10 Best WordPress Review Plugins (Schema-Enabled)

Best Free WordPress Review Plugins

Are you looking for the best free WordPress review plugins to display your product reviews on your WordPress site?

Look no further because we have enlisted the 7+ best free WordPress review plugins to boost your sales. 

The best review plugin will help you get a better rank on the major search engine result pages, as the best review WordPress plugins are schema-enabled and show your star ratings of the particular product in the Google SERP. 

To learn more about what you can do with these plugins, keep reading the post. 


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Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a Swiss knife for marketers and bloggers. This is the best free solution if you want to create better content with the new WordPress block editor. 

It has 20+ useful blocks so far. The plugin comes with a schema-enabled Review block. The Review block will make your review post attractive and help you to show star ratings in the Google SERPs.

This review schema WordPress plugin also comes with other essential blocks like Star Rating, Table of Contents, Content Toggle (FAQ Schema-Enabled), HowTo Schema, Tabbed Content, Click to Tweet, and more.

However, you can choose which blocks to activate and deactivate according to your usage. So it won’t slow down your website speed.


Ultimate Blocks

Ankur Raz Bongshi



Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg Blocks plugin that comes with a dedicated schema-enabled ‘Review’ block.


Key Features:

  • Schema-Enabled Review Box
  • Author Name
  • Review List
  • Call to Action Button
  • Summary of the Product/Service
  • Overall Rating
  • Schema enabled
  • Total 18 blocks
  • Lightweight & SEO-Friendly

Price: Download this incredible WordPress plugin for free from the WordPress repository. You can also try their pro version for only $49 yearly for a single website.

Ultimate Editorial Rating 

The Ultimate Editorial Rating plugin is a standout addition for WordPress users, especially for those running online businesses. It’s all about enhancing the way customers and editors can leave reviews and rate products. 

This plugin isn’t just any regular review tool; it’s packed with features that make reviewing more detailed and helpful for everyone. For instance, it supports Multi-Criteria Rating, which means you can rate different aspects of a product or service, not just give a single overall score. This is great for giving potential customers a clearer idea of what to expect.

Another cool feature is the Total Score calculation. Instead of having to figure out the overall rating from individual scores, the plugin does the math for you. It adds a level of professionalism to your site, as it shows you care about providing accurate and detailed information. Plus, it supports Review Schema, which means your reviews could show up in Google search results. This can help your site stand out and possibly attract more visitors.

The plugin also lets you highlight the Pros and Cons of each product. This is a fantastic way to give a balanced view and helps customers make informed decisions. It’s not just about praising a product; it’s about being honest about its strengths and weaknesses, which can build trust with your audience. 

The plugin’s design is responsive, meaning it will look good on any device, and it’s easy to use, which is great whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned WordPress user.

Key Features:

  • ⮞ Editor Product Review & Rating System
  • ⮞ Multi-Criteria Rating
  • ⮞ Customer Can Add Review & Rating For The Product
  • ⮞ Total Rating Score Calculation
  • ⮞ Review Schema Integration
  • ⮞ Pros and Cons Highlighting
  • ⮞ Responsive Design
  • ⮞ WooCommerce Support


This plugin has a free version and a Pro version. For the Pro version, it costs $39 a year for one site. You can also get a 15% discount if you use the coupon code WPTB15.

Schema – All In One Schema Rich Snippets

If you are looking for all types of schemas in one plugin, Shema is the best free solution out there.

It is more than just a review schema plugin and more of a tool that provides you all rich snippets. The review of your product will be transformed into images and stars. 

Shema lets you compress your reviews into the essential information that a user might look for.

It simply summarizes your reviews and adds images, and star reviews to allow the search engines to know what they should focus on showing in the SERPs. 

Along with rich snippets, this plugin also promises to make your snippet highly SEO-optimized. This review schema plugin understands how relevant search results are handy for you when you search for something online.

Top Features

  • Multiple schema types
  • Free to use
  • Lightweight
  • No Customization needed
  • The most important and relevant information in the snippets

Price: Enjoy the plugin for free by downloading it from the WordPress repository.  

WP Ultimate Review

WP Ultimate Review is another impressive WordPress review plugin that offers you a way to generate more money from affiliates.

