3+ Best League Table WordPress Plugins

A sports website with perfect features can enable fans to collaborate with their team, gather information about the team, and purchase official merchandise properly.  

When it comes to building a sports site, having a perfect league table is very crucial. It lets you engage with your visitors better. 

A well-crafted league table can provide options for league table, fixtures, club and player information, leaderboard, or lists that compare teams, individuals, nations, or companies by ranking them according to their performance.  

It brings all the necessary information to a single place by displaying the data in rows and columns. The rows and column format makes it easier for the viewer to compare with similar data.

If you are a newbie in HTML or have no experience, WordPress table plugins will do the hard work and present your data in an organized fashion.  

Even though there are a handful number of WordPress table plugins available, only a few plugins let you create league tables. 

To help you choose the right one, we have made a list of the 3 best WordPress league table plugins. 

League Table

League Table is the most popular WordPress league table plugin that allows you to create sortable and responsive tables on your WordPress sites. 

It features a spreadsheet editor that allows you to copy and paste data from Excel, Google Sheets, and OpenOffice Calc. to WordPress tables. It gives its user the ability to save their time as they don’t need to transfer data manually, keeping in mind that one can still move tables from XML files. 

Another great feature it provides is a total of 135 customization options, among which 105 options for table customizations, 17 for table cells, and 13 general options. 

The League Table plugin is also equipped with a cell management system that helps to customize specific table cells, rows, and columns. The advanced multi-column sorting system can be used to create tables according to your specifications and represent your information to the customers comprehensively. 

It also has the unique functionality for supporting typographical styles and mathematical formulas. Also, you can custom color your cells, create tables with striped rows, and decorate tables with default layouts.   

Key Features

  • Easily Customizable and sortable tables. 
  • Embedded spreadsheet editor. 
  • Adjustable horizontal and vertical scrollbars. 
  • Custom typography for header and body cells. 
  • Automated fixed table layouts. 
  • Lightweight and responsive. 
  • Backups for plugin data with both Import and Export menus. 
  • Provide arithmetic formulas for Sum, Subtraction, Minimum, Maximum, and Average. 
  • Manual options for applying colors, typographic styles, and alignments to individual cells. 
  • Options for using links, HTML content, and images to cells. 


Free Version | Premium Version starts at $39.


SportsPress is an all-in-one plugin for sports sites. It has the tools to include fixtures, results, standings, rankings, and profiles for clubs, players, and staff into your WordPress template.

SportsPress will assist you in creating any website you want. It has add-ons for more than 20 plus games. You can create a ranking table for your league, which will be automatically updated after you put the scores and data from every game. This plugin will use all the statistical data of a specific competition and season and then use them to create an archive for the next season. 

It will also give you the chance to highlight a specific team from the league table using its default styles. You can also display the columns according to your choice. You can always choose to show or hide any specific column of the table. 

Sportspress also features an event calendar that helps you manage and display your current and upcoming events on your site. The adjustment options will help you to create an identical table to the original one where any change in the identical table will affect the original one. The adjustment table will verify why the changes in the original table were made. 

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Key Features: 

  • Automatically updating league standings. 
  • Event Calendar
  • Club Profile with players and staff list. 
  • Fixture and scoreline of events with player’s performance.
  • Configurable statistics and table columns. 
  • Season archive. 
  • Import profiles and events from CSV files. 
  • Individual Player profiles and statistics. 
  • Equation builder
  • Switch between Club vs. Club and Player vs. Player. 


Free Version | Premium Version starts at $99.

 WP Table Builder 

WP Table builder is a popular table plugin, although not a dedicated league table plugin, can build simple, engaging, and responsive league tables using its drag and drop interface. 

The WP Table Builder plugin currently offers seven elements (Text, Image, List, Button, Star Rating, Custom HTML, Shortcode) to add to a WordPress table. Simultaneously all these elements have their customization options. The excellent cell management mode features several opportunities to apply to cells, rows, and columns. 

The drag and drop interface of this plugin lets you choose elements from the panel to use in WordPress table cells. The shortcode provided by the plugin helps to embed the tables into posts and pages easily. 

WP Table Builder also allows importing and exporting tables from and to CSV and XML files. This plugin can import single and multiple CSV and XML files, whereas exporting XML is the better choice for preserving the table setting.   

WP Table Builder has default templates and can set vertical and horizontal scrollbars for easy sorting. These features provide the perfect options for creating comparison tables, pricing tables, list tables, and many more.

Key Features:

  • Simple drag and drop interface. 
  • Prebuilt table templates.
  • Gutenberg integration. 
  • Customized elements.
  • Cell management mode for Add New Row, Add New Column, Merge Cells, Split Cells, and many more.
  • Shortcode for using tables on WordPress sites. 
  • Vertical and horizontal scrollbars for easy sorting. 
  • Transfer table from  XML or CSV files. 


Free Version | Premium Version starts at $39


wpDataTables will be a game-changer for your sports website. What sets it apart from other plugins is how simple it is to use and create beautiful tables and charts without wasting time on boring tasks. wpDataTables takes care of all that for you!

You can manually create tables, but what you’ll like even more is that you can import data from external sources. This allows you to always have up-to-date information and attract more visitors to your website.

With this league table WordPress plugin, you can also generate a graphic representation of statistical data as charts. Large tables don’t have to cause you headaches, because wpDataTable handles them without hassle. You can also develop individual filters for your dataset to narrow down the data in your WordPress table.

Have we mentioned that you can also highlight columns, rows, or individual cells? It works perfectly well for any sports website. 

Key Features:

  • Editable tables
  • Conditional formatting
  • Responsive WordPress tables and charts
  • Integer columns
  • Following table filtering in charts
  • Customizable tables


Free version. Annual subscription: $55 for one domain. Lifetime license: $210 for one domain.


A table can be an essential source of information if only it has been designed and implemented correctly to help the viewers to get relevant insight from the available data.

On the other hand, if implemented poorly, a table might become only a source of a useless bunch of boxed texts, wasting some valuable page space. 

These are why a well-furnished WordPress table plugin is necessary for helping you fulfill your purpose. We have provided you with the tools, now’s your turn to choose the best one.

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