7 Best WordPress LinkedIn Plugins (Free & Paid)

When it comes to professional networking, LinkedIn is the best place to explore. It’s a platform for professionals who eloquently promote their content, brand, and products. 

Now if you own a WordPress site and want to leverage the power of LinkedIn on your site, you’re in the right place. 

Making these two platforms work together will help you increase your traffic & engagement, and will help to achieve more followers.  

To integrate LinkedIn with WordPress, you use LinkedIn plugins. We have made a list of 7 best WordPress LinkedIn plugins.





Social Snap

Sharing Button, Follower Widget, Auto Publish, LinkedIn Login


LinkedIn Feed

WP LinkedIn Auto Publish

Auto Publish

FS Poster

Post Schedule

Nextend Social Login

LinkedIn Login

BestWebSoft's LinkedIn

Share & Follow Button

Ultimate Blocks

LinkedIn Sharing Button

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Let’s learn more about these plugins. 

1. Social Snap 

Social Snap will make you feel invincible in the global WordPress arena by letting you take advantage of the power of social media platforms. It will provide all the necessary tools to integrate with different social media accounts, provide mechanisms to control the interactions with your followers, and display analysis about how your works are performing. 

Social Snap lures viewers to increase traffic and engagement by allowing viewers to share content on social media accounts. It includes a customizable social sharing button for posting content on your LinkedIn account and other social media platforms. 

This plugin will automatically post your content on your LinkedIn account when new posts are published. At the same time, it will also help boost your old posts by posting them on schedule. It will ease your efforts by featuring advanced options to control how your blog content will look on LinkedIn. It also provides analytics to understand how your viewers and followers interact with those posts. 

Social Snap will also help your visitors to register and log in to your website using their LinkedIn profiles. With all various features, Social Snap will run asynchronously, so your website runs smoothly and keeps your performance up to the mark. 

Key Features: 

  • Lightweight and easy to start.
  • Customizable LinkedIn Share button.
  • Auto-Posting options on LinkedIn accounts. 
  • Boosts old posts by re-publishing.
  • Tracks follower counts. 
  • Website login via LinkedIn profile. 
  • Provides analytics about viewer interaction. 
  • Social Meta tags. 

2. Tagembed 

Tagembed is a great WordPress plugin made easy for its users with its simple and uncomplicated structure. It eases the way to have a better appearance and increases the efficiency of the widget with the help of the customization options it provides.

Tagembed is best known as a social media aggregator tool that will help you to accumulate, group, and curate your LinkedIn feeds and display them on the website. Tagembed will promote your brand value by displaying an updated view of your LinkedIn feeds to the website visitors. 

This plugin will lay out opportunities to couple better with potential clients by using the original content provided by you, your employer, or even the user. At the same time, it will feature a moderation tool to take off all the irrelevant content from the website feed. You can do it yourself or use the plugin’s profanity filter to do the task automatically. Its coding-free method will provide various customization options to increase the productivity of essential tasks. 

Tagembed will use a creatively designed LinkedIn widget to get a boost on your website appearance. Users can personalize the widget as per their interests and choose the various themes and layouts that are better suited to them. 

Key Features: 

  • Embed feeds using the Company page or Post URL. 
  • Content moderation. 
  • Real-time updated LinkedIn feed. 
  • Coding-free method. 
  • Customizable LinkedIn widget. 
  • Customer feedback. 

3. WP LinkedIn Auto Publish

WP LinkedIn Auto Publish is a simple, lightweight, and flexible plugin that makes its name because of the excellent features it contains. You can easily choose this plugin to link your blogs, pages, or custom post types to the LinkedIn profiles or pages you manage. 

WP LinkedIn Auto Publish plugin makes it easy for users to choose from different options. This plugin will automatically publish your web posts to your LinkedIn profiles but, at the same time, will provide a checkbox to cancel the automatic publishing of any particular post. It will also entertain you with the feature that will allow you to choose a selected audience for your LinkedIn posts. At the same time, it will let you pick between simple text-based sharing or advanced sharing, where you can add featured images with your texts. This plugin will also provide you with shortcodes to set up a default share message option to share your posts which you can cancel from the meta box settings. 

This plugin will also help you filter your published posts by limiting the post reach based on the categories, featured images of the posts, or post texts. It will also let you decide whether you want to publish any posts, custom posts, or pages.  

Key Feature:

  • Easy share to LinkedIn. 
  • Automatic publishing of posts. 
  • Option to limit post reach.
  • Provides shortcode for share message format.
  • Customized post-sharing option. 
  • Set default profile for posting. 

4. FS Poster 

FS Poster is one of the best-known WordPress Social Media Scheduler that helps users to increase traffic and engagement by auto-publishing WordPress posts on scheduled time. 

It allows marketers to leverage the power of prominent social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and many others by auto-publishing, scheduling, re-sharing, and bulk-scheduling posts on particular social platforms. 

