7 Best Twitter Plugins for Your WordPress Site

Whether you are already a website owner or planning to build a new website, one of your biggest concerns is engagement. To keep people more connected to your site, you need to use all the options and tools available at your disposal. 

One of the best ways to drive more traffic to your site is by engaging them on social media platforms. And if you are looking for the perfect social media plugins to integrate, then getting a Twitter plugin may be the best for you, because showcasing Twitter content on your site encourages visitors to share and grows your audience.

But, the question is, how to choose the best Twitter plugin according to your need? How to pick just the right plugin among hundreds of options out in the market? Which would be the perfect tool for the job? 

If you are confused, then worry no more, because we’ve done the choosing for you, as this is the list of the 7 Best Twitter Plugins for Your WordPress Site. You just need to pick the one you want! 





Social Snap

Tweet Button

Custom Twitter Feed

Twitter Feed

Ultimate Blocks

Click to Tweet

Recent Tweets Widget

Tweets Widget

Revive Old Posts

Tweet Old Posts

Twitter Auto Publish

Auto Tweet

Social Login

Twitter Login

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Let’s learn more about these plugins.

1. Social Snap

Our first pick of the list is already a chosen and trusty tool. With over 20,000 active installs, Social Snap is a proven and capable twitter plugin. Using this, you can easily route more traffic to your site by capturing the power of Twitter connections. Branded as ‘The Ultimate WordPress Social Media Plugin’ on their site, this plugin can strongly stand up to your expectations, as it can give your website all the social push it needs. 

One amazing feature it got is the ‘Click to Tweet’ boxes. You can easily add those boxes across your pages, on the posts, or over the sidebar. And the best part of it? That doesn’t require any code to be written. It’s that simple! 

Obviously, you don’t want bland-looking boxes to hang over your pages or posts. So, to make them more eye-catching, Social Snap also offers you several different design styles, which can match your site design, and give your visitors a more pleasant looking view to look at.

And to add more numbers to your traffic count, this plugin also offers the feature of suggesting accounts to follow. You can add up to 2 accounts, which will be suggested by Twitter, once a visitor posts a tweet using this plugin.

One of the other notable features this plugin has is the social auto poster. Using this feature, your posts will be automatically shared on Twitter. So, you don’t have to manually go to Twitter and share posts every time new content is available on your website, saving you a lot of time and effort. 

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Key Features 

  • Beautifully Designed Styles
  • Click to Tweet Box
  • Tweet Button
  • Fast Loading
  • Sharp Looking Lightweight SVG Icons
  • Shortcode, Widget, and Guttenberg support


Social Snap is a freemium plugin, so you can use it for free of charge, with basic features. If you want to access the premium features, you can get any of the 3 available packs. The Plus, Pro, and Agency packs are priced at $27.30, $69.30, and $209.30, all of which are to be paid annually. There is no lifetime deal, however. 

2. Custom Twitter Feed 

Brought to you by Smash Balloon, Custom Twitter Feed is the leading Twitter feed plugin. With over 150,000+ users, this plugin is definitely a trustworthy tool of the trade for your WordPress website. If you are looking for a highly flexible, easily customizable, and feature-enriched plugin to grab the Twitter audience, then you are in for luck using this plugin.

One of the best things about this plugin is its flexibility and customization. The first time you install it, it will adapt to the style of your site by default. But if you want to bring more dynamics to it, you can do it with full control over that. There are tons of built-in customization options available, allowing you to tweak and twist your Twitter feeds as you need. And you can do all these with just a few clicks.

Another big plus of this plugin is the ease of use. Even if you are a newcomer to WordPress, you will feel no stress or face any hassle using it. After installation, it will take only 30 seconds to set up. You can simply embed it into any WordPress page, post, or widget on your site, just by authorizing it from the settings page. And no coding is needed while customizing the plugin. So no more writing codes and making mistakes, just click and get the results. 

