Best 5 WooCommerce Barcode Plugins & QR Code Plugins

Best WooCommerce Barcode & QR Code Plugins

A barcode or QR code is a crucial part of a product since it holds and represents data and makes it machine-readable. And for generating Barcode or QR code, the assistance of the WooCommerce Barcode plugin is essential.

The WooCommerce Barcode plugins help you generate Barcodes and QR codes that can help you improve your inventory management, sell scannable e-tickets, etc.

Again, using the barcodes or QR code, your product can show if it is original or duplicate. 

Furthermore, barcodes and QR codes are significant and efficient for accepting payments and reservations. You can also track your order using QR codes besides taking or giving payments. 

Today we have enlisted the best five WooCommerce barcode plugins & QR code plugins equally capable of fulfilling your purpose. 

But carefully view them because some can only create QR codes. Now let’s see those plugins and their features below in detail. 


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Print Barcode Labels

Print Barcode Labels lets you generate and print barcodes effortlessly and quickly for your WooCommerce products. 

Using this WooCommerce barcode generator plugin, you can print barcodes, prices, SKUs, names, attributes, etc. Again, the plugin supports several barcode types: CODE128, CODE39, QRCode, GTIN, DataMatrix, etc.

You can also print labels with your desired custom design to match your website’s theme & brand. Furthermore, printing labels with a logo is also possible. 

Key Features

  • Supported Several Barcode Types
  • Can Print QR codes 
  • Add SKU, Price, Name, Custom Fields, etc. 
  • Can Print Barcodes for Product Variations, Attributes, etc.
  • Barcode Label is Readable by Phone & Scanners
  • Customized & Personalized Labels


Get the free version from the WordPress repository. The free version allows you to try the features for a few days. So, you must purchase the plugin for a single website for $99 per year.

YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes

YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR codes is a premium solution for generating and printing barcodes for your WooCommerce product. 

This premium WooCommerce barcode generator plugin generates and applies barcodes & QR codes automatically and quickly to your products. Therefore, it is also called a WooCommerce QR Code generator plugin.

An important aspect of the plugin is that it allows you to get a printable list of all barcodes to make stickers that you can glue to your physical products. 

Again, the plugin also displays barcodes on the product pages and lets users search products by barcodes. Therefore, they will find the exact product quickly. 

It also quickens the checkout process of physical products by integrating with Point Of Sale. Plus, the plugin will improve the management of your product order statuses, stock, etc. 

It supports EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, INT 25, etc., barcode protocols. 

Key Features

  • Automatically Generates & Applies QR Codes & Barcodes to Products
  • Automatically Generates Codes For Orders & New Products
  • Scan & Search Orders & Products Using Barcodes
  • Use the Product URL to Generate the QR Codes
  • Print Barcodes Based on Stock Units & Variations
  • Print Barcodes into a PDF File
  • Integrates with Point of Sale


Premium Version costs € 94.99 per year for a single website.

QR Codes & Barcode Generator Label Printing

QR Codes & Barcode Generator Label Printing is another premium WooCommerce barcode plugin that lets you print QR codes & Barcodes. 

Though the plugin is a straightforward solution, it is to be noted that it works only with “Direct Thermal Laster Printers that use Single Row Continuous Labels. ”

This WooCommerce QR Code plugin lets you create QR & Barcodes for the products and product variations. If needed, you can change the currency symbol. It supports all major and popular barcode types. 

Furthermore, it lets you add custom fields and labels. 

Key Features

  • Add Custom Fileds & Data to Each Label
  • Add Title, Price, SKU, and Barcode on Products
  • Scannable Barcodes
  • Change the Currency Symbols
  • Increase or Decrease Product Quantity with QR Scan
  • QR Code Print Options
  • Supports All Popular Barcode Types


Premium Version costs $99. 

WooCommerce Order Barcodes

Since today’s post is related to WooCommerce, it would be a waste if we didn’t enlist WooCommerce Order Barcodes, the official barcode generator plugin for WooCommerce. 

The printable barcode generated by the plugin is perfect for e-tickets, packing slips, etc. The plugin automatically creates unique barcodes for every placed order. 

Besides, all the codes are scannable. Furthermore, the customers will receive the product barcodes by email notification. 

Key Features

  • Scannable Barcode
  • Perfect for E-Tickets, Packaging Slips, etc.
  • Automatically Generates Barcodes for Placed Orders
  • Sends Barcode with Email Notifications
  • Supports five types of Barcodes


The Premium version costs $79.

QR Code WooCommerce

If you are looking for a dedicated QR code generator plugin for WooCommerce, QR Code WooCommerce is an excellent choice for a free QR Code plugin. 

It lets you print unique QR codes for your WooCommerce products and facilitate your shops to be accessible by mobile devices. You can easily print QR codes to be placed on simple and variable product types. 

The plugin also offers limited customization options. For instance, you can customize QR code design with color, text, and image overlays. 

Besides QR Codes, this Woocommerce QR Code Plugin supports Coupon QR codes, with which customers can apply for coupons. 

Key Features

  • Add Color, Image Overlay, &Text on the QR Code
  • Uses WooCommerce REST API & JS-based QR code Library
  • Bulk QR Code Generator
  • Print QR Codes for Simple & Variable Product Types
  • Redirects Visitors to Any Page Using QR Codes
  • Supports Coupon QR Codes


The free version is downloadable from the WordPress repository without any money.


These are the plugins that are best out there to print barcodes and QR codes for your products. Print them and place them on your products. 

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