3 Best WooCommerce Cost of Goods Plugins

In the ever-evolving realm of digital commerce, the intricate dance between WordPress and WooCommerce Cost of Goods takes center stage. When selling products in an online shop, the need for a sturdy control tool becomes essential, allowing businesses to monitor their performance constantly. WordPress serves as the foundation, while WooCommerce Cost of Goods emerges as a critical control tool, offering businesses the capability to analyze the delicate equilibrium between product costs and net revenue. This duo enables enterprises to monitor their performance vigilantly and thrive in the dynamic world of online retail.

Businesses seek precision in understanding their financial dynamics To navigate the intricate landscape of online retail. Enter WooCommerce Cost of Goods plugins – indispensable tools tailored for e-commerce aficionados. These plugins, driven by the need for meticulous analysis, provide a nuanced insight into the correlation between product costs and overall profitability, empowering businesses to make informed decisions in the continuously evolving digital marketplace. If you’re searching for the best Cost of Goods plugins, here’s a list. 

YITH WooCommerce Cost of Goods

YITH Cost of Goods for WooCommerce, a real analytical tool that can make a real difference to the economic success of your e-commerce store, simplifies the tracking of actual profit margins in your product sales. This method enables precise setting of selling prices, elimination of unprofitable items, and creation of effective marketing strategies for high-profit-margin products.

YITH Cost of Goods for WooCommerce, a crucial tool for overseeing the cost and profit margin of your products, facilitates you in efficiently and smoothly tracing all actual costs in inventory management, encompassing shipping, taxes, VAT, and fees from a variety of payment methods. The plugin allows you to gain a clear overview of your products with higher profit margins, irrespective of their sales volume. You can refine inventory management by eliminating products with excessive costs from sales, emphasizing profitability over mere sales volume. Within each product and variation, a dedicated field allows you to input the base cost, which allows the plugin to outline each product’s actual cost and revenue distinctly. You can utilize bulk action to efficiently set the same cost for multiple products, enhancing workflow and consistency in pricing. 

The plugin offers easy monitoring of product prices, revenue, costs, and profit margins on the dashboard, which aids in making informed decisions about pricing strategies. Providing in-depth analytics it outlines your shop’s performance and suggests actions to minimize costs and maximize profits, as well as allows you to pinpoint products suitable for increased stock and identify potential profits based on their current availability.

Key Features: 

  • Easily add costs to all shop products.
  • Apply the same cost to multiple products using bulk actions.
  • Support variable products by entering costs for each variation. 
  • Import product costs from WooCommerce Cost of Goods. 
  • Monitor quantity sold, sales price, cost per unit, total cost, profit forecast, and profit margin on the advanced dashboard.
  • Track products in stock and potential profits from the dedicated dashboard.
  • Filter sales reports by date, product, category, tag, or custom fields.


Securing a license for YITH WooCommerce Cost of Goods involves an expense of $79.99 annually for the initial year.

Cost of Goods – WooCommerce Marketplace

Cost of Goods, introduced by SkyVerge, smoothly becomes an integral part of your operations, ensuring precise profit oversight by including cost details in orders and reports. The plugin automatically computes costs during checkout, offering a comprehensive overview beyond basic sales information and empowering you with in-depth reports to enhance your bottom line.

Cost of Goods, a crucial tool for business insight, gives you vital information about your operations by adding details about store profit and the most profitable products, offering a comprehensive view beyond mere revenue. The ability to add a Cost of Good to each product ensures constant awareness of total costs for products sold in each order. The checkout process saves the total costs for each order line item to keep your total costs historically accurate, ensuring consistency even if your costs increase. The plugin’s extensive feature includes graphs to help you identify your store’s most and least profitable products beyond those with the highest revenue. Along with all those features, it provides in-depth reporting for tracking profit by date, product, and category, identifying the most/least profitable sellers, and offering an inventory valuation based on the retail price or cost of goods.

With features such as export capabilities, compatibility with other suites, and the ability to edit line item costs, the plugin offers a comprehensive solution for managing costs and maximizing profitability. The integration of historical data and insights into product profitability further enhances your ability to make informed operational decisions and facilitates efficient data handling and analysis. 

Key Features: 

  • Provides vital insights into store profit and top-selling products.
  • Adds Cost of Goods to each product, tracking total costs in every order.
  • Retroactively applies costs to previous orders based on set product cost.
  • View profit and cost by date, product, or category for analysis.
  • Assess your most and least profitable items for strategic marketing.
  • View total inventory valuation based on retail prices or cost of goods.


The Cost of Goods by SkyVerge is priced at $6.59 per month and billed annually at $79.00.

Ni WooCommerce Cost Of Goods

Ni WooCommerce Cost Of Goods, an invaluable tool, allows you to effortlessly incorporate cost or purchase prices for both simple and variation products, providing comprehensive profit insights and diverse reports to optimize pricing strategies and enhance overall profitability.

Ni WooCommerce Cost Of Goods simplifies e-commerce oversight with a range of free features, starting with a dashboard report for a comprehensive snapshot of sales and profit metrics while highlighting the top five profit customers, products, and categories. The profit report enables data-driven decision-making, identifies top-performing products, and provides valuable insights into profitability by presenting different parameters in a table format. The search and filter capabilities in the product profit report allow you to refine data based on various criteria, while the top profitable products functionality helps identify revenue-generating items. With features like profit analysis reports, category stock value reports, and cost price options, the plugin streamlines effective inventory management and category optimization, analyze business performance, and gives invaluable glimpses into product profitability.

The Pro version of Ni WooCommerce Cost Of Goods introduces advanced capabilities, including bulk cost of goods price updates, a dashboard summary, and detailed daily and monthly profit reports. These additional features enhance the user’s ability to manage inventory effectively, optimize pricing strategies, and elevate the overall profitability of their WooCommerce store.

Key Features: 

  • Comprehensive snapshot of sales and profit metrics.
  • Displays and analyzes order product data.
  • Refines data based on various criteria.
  • Identifies revenue-generating items.
  • Compares current and previous year’s monthly sales profit.
  • Provides an overview of stock quantity and value for each category.
  • Enables input of cost or purchase price for simple and variation products.
  • Offers a condensed view of key metrics.
  • Detailed insights into daily and monthly profits.


Ni WooCommerce Cost Of Goods comes in a package offering both free version and pro versions, with pricing ranging from $34.00 to $74.00 for subscription durations spanning 1 month to 1 year.


As businesses traverse the intricate landscape of online retail, the partnership between WordPress and WooCommerce Cost of Goods stands as a linchpin for sustained success. The seamless integration of these tools empowers enterprises to navigate the dynamic challenges of e-commerce, ensuring a constant pulse on performance metrics and the delicate interplay between product costs and net revenue. Through this symbiotic relationship, online ventures find the clarity needed to thrive amidst the complexities of the virtual marketplace.

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