7 Best Free WordPress Excel Spreadsheet Plugins

Best Free WordPress Excel Spreadsheet plugins

Do you want to showcase your excel data or spreadsheet data on your website but do not know how to do it? If you wish to share a comparison table or share your product’s information, using a table or WordPress excel spreadsheet plugin does the job more effectively. 

If you own a sports website, or movie, website, you can show your live data using the WordPress Excel spreadsheet plugins. Those live data gets updated without refreshing or reloading your site.

Spreadsheet plugins are also great for an event website to show how many tickets are left or share the sit-plan and how many people have joined your event. Overall, you could say that using the WordPress excel spreadsheet plugins. You can present your data to your visitors. 

Besides, adding a spreadsheet to your page and editing your spreadsheet is difficult without using a plugin. And WordPress is not capable enough to show live data within a spreadsheet without using a plugin.

Today, I have handpicked the best 7 WordPress Excel Spreadsheet plugins capable enough to show your data or spreadsheet within your posts and edit the spreadsheet. If you want to find out more about the best WordPress Excel Spreadsheet plugins, keep reading this post.

7 Best Free WordPress Excel Spreadsheet Plugins

1. TablePress

TablePress is one of the most popular WordPress excel spreadsheet plugins that let you import and export tables from Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files. It features a spreadsheet-like interface in the backend that allows you to add data simultaneously without writing a single code line. 

Using TablePress, you can create unique tables and insert those tables in your posts, pages, and widgets areas via shortcodes and supports filters, pagination, and sorting. You can also insert images and links. This plugin provides you with an advanced editor that gives you more control over your content. 

This WordPress excel spreadsheet plugin is user-friendly; almost every user can use the plugin. You can easily adjust the data in your table. After selecting a particular row and columns, you can hide, show, duplicate, insert a new cell, and delete them. 

Tables created using TablePress would look like this. Check out more demos here. 

This plugin also supports extensions to extend its capability to another level. Most of the extensions are free. 

Top Features

  • Free core plugin
  • Supports almost every format
  • Supports Shortcode
  • Advanced editor for styling change
  • Preview of the table
  • Manage & edit tables in your site’s dashboard
  • Individual customization of your table by CSS

Price: The core version of the plugin is free. But if you are curious enough to check out premium extensions, you have to buy them. The developer recommends the donation amount for some extensions, and for other premium extensions, he does not recommend the amount. Just demands a little donation. 

2. Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer

Do you want to convert your data stored throughout a Google Spreadsheet, CSV file, and MySQL database into an interactive chart or infographic? If that’s the case, Inline Google Spreadsheet Viewer is the plugin you are searching for. 

You have the freedom of using data from various sources like Google spreadsheets, Google Apps Scripts, WordPress database, remote MySQL, etc. You can even upload your CSV files. 

This WordPress excel spreadsheet plugin is the best for embedding Google spreadsheets, CSV files, etc., to your site directly. All you have to do is to link to the source using the provided shortcode. If any changes are made to the original file, the plugin will update the change automatically on your website.  

This plugin is not significant from the customization point of view, but it’s worth checking out if you embed tables and spreadsheets on your site, which several third parties regularly update. 

Best Features

  • Auto-update tables data when changes made to the main source
  • Turn your data into a fantastic chart or infographic
  • Supports almost any online document file for embedding
  • Use data from various sources
  • Table the table and charts look
  • Various charts type

Price: Enjoy this plugin for free.

3. Import Spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel

As the name suggests, Import Spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel lets you add, or import live calculating spreadsheets from MS-Excel without any hassle. This plugin is more like an Excel compiler that creates a live online spreadsheet in HTML and JavaScript. 

You can use this WordPress excel spreadsheet plugin also for creating beautiful web apps like Price calculation, financial calculation, Return on investment calculation, health calculator, etc. You can also create smart web forms with automatic data validation. This plugin provides you the freedom of using every feature of Excel on the web, including formulas and functions.

One thing to remember, you should use the Spreadsheet-converter add-in for Microsoft Excel so that you can convert your file to web format. This add-in works from MS Excel 2007 to later versions. 

Best Features

  • Imports calculating spreadsheets
  • Can create web apps with it
  • Smart form with automatic validation
  • Supports every type of spreadsheet formats
  • Apps created with the plugin is mobile-friendly
  • Allows file attachments for form submission
  • Sign-up list and other shared forms creation

Price: Download this WordPress excel spreadsheet plugin for free

4. Report Builder by wpDataTables

Report Builder by wpDataTables is a premium addon of wpDataTables that lets you generate your word or excel documents on your WordPress site within a single click. This plugin uses wpDataTables as a data provider and generates the document within a snap. 

This addon is best for generating contracts, invoices, different stats & reports. You can also use this addon for generating transaction lists, welcome letters, commercial offers, exam lists, etc. 

