Weglot Coupon Code 2023 – Flat 20% OFF!

Weglot Coupon Code

Weglot is an excellent choice to make your website multilingual and grab the global audience’s attention. 

You can easily do that Using Weglot. You can translate your website into several languages effortlessly, and the best part is getting a discount of 20% off the actual price if you use the Weglot coupon code. 

This means you can save money while still enjoying the quality features Weglot offers. Now let’s see why you should choose this plugin despite the existence of several other WordPress translation plugins. 

20% OFF

Get a flat 20% off when purchasing any subscription plans of Weglot. Hurry! Get the discount now!

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Why Weglot

It is the complete solution that integrates with your website and delivers your content in any language you want. You do not need to know coding or any technical expertise.

The plugin can detect and translate content into your desired language automatically. Aside from that, it also supports manual editing and allows you to add manual input where necessary. 

It supports more than 110+ languages and works perfectly with WordPress, Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, Magento, etc. It generates accurate translations using giant tech companies like Google, DeepL, Microsoft, and Yandex.

Furthermore, the plugin supports multilingual SEO. Therefore, page metadata, menu links, headers, etc., and all of the translated materials will be indexed by search engines. It also offers a language switcher button that lets users switch between languages.

Key Features

  • Automatic Detect & Translation
  • Supports Manual Editing
  • Dedicated Language Switcher Button
  • Multilingual SEO Support
  • Complete Translation Management
  • Translates Over 110+ Languages
  • Supports Shopify, Magento, etc.


It is available in both free and pro versions. Therefore, you can download the free version from the WordPress repository. The free version allows you to test the plugin’s capability. 

The pricing of the pro version starts from $15 monthly, which will cost you $150 annually. The paid pricing plan consists of a total of 6 subscriptions. Choose any that suits you the most. 

How to Apply Weglot Coupon Code

Now let’s see how you can apply the Weglot discount code to get the 20% off. 

First, go to their homepage using this link and click “Get started for free.”

Now provide your email id and desired password for further process and click the “Sign up” button. 

Now open your Gmail to validate your Weglot account. After confirming your account, the link will take you to your Weglot dashboard page. Hover over your profile and click the billing option.

On the billing page, click the “Change plan” button to proceed to their pricing page.

Choose the pricing plan that suits you the best and click the “Choose” button. After that, click “Click here to enter your coupon code.”

Copy and paste the Weglot Coupon code “FABULOUS20” and click the Apply button.

You will instantly notice that the coupon has been applied to the original price.  

Fill in the billing form with the necessary information and click the Pay button to complete the purchase process. 


Weglot has made it super easy to translate your website automatically as it has removed the paid-to-add content translation manually. 

We hope the post has been helpful to you in getting you introduced to Weglot properly and helped you understand why you should go for Weglot over other translation plugins. 

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Also, share the post with your friends and family via social media. 

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