3 Best Feature Request WordPress Plugins

Best Feature Request WordPress Plugins

Are you looking for the best feature request WordPress plugins to manage all the feature requests in one place? If you do, we have what you need precisely. 

When working on a new product update, you might need to check what features your users have requested. But keeping a list of all feature requests or categorizing them manually is a hassle and time-consuming. 

Besides, it is also impossible to incorporate all the features at once or select which feature has been requested by most of the users. Not updating product features or product quality may lead decrease in conversion.

We have created a list of the three best Feature Request WordPress Plugins to relieve your burden of managing feature requests.


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Now let’s see what they are and what they are offering. 


IdeaPush is one of the best Feature Request WordPress plugins that allow you to add an incredible feature request or idea request system to your site. The plugin helps you get new ideas or real feedback for your product from real users. 

The plugin simply allows you to create a board to fill in the ideas and enable users to upvote or downvote to vote the feature for the next plugin update. You can also define the minimum or maximum feature request per day. 

Besides, you can also hide or display the board to specific users. After creating your board, all you need is to copy the shortcode and place it on your website. 

To request features, your clients or users will get a form to fill in their request and will have to submit it. Users can input idea titles, additional details, tags, and attachments. 

Top Features

  • Dynamic and intuitive user interface
  • Email notification upon new idea submission
  • Intelligent voting
  • Beautiful form to input new ideas
  • Enable or disable comments for new ideas
  • Define user roles for the feature request board
  • Ability to create multiple boards (Pro) 
  • Idea history timeline (Pro)
  • Show related ideas on a single idea page (Pro)

Price: Get the free version of this WordPress Feature Request plugin for free. You have to buy the plugin for $79 for a single sit to enjoy the pro features. 

Simple Feature Requests

Want to keep all the feature requests in one place? You must try Simple Feature Requests. 

The sole purpose of the plugin is to provide a better system that will manage your idea collection and customer feedback from your users. 

Users can submit feature requests from your website like the previous plugin on the list. They can even vote for the features they want in the next update. 

Moreover, you users can comment on feature requests using the default WordPress commenting system. As an admin, only you can approve and manage the feature requests.

The plugin also provides you with filtering options to manage the requests better. You can filter submissions by latest, top, my requests, and status, But categorizing the requests is only available in the pro version. 

The plugin also provides more advanced features like adding a roadmap, email notifications, etc., in their pro version. 

Top Features

  • Voting system for feature requests
  • Commenting system 
  • Sorting and filtering requests
  • Admin approval for user requests
  • Ability to show the status of requests and custom requests
  • Email notification (Pro)
  • Categorizing feature requests (Pro)
  • Add a roadmap (Pro)

Price: Get the free version of the Feature Request plugin for WordPress from the WordPress repository for free. For the pro version, you have to pay $169 for a lifetime. 

Product Feature Request

Today’s plugin list’s last one is the Product Feature Requests, another brilliant feature request WordPress plugin. It’s relatively new but worth trying out.

It’s a complete package for all your product feedback management. With the plugin, you can collect ideas or feature suggestions from your users to include them in your products. 

Using the plugin, you can add a feature request tab to your WooCommerce product pages, where customer can add their requests, and details about the features and submit them. 

They also can vote on features that have been submitted for the product. 

Top Features

  • Feature request submission for WooCommerce products
  • Responsive feature request form
  • Easy-to-request features
  • Ability to up or downvote the feature
  • Can add unlimited requests

Price: Get this free plugin from the WordPress repository without spending a single penny.  


That’s all for today’s list of the three best feature request WordPress plugins. We hope you’ve got plenty of ideas on how feature request feature WordPress plugins help you manage feature request lists effortlessly. 

Don’t forget to share your thoughts about these Feature Request plugins in the comment section below. If this post helped you enough, consider sharing the posts on social media with your friends and family. 

Also, we have plenty of other WordPress plugin-related posts that you might need to check out. 

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