Your reports generated using this addon can be customized further using CSS classes and easily inserted on your page using a standard WordPress visual editor or Visual Composer. 

Moreover, this addon is so user-friendly that it has no configurations or settings at all. It is capable enough to generate and download 100 files in just 1 click. All you need is to provide your DOCX or XLSX template on which your reports will be generated. 

Best Features

  • MS Word DOCX 
  • Unlimited front-end inputs
  • Calculate Totals
  • Bulk report generation
  • Easy To insert on pages
  • MS Excel XLSX report generation
  • Fully documented
  • Better support and updates
  • User-friendly
  • Zero configuration

Price: If you want to use this addon, you have to use wpDataTables, and have to buy this premium addon for $175 from Codecanyon

5. Ipushpull

The Ipushpull is a robust plugin to display your excel data to your website within just a few clicks. This plugin is also best for displaying live update data on your site. For example, you can show the detailed live score of every sport. It changes data automatically when the source data is modified by a third party or by you. 

First, you have to install the Ipushpull add-in in your MS Excel and then select your data and save it to the Ipushpull server. To show the data on your site, you have to install the plugin and pull the data on your pages and posts via shortcodes. It’s that simple to display your excel data on your site. 

The live content you display on your site does not require refreshing the user’s page as the data updates automatically without page reload. You can choose the range of cells to be displayed. Moreover, you can set the update frequency of your data and make your data public or protect it with a password. 

Best Features

  • Embed Data from Excel
  • Live data updates
  • WP shortcode generator
  • Charts from Excel
  • 100% responsive
  • Password protection
  • Update frequency control
  • Updates data without page reload

Price: Though the plugin is free, you require an Ipushpull account to use the plugin. This WordPress excel spreadsheet plugin lets you start a free trial once you create an account. But after the free trial, you have to buy the plugin for $250/month for 10 users. Do check out the pricing comparison before purchasing the plugin. 

6. League Table

League Table is one of the best premium table solutions that offer you sortable columns along with support for multisite and multi-language. As per the name, The LeagueTable plugin was created for the sports site. But its highly customizable options make the plugin be used on all kinds of websites. 

The intuitive interface makes it easier for every type of user to create tables easily using the plugin. You can create and publish a table within 30 seconds by copying and pasting your data to the plugin’s editor. No hassle of importing CSV files. 

This plugin is packed with over 135 customization options like custom colors, fonts, borders, responsive layout, etc. You can also edit the size of the cells. After creating your desired table, add it on your page or post via shortcodes. 

Best Features

  • Multilanguage ready
  • Multi-site support
  • Shortcode support
  • 100% responsive
  • Intuitive spreadsheet editor
  • Sortable columns
  • Cell properties
  • Import & export
  • Better support

Price:  You are getting all these top-notch features only for $39. The cost of this plugin makes it the lowest-priced premium plugin on the list. Buy this low price WordPress Excel spreadsheet plugin from Codecanyon

7. WP Sheet Editor

Last but not least, WP Sheet Editor is another best WordPress spreadsheet plugin that lets you open the spreadsheet in WordPress, show all your information, and enable you to edit your information in bulk. Say goodbye to edit your products or information one by one using this plugin and invest more time dealing with important issues. 

This plugin lets you export and import excel files or Google sheets and edit them in realtime. This plugin is beneficial when you own a WooCommerce website. When you need to edit minor information of all of your products, editing one by one is time-consuming and hassle. You can also add images for numerous products at the same time from the spreadsheet.  

Using WP Sheet Editor, you will see your product list within a spreadsheet, from where you can change all of your product’s minor problems or add information in bulk. If you are a Gutenberg user, you have good news. This plugin allows you to edit the post content using the Gutenberg editor right on the spreadsheet. 

If you happen to be a user of Yoast SEO, it will benefit you even more. This incredible WordPress spreadsheet plugin lets you change or modify all the elements associated with Yoast. You can modify SEO titles, keywords, descriptions, etc. 

Best Features

  • Columns visibility
  • Advanced custom fields
  • Columns resizing
  • Advanced search
  • Edit meta in bulk
  • Export & import
  • Templates and duplicate tools
  • Gutenberg and classical editor support
  • WPBakery page builder integration
  • Bulk information editing

Price: If you wish to save time by editing in bulk, you should try this WordPress excel spreadsheet plugin for free from the WordPress repository. This time-saving excellent WordPress excel spreadsheet editor also has a premium version that costs $29.99. Before buying the premium version, check out which version you want to use. 


I hope by this time, you have chosen one for your website. If you have liked the post, consider sharing it with your friends. Let me know which one you have selected or using already. Also, let me know your thoughts about these plugins in the comment section.

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