7 Best WordPress Online Marketplace Plugins To Boost Your Income 10x

Best WordPress Online Marketplace Plugins

Did you know that you could earn 10 times more by turning your eCommerce site into an online marketplace using a WordPress Online Marketplace plugin? All you need is to use the right WordPress online marketplace plugin wisely. 

For instance, if you have 10 sellers selling 20 products each, they would sell 200 products a day, and you will take a 25% commission per month from them for selling products through your site. They would sell a total of 6000 products in a month. 

If their product costs around $5 on average, they will sell $1000 per day and $30000 per month. Your commission would be $7500 based on your 25% commission rate for each vendor. Just think how much you can earn based on your commission without selling anything. This is how the owners of Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, etc., get their money. 

The question arises of which plugin is the best for you as there are tons of WordPress online marketplace plugins out there. Choosing one could be difficult for you if you try every plugin. I have handpicked the 7 best WordPress online Marketplace plugins to boost your income up to 10x. 

So keep reading the full article if you want to know more about the WordPress online marketplace plugins to turn your website into a multi-vendor marketplace to generate more cash without selling anything. 

7 Best WordPress Online Marketplace Plugins To Boost Your Income 10x


Dokan is by far the #1 WordPress online marketplace plugins that let you create an online marketplace like eBay, Amazon, Magento, etc. After the installation of the plugin, it redirects you to a wizard to complete the setup quickly. Using the plugin, vendors can set up their stores and can customize their shop further. 

This plugin works seamlessly with every WooCommerce theme out there and lets you create a multi-vendor marketplace effectively. Plus, Dokan also features a theme that you can select for your site if you haven’t chosen any theme for your site yet. This plugin also supports various payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and others. 

You and your vendor will both have a dedicated front-end dashboard to manage your customers and vendors. Your vendor can manage their product inventory, orders, sales, discounts, coupons, etc. You can also set default and custom admin commission for all and particular vendors since you create an opportunity for others to sell products through your site. 

This plugin would take at most 30 minutes to set up your site altogether. There are other great features, but let’s take a look at some of the best features below. 

Best Features

  • Globally supported payment options
  • Fantastic admin features
  • Front-end dashboard vendor dashboard
  • Particular vendor percentage with default percentage
  • Store search filter
  • Admin supremacy marketplace
  • WC product addon integration (Pro)
  • Vendor review (Pro)
  • Commission types (Pro)
  • Detailed analytics on essential aspects of your marketplace

Price: The plugin is available in both free and pro versions. If you want to use this feature-rich WordPress online marketplace plugin for your startup, go for the free version. For getting extra features, buy the pro version for $149/year for a single site. Do check out the price comparison list before purchasing the pro version. 

WC Vendors

It is super easy to create separate stores on your marketplace site with individual URLs with WC Vendors. You and your user can easily sell both physical and digital products using WC Vendors. Its user-friendly front-end dashboard lets the user manage all the products, track orders, process refunds, create and manage coupons, etc. 

The pro version lets you add products directly from the front-end, whereas the free version enables you to add from the back-end, which can be troublesome for users who have little knowledge about WordPress. The pro version also lets you get more control over commission rates and provides an eBay-style feedback system to customers to rate any particular vendor. 

If you are also looking for a WordPress online marketplace plugin with advanced shipping options, WC Vendors is the right choice. It allows vendors to manage their shipping the way they wish. They can set a flat rate or table rate so that their customer can choose any options. 

Best Features

  • Advanced shipping options (Pro)
  • Discount Management (Pro)
  • Social Proof
  • Advance customization of store
  • Global payment gateway
  • Vendor dashboard
  • Admin supremacy (Pro)

Price: Like Dokan, download this plugin for free. If you are a beginner, consider trying the free version first and its features before buying the pro version. The pro version will cost you $199/year for a single site. 

YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor

YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor WordPress online marketplace plugin is another best popular free option. This plugin is specialized in selling digital products though you can sell both physical and digital products. 

Unlike the previous two plugins, this WordPress online marketplace plugin does not offer you a front-end dashboard. Aside from that, this plugin allows you to add products from the back-end. 

If you want to add products from the front-end, you have to use their other premium extension, “YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce,” which costs $60 for a single site. 

Using the plugin, you will get the flexibility to keep an eye on your orders, income, reviews, and much more. The plugin is also WPML compatible, and you can translate your site into different languages. Therefore, you can target visitors from around the globe.

Best Features

  • Global commission rate
  • Filter product list
  • Advance reports on sale and other vendor performance
  • Vendor Coupon management 
  • Manual or automatic approval of vendors
  • WPML compatibility
  • Order refund management (Pro)
  • Advanced shipping management (Pro)
  • Shortcodes for list of vendors (Pro)

Price: Download the free version from the WordPress repository if you wish to create an essential online marketplace. Go for the pro version if you want to have extra functionalities. You have to pay € 99.99 for a single site for purchasing the pro version

WCFM Marketplace

Using WCFM Marketplace, manage your marketplace and vendors from the front-end and say goodbye using the back-end for managing your shop. In contrast, Dokan does not provide a dashboard for admin. The front-end dashboard of WCFM Marketplace is clean and easy to use, and you will find every vital stat in one place. 

You can integrate this plugin with other popular and significant WordPress and WooCommerce plugins. It also supports 100+ payment gateways for your customers. Your seller can manage their business efficiently without using their PC to manage their shop from Smart Seller APP provided with this plugin. 

This plugin also lets you set the advanced commission like most of the plugins above. Unlike Dokan, this plugin enables you to set a commission for the product price and purchase quantity and the commission for becoming a vendor. The plugin also includes store SEO which lets the vendor configure their store for ranking purposes. 

