7 Best Free WordPress Banner Plugins

Best Free WordPress Banner Plugins

Are you thinking of adding a promo banner or announcement at a particular place on your website? You are in the right place!

A WordPress Banner plugin is a solution for adding an announcement bar, sale notification bar, popup banner, etc. By showing the banner, you can display important messages to your visitors right away. 

Adding a promo banner on your site is the key to get a huge sale. An announcement banner creates urgency in the customer if your message is strong and lucrative. If you often promote sales offers through site banners, people will visit you more. 

Besides using banner plugins, you can show them popup banners, which provide you with trigger options. The banners are not limited to the top position; instead, you can place them at the bottom, corner or use them as a sticky footer.

Not all the functionalities are available in one WordPress banner plugin. Besides, advanced and unique features make them stand out from one another. Today we have collected the 7 Best Free WordPress banner plugins. 

If you want to know which plugin is much more special than another and want to learn more about its capabilities, you must start reading the whole post. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started without any further due!

7 Best Free WordPress Banner Plugins




Simple Banner

CM Pop-Up Banners

Custom Banners

Random Banner

WooCommerce Banner and Carousel Slider


Hero Banner Ultimate

Simple Banner

Today, we are starting the list with the Simple Banner that provides you the simplest and fastest way to show a banner or an announcement bar at the top of your website. 

Though this is a free plugin, you get to customize every aspect of your plugin. This plugin offers you to customize the link color, background, typography, etc. To level up your customization, you can even add custom CSS. 

However, you can also add a close button to close the top banner or add auto expiration for the banner to disappear. The plugin comes with a Fancy Preview section that enables you to see the preview of your banner before you apply it to your website. 

Top Features

  • Fancy Preview
  • Custom CSS support
  • Typography adjustment
  • Banner background customization
  • Easy to use
  • Close button with auto expiration

Price: Get this simple WordPress banner plugin for free. 

CM Pop-Up Banners

Sometimes you might want to show pop-up banners on specific pages to promote specific events, products, or other offers. With CM Pop-Up Banners, you can do that easily. Not only that, but you can also customize every inch of your website’s banner. 

You can easily customize your banner; for instance, you can choose where you want to place your banner, banner’s layout, banner’s size, etc. Using the plugin, you can display your popup banner at the top, middle, or bottom of your site. 

For your banner background, you can add an image, video, or solid color as the background for your popup banner. What’s more, using the plugin, you can track banner clicks and impressions, create defined ad campaigns, grow your email lists, and many more. 

The plugin is flexible enough to provide you the popup trigger options, popup placement, popup management, etc. You can also show multiple popups on a single page after a while. Above all, this plugin helps you display ads professionally. 

Top Features

  • Popup banner triggers
  • Popup banner placements
  • Numerous banner customization
  • Ad analytics and reports (Pro)
  • Popup banners of specific pages
  • Ad designer (Pro)
  • Use HTML or image banner (Pro)
  • Trigger effects (Pro)

Price: Get the free version for free. The cost of the pro version is $21 for a single site.  

Custom Banners

Custom Banners is one of the best WordPress banner plugins that lets you manage several ads effortlessly and create & display customized banners on your site. 

It is best for websites with high traffic since it allows you to manage several ads simultaneously. Create your banner once and use them for a lifetime. However, you can also update them by modifying banner elements.

Display your banners at any place easily using a shortcode. You can also create an advance schedule for applying or publishing a new banner at a specified time so that you can show the suitable banner at the exact time. 

The exciting part about the plugin is that it allows you to organize your banners in particular groups and add captions and CTA buttons to drive visitors to your desired landing pages. 

Another exciting feature of the plugin is the rotation between several banners. The plugin automatically rotates between several banners whenever your visitor reloads the page. 

Top Features

  • Add captions and CTAs
  • Rotate between several banners automatically
  • Organize your banners in particular banner groups
  • Schedule new banner publications
  • Shortcode support
  • Advanced transition (Pro)
  • Typography settings (Pro)
  • Click tracking (Pro)
  • Impression tracking (Pro)

Price: Download and use this incredible WordPress banner plugin for free. Purchase the pro version for $99/year for a single site. 

Random Banner

As the name suggests, Random Banners allows you the ultimate flexibility to display three types of banners such as image banners, SWF banners, and script ads randomly. 

With shortcodes, you can easily display your banner in any place. This plugin also offers you a widget through which you can display a fantastic banner slider. You can also categorize your banners to locate them in different places and positions. 

Like the previous WordPress banner plugin, you can also specify banners for your desired posts or pages. What’s more, it allows you to show your banner using a popup and add individual links to your image and SWF banners. 

