Using this plugin, you can show a tooltip consisting of the definition when your user hovers over a definite term. You can also add video files and audio files both inside the tooltips, though you have to buy the pro version. Moreover, the pro version lets you integrate with Google Translate, Wikipedia, Merriam-Webster, etc. 

It also integrates easily with external data from dictionaries, thesauruses, and Wikipedia. There are 18 different index page design templates to choose from if you want to display your online dictionary content. 

Top Feature

  • Video & audio tooltip
  • Translates into any defined language
  • Builds a lexicon of terms
  • Automatic generation of glossary index terms
  • Supports add-ons & extensions (Premium)
  • Featured image for each term (Premium)
  • Add Wikipedia content

Price: Enjoy this awesome WordPress tooltip glossary plugin for free. To add premium features, buy the premium version for $29 for a single site.

Name Directory

Add glossaries to your WordPress site easily with the Name Directory WordPress tooltip glossary plugin. This plugin provides you with a traditional glossary where you get terms ordered alphabetically. If you want, you are allowed to choose to group terms into different directories. 

You can make several directories, and each index can be inserted on pages or posts with a shortcode. You can also use this glossary plugin to build a large in-depth glossary. 

Top Features

  • Multilingual support
  • Submitter name available
  • Whether to jump to the name directory
  • Display a “Read more” link

Price: You can get this plugin for free from the WordPress repository. 

WordPress Tooltips

WordPress Tooltips is one of the best responsive WordPress tooltip glossary plugins that easily create glossaries and tooltips. Not only that, but you also can generate text tooltips, image tooltips, audio tooltips, video tooltips, link tooltips, etc. Tooltips activate upon the hover over the particular term, just like CM Tooltip Glossary. 

This plugin is lightweight and is a powerful jQuery tooltip solution. Using the plugin is also effortless, and you can insert or add any HTML content via WordPress standard WYSWYG editor. You can manage all tooltip keywords or tooltip content from the dedicated admin panel easily and quickly. 

This WordPress tooltip glossary plugin also supports various gallery and slideshow plugins. It detects gallery images that can be used as tooltips. 

Top Features

  • Video, image, audion tooltip, etc. (Premium)
  • Add any HTML content via wordpress standard WYSWYG editor (Premium)
  • 4 preset tooltip color schemes
  • Create unlimited tooltips
  • Support multiple tooltips on a single page
  • Tooltip animation effects
  • Support tooltip categories

Price: Like CM Tooltip Glossary, this plugin is open-source software. Therefore, enjoy this plugin for free from the WordPress repository. If you wish to have the premium features, buy the pro version for $9 for a single site. 


The encyclopedia is a robust lexicon glossary plugin for WordPress that provides you an index page for terms and the help of RSS feeds. This plugin can generate an index page with all items sorted alphabetically with a prefix on top. 

You can manage your items as encyclopedia, lexicon, glossary, Wiki, dictionary, or knowledge base, whatever you prefer. Every item will have a page with a different URL. You can even show YouTube or Vimeo videos in your item entries. 

The main drawback is that about 90% of the settings page options are limited to the free version, which leaves free version users frustrated. 

Top Features

  • Automatically generates index pages with all terms
  • Completely translatable
  • Supports WPML
  • Supports user-defined HTML templates
  • Clean and intuitive user interface
  • Prefix filter
  • Supports RSS feeds
  • Widget to display the items in your sidebar

Price: This is a freemium plugin. Download the free version from the WordPress repository. Try the pro version for $49. 


If you want to build a dictionary or glossary website easily and quickly, check out the Glossary. This plugin creates word lists from your content automatically and generates styled tooltips. It lets you group those terms in a glossary and links to the corresponding words automatically.

You can also turn the tooltip area of the popup into a revenue-generating machine. This plugin lets you include your affiliation URLs and the description of some of your key terms. What’s even more enjoyable is that you can use this plugin for free. 

This plugin also features a dedicated Gutenberg block to work with the Gutenberg editor seamlessly. You can also use this plugin with other popular plugins like Elementor, Crayon Syntax highlighter, Ninja Forms, etc.