Best Features

  • Flexible Commission options
  • Seller verification (Pro)
  • Withdrawal & reverse withdrawal
  • Ledger book
  • Store Vacation  (Pro)
  • Shipping tracking  (Pro)
  • Store SEO
  • Store Coupon
  • Media Manager

Price: This freemium plugin offers various useful options in its free version, unlike most of the plugins above. Download the free version from the WordPress repository. If you want to get the advanced features mentioned above, try buying the premium version for $168 for 2 sites a year. 

WordPress WooCommerce Multi-Vendor by WEBKUL

Next, I have the WordPress WooCommerce Multi-vendor plugin that quickly turns your e-commerce website into an online marketplace website. This plugin offers vendors to create a separate profile that is to be approved by the admin. It also lets the vendors see the sales and transaction records of their products on their dashboard. 

You can take advantage of the full facility of product management and let your vendors add the products from the seller panel easily. You can even edit vendors’ details if you want. Furthermore, you can edit or delete your vendors’ products’ if you feel the product is inappropriate for your marketplace. 

Like Dokan, you can also set different vendor commission rates for other vendor owners. Selling any product is possible using the plugin. If your seller wants, they can add their social media links to their profiles. Therefore, the customer can contact the seller quickly and easily. 

Another excellent feature of the plugin is that it helps to create an SEO-friendly URL structure. This helps to get a good ranking on Google SERP. You can even manage your reviews too. If you manage your reviews wisely, you can make your customer love your marketplace and raise your income.

Best Features

  • Seller Management
  • Flexible Commission management
  • Separate Seller profile
  • Order management
  • Shipping management
  • Review management
  • SEO-friendly URL structure

Price: Unfortunately, this plugin is not available for free download. You have to buy this premium plugin from Codecanyon, which will cost you $99.

WC Marketplace

WC Marketplace is another best WordPress online Marketplace Plugin that lets you create a fantastic user-friendly marketplace quickly. Using this plugin, you can create four types of marketplaces like Product marketplace, Rental marketplace, Booking marketplace, and subscription marketplace. 

Your vendors will love using your marketplace as this plugin provides you a vendor dashboard to manage their products, coupons, commissions, customer questions, etc. You can also offer your vendor an additional cushion by letting them sell products previously listed by other vendors. 

As an admin, you can enjoy absolute control and better insights using this plugin. You can control who would sell using your marketplace, who would view and buy. You can generate sales reports for each vendor and take more precise decisions to grow your business further.

You can provide your customer a fantastic user experience using WC Marketplace. Your customers can get an exclusive list of vendors selling from your site and see all the products that belong to a particular vendor on one single page. They can also filter vendors by sorting by nearest vendor location or by product categories.

This WordPress online marketplace plugin is reputed for providing lots of useful premium features for free. Now let’s see the best features of the plugin at a glance.

Best Features

  • Generates actionable sales report
  • Flexible commission management
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Intuitive vendor dashboard
  • Shop by vendors
  • Request Withdrawal Commission
  • Advanced shipping management
  • Sends weekly and monthly sales reports to vendors
  • Split payments
  • 4 types of marketplace creation
  • Single Product Multiple Vendors

Price:  Download this awesome WordPress online marketplace plugin for free from the WordPress repository. If you want to try out the advanced features, it will cost you $320 for 3 sites. Do check out what features they are providing for free, which are available on the premium version of other plugins. 

WooCommerce Product Vendors

Last but not least, WooCommerce Product Vendors is a robust extension that lets you accept and approve potential vendors and set up a single or more vendor admin to manage your multi-vendor marketplace. Using this plugin to create an online marketplace requires installing WooCommerce. 

Like all the other plugins, you can manage your vendor profile, their products, and modify shipping rules, and a lot more. As an admin, you can set up a payout schedule, other administrative tasks, and even set vendor’s commissions.

You can also display an overall vendor rating based on the products seller sells. Unfortunately, you will have to manage your products and other tasks from the back-end, just like the WooCommerce plugin. 

Now let’s take a look at its best features at a glance. 

Best Features

  • Intuitive commission list management
  • Manage orders, shipments, and customer notes
  • Multiple vendor settings
  • Payout settings
  • Advanced vendor-specific commission rates 
  • Send approval emails to vendors

Price: If you want to use this WordPress Online Marketplace plugin, you have to pay $79/year. 


By this time, I hope you have found your right plugin to turn your eCommerce site into an online marketplace. If you couldn’t, let me help you a bit further. WCFM is the best plugin that is feature-rich and has tons of options such as advanced commission, shipping tracking, etc. It is the best one out there if you want a premium one with more functionalities. 

Dokan is also one of the best, but they sure charge you more money, and the support service is also excellent, and they provide updates regularly. If you love working from the back-end as an admin, you would love using Dokan, WooCommerce Product Vendors, Yith WooCommerce Multi-vendor. 

If you love to work from the front-end as an admin, go for WCFM Marketplace, WC Vendors, or WordPress WooCommerce Multi-vendor. WC Marketplace is another best one that provides you some best free features, which are only included in the pro version of other plugins. WC Marketplace could be the right plugin if you want a feature-rich free solution. 

You should check out the free version first before trying out the premium version. But some of the plugins are premium only, which you can try only after buying. 

If you would love to start an e-commerce site first, check out our other post about the 7 Best WooCommerce Plugins

If you have enjoyed this post, do share the post with your friends on your social media. Let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the plugins. You can share your thoughts too. 

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