WP Table Builder 1.3.3 – Sticky Header, Column/Row Color, and more

We have just released an update of WP Table Builder, version 1.3.3.

This version comes with improvements, bug fixes, and some new additions. Before going into details, please check out the changelog at a glance below.

WP Table Builder - 1.3.3


Option to make top row (header) sticky.


Option to set individual column/row color.


Border radius issue.


'noreferrer' option for text links.


'Repeat merged header' option for fully merged header cells when top row as header is enabled.


New notification system for table builder events.


An issue with WordPress 5.6 where empty table names on gutenberg block showed as 'Untitled'.


An issue with footer buttons not visible in gutenberg block for Firefox browsers.


An issue affecting gutenberg block where user created prebuilt tables can be listed and selected.


An issue where even though users have read access, still see credential form and can not use various functionalities.


An issue affecting xml import operation to be not completed on import/export operations.


Better visibility for manage cells button.


Responsive builder will start up at tablet breakpoint instead of desktop.

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(PRO) Sticky Top Row/Header

Sticky top row/header option was added to pro version in this release.

It will come very handy when you have a long table with column names in the table header. So when users scroll down they will still see the column names on the top.

NOTE: This will only work on desktop, not on tablets and mobile. We are still working on that.

(PRO) Column/Row Background Color

This option will let you set background color for individual columns and rows. You can find this option by clicking on “Manage Cells” on top and selecting any cell.

With this option, our Cell Management mode becomes more powerful.

Note: Any latest setting will override the previous one. For example – if you select a cell and set a row color for it and then set a column color it, that cell will take the color of the column because you selected that later. But other than that cell, the row will have the row color that you set. Also, single cell color setting will take precedent over row/column color.

Repeat Merged Header

This option is available for both free and pro version.

It will be useful if you have the whole header row merged. Turning this on will repeat the merged header on mobile or tablet version of the table if you enable Top Row as Header option.

Other improvements & fixes

We have made lots of other improvements, bug fixes. Some notables ones are – compatibility issues with WordPress 5.6, Gutenberg block issues and an issue with XML import.

Please update the plugin to the latest version.

If you are using the pro add-on, please update both free version and the pro add-on.

If you run into any issues after the update, please let us know through community forums or contact page.

We are collecting feedback to improve the plugin. If you have few minutes please consider answering few questions and help us improve the plugin.

Thank you.

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  1. Hi,

    That’s a great improvement, but still, there isn’t an option for making the first row as a header. Once you added the functionality to enable the first row as a header and another option for making the last row as a footer, it will be great because the chances of getting Google rich snippets will increase. I hope you will consider my suggestion.

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