This plugin attracts visitors’ attention by keeping a continual flow of posts by posting live, scheduling for rush hours, and re-sharing the old ones when no new contents are available. You can also reschedule your schedule as much as you want. 

It also features a Direct Share Panel that will allow you to share content like images, links, and custom messages on LinkedIn and other social platforms without holding a blog. If you have many accounts, you don’t need to post them one by one; instead, add these accounts to the plugin and post them automatically. It also has an easy URL Shortener tool to help the host share unpleasant URLs on the social platform.   

You will also be entitled to the features like Dashboard, Logs, Customize Post URLs, Filter shares by Post  Categories, Custom Post types, WooCommerce integration, Proxy Support, Hashtags, etc.  This plugin will help you get a bigger audience and improve your SEO ratings with these features. 

Key Feature:

  • Automatic and scheduled posting.
  • Re-shares old posts. 
  • Supports multiple accounts. 
  • Supports all custom post types. 
  • Directly posts to various accounts at the same time.
  • Post-interval option to control the posting frequency. 
  • Dashboard to check performance. 
  • Filter shares by post categories. 
  • Compatible with wooCommerce. 

5. Nextend Social Login

Nextend Social Login is another progressive WordPress LinkedIn plugin. This plugin simplifies the Registration and Login process by allowing the visitors to register and log in via their social media credentials. 

Nextend is built as very user-friendly and will nullify the monotonous registration process with its integration between WordPress’s registration form and social media accounts. This plugin will allow you to add multiple LinkedIn accounts to your profile, allowing you to alternate between them as much as you like. You can easily configure the account you choose to log in to and the position of the LinkedIn login button on your website. You can also configure this plugin to display the visitor’s profile picture as an avatar on your site. It will also help you to translate and edit the texts on the login buttons. Upon registration, this plugin will produce a custom prefix to identify the user quickly.

Nextend will also feature various designs for you to choose from according to your liking. You can choose the best design that suits your website well. The paid version will integrate with sites like wooCommerce, BuddyPress, etc.    

Key Feature:

  • Easy registration and login using LinkedIn. 
  • Social accounts are tied to WordPress user accounts. 
  • Custom redirect URL after registration. 
  • A variety of layouts and designs. 
  • Login widgets with shortcodes. 
  • Customizable texts on login buttons. 
  • WooCommerce compatibility. 

6. BestWebSoft’s LinkedIn 

BestWebSoft’s LinkedIn is another excellent WordPress plugin that will help you to profit from the features of LinkedIn to boost your website. This plugin will help you stimulate your public profile with the many advanced options, allow your website to take the best-customized appearance, and let you configure the settings very easily. 

BestWebSoft’s LinkedIn will provide the support to create a Share and Follow button that you can add to your website’s posts, pages or widgets. These buttons will be on automatic display on your posts and pages. It will be up to you to decide where to put these buttons. You can place them before the content or after or both, or you can choose a custom position using the shortcode provided by the plugin. At the same time, you can use a count mode for your Share and Follow buttons according to your liking. You can set it in vertical, horizontal, or No-count mode. 

This plugin is made lightweight and incredibly easy to set up, and compatible with the latest WordPress version. You can also update the Pro version to use LinkedIn buttons for particular posts or pages. It will also assist you in configuring all the subsites on the network.

Key Feature:

  • Fast and easy setup process. 
  • Provides LinkedIn “Share and Follow” buttons for website posts. 
  • Allows supporting different languages. 
  • Provides step-by-step support via documentation and videos. 
  • Customizable appearance. 

7. Ultimate Blocks 

Ultimate Blocks is a free WordPress plugin that takes a good deal of effort to create the plugin, just to make your work effortless. Its remarkable features will assist you in creating excellent and engaging content for your website and then help you to post them on social platforms with an amazing social share block.  

Ultimate Blocks unifies the features of 18 plugins into a single plugin. It provides a Social Share block that lets you add a LinkedIn sharing button to your WordPress post/page. Whereas the Gutenberg editor’s default block lacks many customization options, this plugin will allow you to customize your social share button the way you like. Ultimate Blocks will let you customize the background color, headline color, text size, button size, button color, and others.  

Key Feature:

  • Eighteen blocks to create lucrative content. 
  • Offers to enable or disable individual blocks to keep your site lightweight.
  • Highly optimized.
  • Smooth and fast performance. 
  • Easy social share buttons. 
  • Content filtering options. 


LinkedIn is one of the biggest stages for business professionals; combining its functionalities with your website will surely give you a distinct advantage. A good LinkedIn plugin will help create a smooth integration flow between your website and LinkedIn accounts. This option will automatically boost your website and increase the views and the chance of connecting to more professionals. One might find a way to fulfill their requirement properly from the plugins mentioned above. 

Thank you for reading our article and if you have any questions about this article, feel free to ask us. And if you like our post, consider sharing the post using our social media accounts. 

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