5 Best Post Timeline WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Post Timeline WordPress Plugins

Using a post timeline WordPress plugin can make adding a timeline to your website, including all the essential information, effortless, but which plugin is the best? 

With hundreds of timeline plugins on the internet, users often end up choosing the wrong plugin. This is why we have made a hand-picked list of the best Post Timeline WordPress plugins based on our experience. 

As you continue to read the article, we will explore each plugin in-depth with its overview, features, ease of use, pricing, and more so that you can select the best plugin based on your needs by the end. 

With that, let’s dive into the details below! 

Top Post Timeline WordPress Plugins

The list of top post Timeline WordPress plugins is given below


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Post Timeline



Cool Timeline Pro



Everest Timeline



WP Timeline



Post Timeline Widget

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1. Post Timeline

If you are looking for one of the best post timeline WordPress plugins, Post Timeline is our top pick. It is an excellent plugin that lets you tell your important stories, events, appointments, and other crucial stories. 

The plugin provides 23 beautiful pre-designed templates, which you can pick for each timeline. To make your timeline appealing and engaging, it offers stunning animations with JS animations and CSS3 animations. 

Additionally, the interface is easy to use with excellent support and extensive documentation. While creating your timeline, you can use the backend template manager that lets you see how your timeline will appear for your audience with a dummy content. 

Overall, the Post Timeline plugin is packed with all the essential features at an affordable price. 

Key features: 

  • Single and two slides timeline. 
  • Highly customizable. 
  • Stunning animations. 
  • Single and two slides timeline. 
  • Dates and tags navigation. 
  • 23 pre-designed beautiful templates. 
  • Unlimited timelines. 

Price: The Post Timeline plugin is available at $24 with six months of free support and lifetime updates. 

2. Cool Timeline Pro

Cool Timeline Pro is another excellent plugin you should consider for users who want to spice up the way their blogs appear without any manual hassle. You get plenty of style options, and you can further customize it to match it with your brand. 

The user interface of the plugin is amicable. Still, if you feel stuck, you can always rely on their documentation and support. Moreover, you can design vertical and horizontal times quickly. 

The plugin also gives you an option to add images, videos, or slideshows to make your timeline attractive. In addition, if you want to convert your blog into a timeline story, Cool Timeline Pro is the perfect option. 

This robust plugin is highly compatible with WPBakery, Elementor, and Gutenberg. Besides, you can add any date format inside your timeline. Although a free version is available for the plugin, we recommend picking the pro version for powerful features. 

Key features: 

  • 40+ stunning timeline designs. 
  • Custom color options for each story. 
  • Smart generator for adding shortcodes quickly. 
  • Custom text and label. 
  • Smart scrolling navigation. 
  • Excellent support and documentation. 

Price: You can grab the plugin at $25. 

3. Everest Timeline

Everest Timeline is a robust, dynamic, and highly responsive post timeline plugin that lets you create any type of timeline that you can imagine. It is a premium plugin with outstanding reviews and ratings from people across the world. 

The plugin comes with 50+ beautiful ready-made templates and lets you create vertical and horizontal timelines with multiple styling options. It is built with all the robust features which make Everest Timeline a top pick for any website owner. 

In addition, if you want to feature your social media content, you can use the Facebook and Twitter layouts. 

Another impressive thing about the timeline is their support. If you are a beginner with zero knowledge, you can simply go through their documentation section and understand how the plugin works. 

Furthermore, due to its high responsiveness, you can create timelines the way you want, and it will display them irrespective of the device that your visitors open your website.

Key Features: 

  • Color customization options for all the templates. 
  • 13 animation effects. 
  • Backend timeline testing. 
  • 14 various date formats. 
  • Social sharing filters and options. 
  • Automatic shortcode generator. 
  • Unique customization options. 
  • Easy to use user interface. 

Price: Everest Timeline is available at $18. 

4. WP Timeline

If you want a plugin that allows you to display different content with the timeline format, WP Timeline is the right plugin for you. This responsive plugin gives you the utmost freedom for displaying various content. For instance, you can use tags and categories to decide which content should be displayed. 

WP Timeline is a versatile plugin with the support for WordPress, as the name suggests. In addition, it lets you create unlimited timelines with multiple customization options for styling. 

You can add custom texts, fonts, colors, and more. However, it also provides a set of templates that you can pick and create your timeline immediately. Once you create your timeline, you can easily insert it into your website using simple shortcodes. 

One of the primary reasons why we picked WP Timeline is because of its unlimited usage. This means you can use the plugin however you want due to its excellent features. Moreover, all the layouts are responsive, meaning your timeline will look beautiful on every device. 

Key features: 

  • Dark and light mode support. 
  • Works with all the themes. 
  • Support for 40+ animations. 
  • Support for infinite scroll. 
  • History bar support. 
  • Straightforward configuration. 
  • Ajax filter timeline. 
  • Excellent documentation. 

Price: This Post Timeline WordPress plugin is available at $25 with six months of free support and lifetime free updates. 

5. Post Timeline Widget| Essential Addons for Elementor

Another excellent post timeline on our list is Post Timeline For Elementor. Although it is not a separate plugin dedicated to post timeline but it works like a charm for adding stunning post timelines. 

Post Timeline is an element that is a part of Essential Addons. You can display custom posts, blog posts, pages, and more in a beautiful vertical layout using this element. 

The element lets you add fantastic effects, buttons, image overlay, and more to drag your audience’s interests. You can set the source type, set the number of posts per page, add hover effects, image overlay, etc. However, the only drawback of this plugin is that you can only create vertical timelines. 

Furthermore, when you buy Essential Addons for Elementor, you get various elements altogether. This means you do not have to purchase other plugins because Essential Addons does most of the work.

You cannot purchase the element separately. To get the Post Timeline element, you will have to purchase Essential Addons For Elementor, which enhances your page builder experience. 

Key Features:

  • Hover effects.
  • Access to more than 70+ elements. 
  • SEO-friendly. 
  • 7+ extensions. 
  • Image overlay. 
  • In-depth documentation. 
  • Lifetime support and updates. 
  • Beginner-friendly user interface. 

Price: $39.97 for one website. Free Version is available at the WordPress repository.


Adding a timeline to your website is essential. Adding a timeline is always a great option, whether you want to display your history, achievements, blogs, or more. 

You can drag your audience to your website, and improve your website’s engagement, and user experience with a beautiful timeline. 

With the plugins mentioned in our list, you can never go wrong. Whether you want to create a vertical or horizontal timeline, you can simply pick the plugin that fits your budget and requirements. 

If you are overwhelmed with the options, we suggest trying Post Timeline or Cool Timeline Pro to get started. 

We hope our article on the best post timeline WordPress plugins helped you select the right plugin for you. Did we miss out on any good plugins? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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