7 Best Online Places to Learn WordPress (Free & Paid)

Best Online Places To Learn WordPress

WordPress is one of the most famous open-source content management systems tailored to fit every type of website other than just blogging. It has gained popularity for the availability of unlimited plugins and themes.

Besides, WordPress comes with the default Gutenberg Block Editor to customize and create unique websites quickly and easily. There are tons of other sets of features that WordPress possesses. 

Since you can create any type of website, there are lots of things that you can do with WordPress. There are lots of issues you might face while using WordPress. You also need to look at solutions online to solve those issues. 

There are lots of online resources from which you can learn all those tips and tricks, or you can learn more about WordPress. Today, we’ve enlisted some of the best online places to learn WordPress. 

Some of those online resources offer free online courses. Some of those provide premium courses, and some offer both at the same time. For instance, Udemy is one of the leading platforms that offer various free and premium courses on its website. 

All you need is to enroll to do the courses. Now let’s see what those other resources below are.  


If you are a beginner and looking for the best video-based platform to learn WordPress, WP101 is the website you should look at. It focuses on sharing WordPress-related video tutorials, which a beginner would find valuable. 

It is suitable for users who want to learn basic WordPress functionalities in less than hours through an online course. The videos they provide are meticulously scripted and produced by professionals. 

The more exciting part about their courses is they frequently update their course materials. Therefore, you won’t lag behind in learning any impactful new features of WordPress or other learning courses. 

Furthermore, the videos they provide are closed-captioned, ensuring enjoyable learning of WordPress for anyone. You can even ask them questions in their member-only community forum and get answers from your instructors. 

They also offer other learning courses on becoming a better blogger, WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, Jetpack, WP Rocket, etc. 


When it comes to the best online places to learn WordPress or anything related to the digital world, Udemy is the best. They provide almost every course for ICT, lifestyle, art & crafts to travel, anything. 

They are promised to transform your life through education. What they offer is recorded video courses for money. What you need is to select the course you want to learn and buy it from Udemy. 

The fun fact about Udemy is that you can stop in the middle of the course and resume anytime from where you stopped. It lets you progress at your own pace. Therefore, learning is fun at Udemy. 

There are lots of free and paid courses offered by Udemy. All you need is to take advantage of their search function to find the exact course that meets your budget and skill level. 

But, if you are interested to learn from the top-rated instructors, you can enroll in in-depth courses. They also offer premium courses that provide chat rooms, message boards, questions directly, etc. 

The best part of learning a course from Udemy is that you will get lifetime access to it and have a certificate for the course upon completion. 


WordPress.org is the official homepage that provides you the free WordPress software to run a website for business or whatever the purpose is. 

The official website provides all the guidelines to run WordPress and fix its issues. WordPress.org gives you access to all features of WordPress right out of the box. 

The guidelines it offers are accurate and extremely helpful if you want to learn how WordPress works and how to learn it. For procedures, they provide extensive documentation and tips about using it. 

Furthermore, they offer extensive blogs regarding their software update and how you can do other things in WordPress and use WordPress. They also provide you with learn.WordPress.org to learn more about WordPress. 

All of the courses are free, and you can learn them any time, at any place. They usually design their lessons using image content and text content. 


WPBeginner is the excellent team that built the ultimate lead generation marketing tool, Optinmonster. WPBeginners is created by Syed Balkhi to create the best resourceful site about WordPress for beginners. 

All the tutorials they offer regarding WordPress are entirely free. Generally, that offers blogs, free video courses, and extensive tutorials for WordPress beginners. 

They also offer lots of tips & tricks to take care of various challenges related to the WordPress site, WordPress themes, and WordPress plugins. For instance, they also provide tutorials for WooCommerce. 

From setting up your WordPress site to setting up plugins, every resource related to WordPress is covered by them and supplied to you for free on their website. Besides, their blogs and the language they use is easy to follow. 

iThemes Training

iThemes Training is another best online place to learn WordPress. It offers you incredibly informative webinars. The webinars they offer include incredible training materials to learn WordPress from scratch. 

If you want to enroll in their webinars, you have to purchase their membership or buy a course pass. The membership provides you with video download options to let you start and stop your training any time you want. 

Again, if you want to live training sessions instead of recorded lessons, they got you covered. You can also get direct feedback from your training instructors and presenters. For this reason, it is one of the best online places to learn WordPress. 

Their membership also includes an extensive library of WordPress training and access to the annual WordPress developer course. 


WordPress.com is also the official site of WordPress, but it is limited compared to WordPress.org. The basic difference is that WordPress.com is commercial-based.

WordPress.com offers you to host your servers from their server. For this reason, you need to spend cash. It takes care of your essential maintenance and security. The lessons they provide are the same as WordPress.org. 

The ultimate guide you would find is how to create a homepage and how to customize it. Again, they offer video-recorded webinars to help you out regarding the usage of WordPress. 

They also offer course registration for free and regularly publish video content to help you learn more about WordPress.

Ultimate Blocks Blog

The Ultimate Blocks is a tool that replaces the need for various plugins. It offers you a set of functionalities under one umbrella. Therefore, you do not need to install numerous plugins, and your site will be lightweight. 

Despite being a content design tool to make better, engaging content, Ultimate Blocks offers you a blog section where they display several posts related to WordPress. 

Like the WPBeginner, they also provide tips & tricks to take care of issues with WordPress. They also provide blog tutorials with image and text content to solve your WordPress issues in detail. 

Furthermore, they frequently update their old posts and post new topics related to WordPress sites and WordPress plugins. 

Overall, it’s a resourceful site for learning WordPress tips & tricks to keep your site running smoothly. 


Should I Learn WordPress in 2023?

What is the best way to learn WordPress?

How long does it take to learn WordPress?

Is WordPress easy to learn?


These online resources are qualified to provide you with all the training to learn WordPress from basics to advanced. Just enroll in their membership or learn tips and tricks to know more details about WordPress. 

Blog sections of those websites are also incredible resources to learn WordPress in detail.  Let us know your thoughts about these online resources and your experience. 

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