When it comes to customization, this plugin allows you to customize background colors, border size, animation style, etc. 

Top Features

  • Three banner types
  • Shortcode and widget support
  • Banner categories
  • Filter the ads by their categories
  • Banner customization
  • Display banner as a slider (Pro)
  • Popup Banner (Pro)
  • Define banner location (Pro)
  • Ad Campaign (Pro)

Price: The free version of this WordPress banner plugin is downloadable from the WordPress repository for free. The pro version will cost you $39/year for a single site. 

WooCommerce Banner and Carousel Slider

Want to add & display promo banners in WooCommerce product pages, category, shop, cart, or checkout pages? If you do, WooCommerce Banner and Carousel Slider is the exact plugin you are looking for to do that easily. 

Like all the other plugins above, this WordPress banner plugin allows you to enable or disable the banner for your particular page and category. The slider that comes with the plugin is responsive enough to support any modern device screen. 

This WordPress banner plugin also provides scheduling banner posts for a particular time. Therefore, it automatically starts and ends, displaying your desired banner for a specific period. 

You can display multiple banners or random banners instead of one since you are in charge of defining that. It also comes with a banner/slider preview to let you see the preview before going live. 

Top Features

  • Carousel slider and banner for WooCommerce store pages
  • Add banner link for a particular banner
  • Banner for specific pages and categories
  • Banner and slider preview (Pro)
  • Banner navigation (Pro)
  • Schedule banner staring and ending time (Pro)
  • Show a specific category or page in the slider (Pro)
  • Banner Positioning (Pro)
  • Random or Multiple Banner Slider (Pro)

Price: Download and enjoy the free version without spending a penny though there are many limitations compared to the pro version. The pro version will cost you $99/year for a single site.  


When adding a custom announcement or notification banner to your website, Bulletin does its job smoothly. 

It’s a lightweight plugin that also lets you add a countdown to your announcement or special event banner. Besides, this plugin is best for quickly adding announcement banners, covid updates, short notices, delivery updates, etc. 

Moreover, you can also add multiple messages to your banner and display one after another. To let you drive your customer to specific landing pages, it offers you adding CTAs. 

Every element of the banner is customizable. You can customize the banner background, typography, add icons, content width, text alignment, countdown background color, placement, CTA, etc. 

You can even assign a banner position too. For instance, you can display your banner as a header banner, floating bottom banner, or as a sticky footer. You can even use this plugin for displaying the cookie notice, too, unlike all other plugins above. 

Top Features

  • Add Countdown
  • Cookie notice 
  • Showing important notice for logged-in members
  • Show banners on particular pages
  • Display & rotate multiple messages in a single banner (Pro)
  • Highly customizable plugin
  • Add unique device-specific notifications
  • Custom Icon and Google fonts (Pro)
  • Allow dismissing the banner (Pro)
  • Custom CSS support (Pro)

Price: Get the free version and enjoy using the plugin. The pro version cost is $19/year for a single site, which is less than any other premium plugins on the list. 

Hero Banner Ultimate

We will end the list with another straightforward plugin today, that is Hero Banner Ultimate. Using the shortcode block, you can even insert your banner on Gutenberg editor. The shortcode also allows you to display the banner as a popup. 

If you are an advanced user and like customizing a lot, this can be an excellent pick for you. You can change background color, typography for banner text, Banner inner padding, banner overlay settings, CTA settings, etc. 

The free version provides you four layouts to control the design of your banners. You can select colors, images, text, or video as your banner background. However, the banners created with this WordPress banner plugin are responsive but did not provide any extra settings for phone view.

The pro version grants you ten different designs, 5+ layouts, different settings for banner mobile phone preview, gradient background color, video background, etc. 

Top Features

  • Background image, video, text, color
  • Typography adjustment
  • CTA settings
  • Banner inner & overlay padding
  • User-friendly
  • Responsive banners
  • Gradient background (Premium)
  • 10 extra designs & 5+ layouts (Premium)
  • Set Button URL, text, and class
  • Mobile extra setting (Premium)

Price: Download the free version and keep enjoying the plugin for free. The premium version will cost you $79/year for five sites.


Therefore, these were the 7 Best WordPress Banner plugins. Still confused about which one to choose? Check out the top features of each section and analyze if it meets your criteria. If any of them meets your criteria, start using that immediately. 

But we would recommend you to try out the free version first if you are a beginner. All the plugins enlisted here are more than qualified to create & display announcement banners or any sort of banners to your site. 

If you have enjoyed reading the post, consider sharing it on your social media with your friends and family. Do let us know your thoughts regarding the post and these WordPress banner plugins in the comment section. 

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