A notable feature is the automatic moderation of tweets. Not all tweets are appropriate for all the visitors you will get. So, Custom Twitter Feed allows you to automatically moderate tweets using certain words. And if you need it, you can also hide specific tweets from your feed. The reverse is also possible, you can show tweets specific tweets containing a predetermined hashtag.

Key Features

  • Multiple Twitter Feeds and Twitter Cards
  • Multiple Feeds with No Limitations.
  • Integrates with the Most Popular GDPR Consent Plugins
  • Infinite Scroll to Load More Tweets
  • Multiple Layout Options


As said earlier, Custom Twitter Feed is free to use, with limited features available. To get more out of it, you need to get Twitter Feed Pro, which comes in 3 packages. Named Personal, Business, and Developer, the packs will cost you $49, and $99. $149, per year. Or if you want all social media plugins in one pack, you can opt-out for the All Access Bundle, which will cost you $299 per year.

3. Ultimate Blocks

Now, if you are short on plugin budget, and need something that is completely free for your social media audience boost, then Ultimate Blocks can be the go-to solution for you. And if you are a Guttenberg Editor user, and need a Twitter plugin specifically for that, then this might be the best plugin for you. With 40,000+ active installs, and 450+ five stars ratings, this plugin can be the best free plugin on this list.

The easy usage is definitely the best feature of Ultimate Blocks. It has ‘Click to Tweet’ and ‘Social Share’ blocks.

If you are a blogger, marketer, or both, SEO optimization is a very important component of any block. You are also lucky in this field, as this plugin is highly optimized for SEO. So, ranking upper on the search is no problem for you. 

Last but not least, speed. Built from scratch with a focus on maintaining page speed, this plugin will never slow your page down. Another add-on in the speed section is your headings, which can be used to generate a table of contents, without manually doing it. 

Key Features

  • Click To Tweet Boxes
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • Highly Optimized for SEO
  • Easy to Use
  • Enable/Disable Individual Blocks


Free. That’s it. No additional cost is there, no hidden or updates charge or anything. You will get all the features of Ultimate Blocks free of cost once you download and install it.

4. Recent Tweets Widget

If you are looking for a Twitter widget plugin, then your search is over, as you have found the perfect one for your needs. With over 2M+ downloads and 100K+ active installs, the Recent Tweets Widget can be one of the best twitter widget plugins you can find in the market. 

This plugin allows visitors to remain engaged with the website, by showing posts in a way that is customized to the visitors’ individual areas of interest. Which will result in longer engagements, leading to repetitive visits, and increasing traffic. 

This plugin uses the new Twitter API v1.1. It stores tweets in the cache. What it does is that it will read status messages from your database, and will not query Twitter’s server for every page load. The end result? Your page will load faster as they are loading data from a local cache server, not from a distant host server.

You can also set the time slots to update the cache while using the Recent Tweets Widget. It will allow you to set up the last updates that you want to occur at the time you want, giving you full control over content updates. 

Key Features

  • Minimal Impact on Memory Usage
  • Least amount of impact on page loading
  • Optimized database footprint.
  • Customizable updates.
  • Easily understandable and usable design, requiring small codings.. 


This is another surprise of the Recent Tweets Widget. You can use it for free, no extra or hidden charge is there, at all. Just download it, install it, and get to work!

5. Revive Old Posts

If you are a super busy person and sharing old content to your Twitter account feels time-consuming to you, then this plugin can be the solution you need. Revive Old Posts is a must-have WordPress plugin for you to keep your social media followers engaged and growing, by automatically sharing posts from the site to your Twitter feed.

This plugin’s primary and biggest feature is the ability to schedule posts to be posted on your Twitter account automatically, specialty old posts. You can set how many hours of a gap there should be between posts, or can schedule the time of day and days of the week you’d like the plugin to post to Twitter. 

