5 Best WordPress Image Accordion Slider Plugins

WordPress has long been a favored platform for website development due to its user-friendly interface and extensive plugin support. Among the numerous engaging elements that enhance the visual appeal of WordPress websites, image accordion sliders stand out as an efficient and attractive way to showcase images, galleries, and content. Combining the versatility of WordPress with the dynamic functionality of image accordion sliders opens up new possibilities for creating captivating and interactive user experiences.

Image accordion slider plugins offer an essential solution for WordPress users seeking to organize and display images in a sleek and space-saving format. These plugins let website owners present multiple images or content panels in a compact, stacked accordion-style layout. The interactive nature of the sliders encourages visitors to explore different sections while conserving valuable screen real estate. With the demand for engaging visual content on the rise, image accordion slider plugins have become indispensable tools for crafting appealing and interactive WordPress websites. We have prepared a blog post featuring a handpicked selection of the top WordPress image accordion slider plugins. Take a look here. 


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Accordion Slider Gallery 

The Accordion Slider Gallery is a fully responsive and touch-sensitive WordPress plugin that seamlessly combines the functionality of an accordion and a slider. It offers a modern, intuitive, and engaging user experience thanks to its development by an expert team and incorporation of the best-optimized code.

Accordion Slider Gallery is a game-changing WordPress plugin that transforms your image galleries into captivating visual experiences. With its smooth accordion-style slider, users can interactively explore your collections, making it an engaging addition to your website. The plugin is fully responsive, making your galleries adapt flawlessly to different devices, captivating visitors whether they are on desktops, tablets, or smartphones. With various customization options, users can easily adjust the layout, colors, and animations to match their website’s style. 

This dynamic accordion adapts to various devices, providing optimal user experiences with swipe and tap gestures on mobile and mouse drag actions on desktops. The Animated Layers feature brings content to life with animations and static displays, offering engaging interactions. Rest assured, the SEO-Friendly design ensures search engine visibility, allowing the use of HTML tags for semantic content. 

Key Features: 

  • Captivating sliders available with shortcodes and images. 
  • Offers horizontal and vertical layouts. 
  • Automatically generates shortcode. 
  • 17+ different slider designs. 
  • Allows keyboard navigation. 
  • Slides with a click or on hover. 
  • Autoplay option. 
  • Shadow, button, navigation button, and border settings.
  • Video sliders are available, as well as image sliders.  
  • Compatible with Gutenberg, Elementor, or WPBakery. 


The Accordion Slider Gallery is an excellent option to have in your collection. Offering free and paid versions, you can opt for the Pro version for just $21 for a single site license.

Accordion and Accordion Slider  

The “Accordion and Accordion Slider” is a powerful WordPress plugin that enhances user experience by effortlessly creating interactive accordion elements for organized content display, making it ideal for showcasing FAQs, product features, and other space-saving content which might be the reason you are here. 

The Accordion and Accordion Slider plugin offers a wide array of features that empower users to customize their accordion elements according to their specific needs. From multiple pre-designed templates and styles to personalized color schemes and fonts, users can easily match the accordion to their website’s aesthetics seamlessly. Furthermore, the plugin provides smooth animations and transition effects, adding a touch of elegance to the user experience.

The responsiveness and lightweight nature of the plugin ensure that the accordion elements adapt flawlessly to various screen sizes, including mobile devices, making the user experience consistent and enjoyable across all platforms. The plugin’s optimized code guarantees fast loading times, contributing to overall website performance and SEO rankings. 

Key Features: 

  • Automatic or custom responsiveness for all devices.
  • Supports touch-swipe and tap on mobile and mouse drag on desktops.
  • numerous panels addition option. 
  • Contents are automatically cached for faster load times.
  • Easy navigation using the mouse wheel.
  • FancyBox is integrated with the WordPress Accordion Slider plugin. 
  • Ability to add external links for the images.
  • Compatible with MultiSite environments. 


The plugin is free, but you have the option to upgrade to the paid version by paying an annual fee of $99.

Responsive Accordion Slider 

The Responsive Accordion Slider represents a multifaceted WordPress plugin meticulously crafted to elevate website interactivity. Leveraging its sleek and contemporary design, the plugin, as mentioned earlier, seamlessly blends functionality and aesthetics to create a mesmerizing and captivating user experience.