Top Features

  • Tooltip template support
  • Activate pages, archives, categories
  • Link terms to an internal or external location
  • Dedicated icon to highlight external links
  • Gutenberg block
  • Advanced Customization and styling of your tooltips (Premium)
  • Tooltips behavior control on mobile (Premium)
  • Advanced shortcodes (Premium)
  • Match case-sensitive terms (Premium)

Price: Like all rest of the plugins, this is open-source software. Enjoy the basic version for free. Download the pro version for extra functionalities for $29.99/year. 

WP Glossary

WP Glossary is a premium solution to create a glossary of terms for Encyclopedia, lexicon, and Wiki on your website.

The plugin works on both custom post and existing post types. It’s a lightweight and easy-to-use plugin.

There are several cool features that come with the plugin and the glossary index page is one of them. Using the module, you can create and show your glossary of terms with cool animation effects.

There is also another module, Glossary Linkify, which offers you to select specific posts for which you want to enable linkify. If you want you can linkify for full description, terms description, text widget & comment, etc.

And finally, it also has a tooltip option in which you can add a short or full description. You can also add animation effect and set maximum and minimum width for the tooltip window.

Top Features

  • Glossary Index Page
  • Glossary Linkify
  • Supports Glossary Tooltips
  • Glossary Custom Style
  • Shortcode Support
  • Easy To Use Plugin
  • Fully Customizable & Mobile Responsive

Price: Get the plugin for $35/website.

Heroic Glossary

Create and manage your glossary of terms in the easiest way using Heroic Glossary. You can create large complex glossaries in minutes.

It lets you easily add several acronyms and abbreviations as your glossary terms and can filter your glossary by alphabetic letters.

You can instantly search for all glossary terms and definitions. It also allows you to create numerous glossaries and reuse them anywhere on your site.

Furthermore, it offers you a dedicated Gutenberg Block. Therefore, you can easily create a glossary within a few clicks. It is a straightforward plugin with no fancy features.

Top Features

  • Easy-To-Use & Straightforward Plugin
  • Lightweight Plugin
  • Instant Search of the Glossary
  • Alphabetical Navigation
  • Allows You to Create Unlimited Glossaries
  • Re-Use Glossaries on Multiple Pages
  • Gutenberg Block Support

Price: Download the plugin for free.

Tooltip CK

Last but not least, Tooltip CK is another best tooltip plugin that lets you add tooltips to your WordPress website, and those tooltips open with animation effects. You can display text, images, videos, etc., using this plugin. 

This plugin is responsive enough to support every mobile screen size. It also provides you options for tooltip animation duration and tooltip position. You can set custom settings for each tooltip. Therefore, we can say that the plugin is 100% responsive and highly customizable. 

This plugin comes with several other great features like screen overflow detection, which provides custom settings for each tooltip to adjust the content, duration, width, animation-delay, Multilanguage compatibility, etc. 

Top Features

  • Mobile/Touch Device compatibility
  • Screen overflow detection
  • Customization with styles in the interface
  • Options to style the shutter text (text to mouseover)
  • Custom parameters to be applied on each tooltip (width, duration)
  • Options for the tooltip position (top, bottom, left, right) (Premium)
  • Editor button for a fast tooltip creation (Premium)
  • Options for the tooltip effect (width, height, both, fade) (Premium)
  • Forum support
  • Use on multiple domains

Price: This incredible WordPress tooltip glossary plugin is downloadable for free from the WordPress repository. The premium version costs 19€.


I hope by this time, you have found the right glossary tooltip plugin for your website from these 6 best free WordPress tooltip glossary plugins. 

If you want a more advanced glossary plugin, go for the CM Tooltip Glossary. If you desire to make your glossary term stands out with a cool animation effect while a user hovers over it, go for the Tooltip CK. All of the listed plugins are qualified enough to try out. 

Let me know which one did you choose in the comment section. If you have liked the post, consider sharing it with your friends. 

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