Using this plugin, you can let your customer leave their precious reviews on your images, products, or events. 

You can boost your sales as this plugin lets you add a buy now button to your reviews. On top of that, you can also edit your customer’s review. 

The plugin supports 4 rating styles such as points, stars, percentages, and pie charts.

You can define the maximum score for your product review. Moreover, you can also create additional review fields such as value, appearance, quality, etc. 

Key Features:

  • Four Different Rating Styles
  • CTA Button
  • Edit Customer’s Review
  • Option to Review Products Globally
  • Define Maximum Score for Reviews
  • Additional Review Fields
  • Display Review with Comments
  • Review Location


Grab this WordPress review plugin from the WordPress repository for free. 

WP Social Ninja

WP Social Ninja is one of the uprising WordPress review plugins that combine various plugins’ functionalities in one place. You can use this plugin for social reviews, social feeds, and social chats. 

WP Social Ninja is efficient enough to collect all the social recommendations and reviews on your website from several social media sites. 

It automatically pulls off reviews and recommendations from social media platforms such as Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, Zomato, etc.

It unifies all your business social media channels under one big umbrella. By this process, it is easier to manage all your social media reviews in one place.

It also lets you import your social feeds from your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

As this plugin is also best for social chat, you can use this to chat on your website directly using your business’s social media accounts. You can chat on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc., using the plugin. 

Key Features

  • Social Chat
  • Social Feeds (Pro)
  • Social Reviews
  • Import Reviews and Feeds from Social Media Platforms
  • Shortcode Support
  • Imports Instagram Feed and hashtag Campaigns
  • Display eCommerce Reviews
  • Chat Color Styling Option
  • Displays YouTube Feed on WordPress Website
  • Display your reviews and feeds in Grid

Price: Enjoy this versatile WordPress review plugin for free. The pro version costs $89 yearly for a single website.

WP Customer Reviews

As one of the best Free WordPress review plugins, WP Customer Review Plugin lets you add reviews to your page and modify them easily. This plugin allows you to create a particular page for collecting client reviews for your business. 

After the collection and review modifications, you can customize the page entirely. The plugin features an external stylesheet to facilitate better customization. Therefore, you can add custom fields if you have coding knowledge. 

The admin can review the pending reviews and will have complete control over which reviews to display on the page and which will not be. It’s a lightweight plugin that won’t hamper your site load speed. 

Like the WP Social Ninja, you can show your reviews in any place, including the widget area using shortcodes. On top of that, this plugin comes with some necessary anti-spam measures to protect your site from spambots. 

Top Features

  • WP multisite & multiuser compatible
  • Submission moderation
  • Review modification
  • External stylesheet
  • Shortcode support
  • Lightweight 
  • Optimized for speed
  • Custom fields
  • Anti-spam measures

Price: Download this excellent review plugin for free from the WordPress repository. 

Site Reviews

If you want a simple yet robust enough to gather all your business and product reviews and ratings in one place, check out Site Reviews. 

With the simple settings page from where you can control the way, you want to collect your reviews and the way you want to show them.

Site Reviews also provides you with a restore and the backup option to backup all the settings you have made for your plugin. 

It supports the Gutenberg editor and has a dedicated block for the editor.

With shortcodes, display your reviews anywhere on your page. It is effortless to set up and use. 

What’s more interesting is that it lets you pin the best reviews to show in the first spot. This plugin is also multilingual-ready and supports RTL. 

Top Features

  • Dedicated Gutenberg block
  • Avatars
  • Backup & Restore
  • Form style
  • Multilingual & Multisite support
  • Import third-party reviews
  • Rating summaries
  • Bayesian Ranking
  • Review forms, filters, and images (Premium)
  • WooCommerce reviews

Price: Download this incredible WordPress review plugin for free. Get the pro version for €89 for a single website per year.

Let’s Review

We will finish the list with another best premium-only plugin that also provides you a dedicated Gutenberg block to insert reviews on your website, just like ReviewX. 

The plugin is simple yet powerful enough to modify your review box to look incredible. It lets you choose from more than ten core designs and offers you several styles for displaying your ratings, such as percentage, points, stars, etc. 