Responsive Accordion Slider is a powerful tool that enables users to create an accordion-style slider for their website to set loose their imagination while entrancing visitors with the plugin’s seamless animation effects. The plugin has a range of impressive features to customize the accordion slider according to specific needs. With the plugin, you have an array of choices, such as numerous layouts, animation effects, autoplay settings, navigation control, transition styles, and more, all conveniently accessible at your fingertips.

With the Pro version of the plugin, you’ll find it even easier to enhance your experience with an array of additional features. These additional features will include lightbox functionality, overlay settings, background opacity, button customization, mouse delay, and a host of other added customization options to explore.

Key Features: 

  • Unlimited sliders with horizontal and vertical layouts. 
  • Adaptable to every device and screen. 
  • The ability for the slider to run forward and backward direction. 
  • Shortcodes for embedding sliders on pages and posts. 
  • Settings option for overlay effects. 
  • Lightbox functionality. 
  • Unlimited image is supported for sliders. 
  • Customizable button settings. 
  • Navigation settings. 
  • Allows duplicate posts. 
  • Compatible with  IE9+, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Elementor, Gutenberg, and others.


The plugin is offered in both free and premium versions, with the latter available to all users at the affordable price of $5.

Image Accordion Widget for Elementor | ElementsKit | Wpmet 

The Image Accordion Widget for Elementor, developed by ElementsKit, adds an exciting interactive element to your website. This plugin enables you to create visually attractive image accordions that showcase multiple images in a compact and engaging layout, delivering an enhanced user experience.

The “Image Accordion Widget for Elementor” provides effortless customization through intuitive control options, allowing you to expand on hover or click, adjust animation speed, and switch between vertical or horizontal orientation. The plugin also supports multi-column layouts, enabling you to display multiple image accordions side-by-side for an organized presentation. In addition to expanding the images, users can customize the image content, including the title, subtitle, and description. Thanks to its SEO-friendly approach and optimized loading times, the plugin remains a fantastic solution for creating stunning image accordions on your Elementor-powered website.

The plugin offers a fully responsive and customizable design, ensuring seamless performance across all devices. You can effortlessly manage images within the accordion using the user-friendly Elementor interface, making it easy to keep your content up-to-date. Additionally, the plugin provides various interactive and animated effects to bring your images to life, captivating your visitors. 

Key Features: 

  • Fully responsive and customizable design.
  • Intuitive control panel. 
  • Expand images on hover or click. 
  • Multiple customization options in the title, subtitle, title description, separator, content area, and more.
  • Charismatic and numerous styling options. 


ElementsKit provides 50+ free widgets for its users, and the Image accordion widget is one of them. 

Divi Image Accordion Module – Elegant Themes

The Divi Image Accordion Module offers a dynamic and interactive alternative to traditional website sliders by enabling the display of multiple image and text-based slides in an engaging accordion-style layout.

This feature-rich plugin offers a wide range of customizable transition effects, allowing users to tailor how the images expand and collapse. Additionally, it ensures a seamless user experience across all devices. It is fully responsive and optimized for mobile, making images adjust to fit various screen sizes while maintaining their quality and impact.

The Divi Image Accordion Module also supports adding captions and descriptions to each image, providing valuable context and information to users. The plugin allows users to customize the accordion to suit their specific design requirements with its flexible layout options, including horizontal and vertical orientations, and the ability to adjust image sizes. 

Key Features: 

  • Highly customizable. 
  • Wide range of styling options. 
  • Reveal images or texts on hover or click. 
  • Single accordion with multiple images and text-based slides. 
  • Responsive and interactive module. 
  • Allows to add unlimited icons, images, titles, descriptions, buttons, and links.
  • Keeps the image quality intact.  


The Supreme Divi Image Accordion Module is free for everyone to use. 


Image Accordion Slider plugins offer valuable functionality to WordPress site owners, enabling interactive and engaging visual content presentation. With a variety of customizable options available through these plugins, website owners can effortlessly tailor the image accordion sliders to match their site’s aesthetic and branding. Furthermore, the responsive design of these plugins ensures optimal display across various devices, catering to a broader audience. In summary, incorporating Image Accordion Slider plugins is a practical and efficient way to elevate a WordPress site’s visual appeal and user engagement.

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