Another amazing feature of this plugin is that you can broaden your social media posts with a number of different pre-written captions and hashtags. You can use this to test out different captions to see which ones get the best results when posted on social media. 

And don’t just stop when you share your content once, because this plugin will allow you to share your website content on rotation. So, your old content will never be lost, rather they will bring more traffic to your site. 

Key Features

  • Full Control Over Share
  • Click Tracking Features
  • Share post on Publish
  • Allows adding optimized hashtags automatically
  • Allows sharing not only posts, but also images, media, pages, and other custom post types.


You can use Revive Old Post plugin’s basic features for free. If you want to access the more advanced features, you need to choose from the 3 annual plans, costing $75, $149, and $299. Or you can opt-out of the lifetime plans, which will cost you $225, $447 & $897. 

6. Twitter Auto Publish

If you don’t want to use Revive Old Post or want an alternative to that plugin, then Twitter Auto Publish could be a very good option for you. It will let you post your content on Twitter automatically. All you need to do is just fix a schedule for the posts that are to be published. Using this plugin, you won’t have to manually copy and publish each of your blog updates to your Twitter account, saving you a lot of time and effort. 

Suppose, you have a site containing contents on various types of niches. Posting all the various types of posts on different niches from one single Twitter account looks a little bit odd, but maintaining multiple accounts is also a big inconvenience. But when you are using this plugin, you don’t need to limit yourself to one account only anymore, nor have to manually maintain multiple Twitter IDs. You can configure auto-publishing to multiple accounts, each of which can be configured for different formats. 

Sometimes, old contents need editing to update information, or to fix some errors. But it is a hugely time-consuming act to find out about the shared post on Twitter. Twitter Auto Publish will save you the effort, as you can republish the content on Twitter just when you finish editing. 

Another big plus for this plugin is the customization factor. Using variables from your blogs, such as the post’s header, content, snippet, permalink, and blog caption, the plugin allows you to customize the post format.

Key Features 

  • Filter Items to be Published Based on Categories
  • Feature to Enable or Disable Page Publishing
  • User-Friendly and Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Runs on your Server
  • The flexibility to select a preference from the featured image, post content & meta, and open graph tags.


Twitter Auto Publish is completely free with all the features. Even if you want to have access to advanced features like automatic posts from multiple Twitter accounts, or auto-scheduling for posts, you don’t have to spend a single penny, which can be another big reason to buy this plugin.  

7. Social Login 

If you want to allow your users to log in via Twitter, Social Login is the right choice for you.

A big plus of Social Login is the security. It is GDPR compliant, which provides top-notch safety for your site. It also blocks spam and bot registrations instantly, while keeping the forms simple. It can boost sign-ups by as much as 50%, and provide you access to users’ social media profiles with their permission, so you can begin providing a more personalized solution.

This plugin features seamless integration with existing login/registration systems so that your users don’t have to start from the beginning. It will save much time for the regular users of your site, and retain them for future visits. 

Another notable feature is the data exportation, which will allow you to transfer your users, or automatically push data of users to Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor. You don’t have to manually export them one at a time, which is a painstakingly long process. 

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Key Features

  • Fully Compatible with Other Plugins
  • Automatic Integration on the Woocommerce Checkout, Login, and Registration pages
  • Integrated Widgets
  • Authentication Filters are available for more security
  • Access to analytics to understand user preferences more


Social Login is a freemium Twitter plugin. You can use the already good features for free, but you need to pay for the advanced features. A good option they provide is that there is a monthly subscription system, so you can use the plugin for short times if you need. Monthly packs will cost you $10, $18, and $34. The annual plans are priced at $96, $168, & $324. 


Twitter is a vast platform with lots of users, so getting their attention will definitely boost up your site traffic, and eventually your revenue. So, it is important to get a Twitter plugin best suited for your job. We hope that you will be able to find the perfect one for your site, from the list of these plugins.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase using any of these links, we will get a small commission without any extra cost to you.

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