The plugin is also packed with FontAwesome icons so that you can easily use any custom icons for your review box. Furthermore, this plugin lets you add affiliate links to monetize your reviews, just like Reviewer. 

Let your customer express their full thoughts about your product in their reviews. This plugin is capable enough to review different lengths as it is integrated with the WordPress comment system. 

What’s more interesting is that it comes with a gallery option that allows you to display more images of different products reviewed in a stunning gallery inside the review box. It is indeed a great one for inserting a review box on your site. 

Top Features

  • Multiple core designs
  • Multiple rating styles
  • Custom Icons
  • Affiliate options
  • Full visitor reviews
  • Robust widget
  • Rich snippet markup
  • Gallery Options
  • Translation & RTL ready

Price: The pricing of the plugin is exact as Reviewer. It is only $29 for a single site, and you can buy this plugin from CodeCanyon.


With Trustmary’s WordPress plugin, you can easily import existing reviews, add them to your website, and collect fresh reviews. 

What sets Trustmary apart from the competition is its AI features. Trustmary’s intelligent algorithm identifies reviews that are likely to lead to better conversions on your website. It takes into consideration the form and content of the reviews.

This plugin is an easy tool for consolidating all your social proof from various sources into one platform and utilizing them with widgets. The widget library includes review widgets, pop-ups, lead generation forms, CTAs, chatbots, and more.

Creating review widgets is easy in the intuitive widget editor. The widgets can be managed directly on your WordPress admin panel.

Trustmary also enables you to collect new reviews with review forms that can be distributed by a link or email automation.

Trustmary’s implementation is fast and provides an instant way to improve your website.

Top Features

  • Review import from third-party review sites like Google, Yelp, and Tripadvisor
  • Customizable widgets
  • AI algorithms that identify your best reviews
  • Review and feedback collection forms
  • Social media sharing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Review filtering
  • A/B testing
  • Automation
  • Integrations

Price: The plugin is free to use up to 200 widget views. The premium version of this review schema plugin costs $19 monthly for up to 5,000 monthly views.

WP Review

WP Review is the most popular review schema WordPress plugin among bloggers who often review different types of products.

It allows you to create a full-fledged review website on any niche without any design or coding skills.

It lets you create highly compressed information-packed reviews that help customers determine whether to buy something. It comes with 19 different types of schemas.

The rich schema created with this plugin helps search engines determine the essential information about your page or product effectively to show informative results.

This plugin also comes with a tabbed widget that allows you to show your site’s most popular reviews to visitors. The reviews created with this plugin can be modified to a great extent, as you can easily change the color, position, etc. 

The pro version comes with 16 predefined designs, review comparison tables, Yelp reviews integration, a popup notification bar, etc. 

Key Features

  • 19 Types of Rich Snippets
  • 16 Predefined Designs
  • User Comment Rating and Review
  • Multiple Review Rating Types
  • Popup Notification Bar (Pro)
  • Yelp Review & Facebook Reviews Integration (Pro)
  • WooCommerce Integration (Pro)
  • Advanced Options Panel (Pro)

Price: The core version of this review plugin for WordPress is free. The pro version will cost you $77 for unlimited websites.


Hope this post has helped you to learn more about the best WordPress review plugins and what you can do using them.

If you are still confused about selecting one from the list, you should go through each plugin’s top features once more, or you could try installing each plugin to test the components yourself and then decide. 

All of these plugins are free, and all of them are equally qualified for displaying reviews on your site. But if you want to do more than just want to show review plugins, you can try WP Social Ninja. 

WP Social Ninja combines the features of three plugins, such as social feed, social reviews, and social chatting, in one place. You can also try the Ultimate Blocks. That plugin also brings various functionalities into one umbrella. 

If you wish to have a vast collection of customization, try WP Review, as this plugin comes with 19 types of review styles with 16 predefined review templates. But if you need a simple review plugin, you can try WP Customer Review or Site Reviews. 

By displaying your reviews on your site, you can boost your sales. You can boost your sales even more, and if you want that to happen, check out our 6+ Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section. If you have enjoyed the post, consider sharing it on social media. 


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