3 Best Free WordPress Reading Time Plugins

Best WordPress Reading Time Plugins

Want to engage your reader more by showing them the reading time for your post? But do you know how to do that in WordPress?

If you don’t, then let us introduce you to the WordPress reading time plugins. WordPress reading time plugins enable you to display the total reading time at the top or bottom of your posts. 

You can even display a progress bar along with the reading time. You can define reading time and progress bar’s position along with customization. Some of them even support custom CSS for further customizations.

Today we have collected the 3 best free WordPress reading time plugins to assist you in displaying the reading time on your posts since you can not do that on WordPress without a plugin.  

So let’s get started without any further due. 




Reading Time WP

WP Word Count

Worth The Read

3 Best WordPress Reading Time Plugins

Reading Time WP

Want to add an estimated reading time to your WordPress posts? Reading Time WP has got you covered.

 All you need is to install the plugin, and the plugin will add an estimated reading for your posts at the top of your content. 

The plugin comes with reading time settings which can be located under the settings menu of your WordPress dashboard to deactivate the reading time. You can also modify the label and postfix from that menu. 

The plugin comes with shortcodes to embed the reading time within, before, or at the bottom of your content. 

Top Features

  • Insert reading time on posts
  • Shortcode support
  • Label & postfix adding options
  • Add reading time on specific posts
  • Counts image in the reading time

Price: Get the plugin for free.  

WP Word Count

WP Word Count is slightly different from Reading Time WP since this plugin was made to show you the word count of your site with statics. The word count static shows the word count by month and author. 

Recently, WP Word Count has revealed its new feature, Reading Time. Reading Time allows your content readers to know how much time they would spend if they read your post. 

The plugin automatically adds the reading time at the beginning of every post. However, you can also add the reading time using shortcodes. This WordPress reading time plugin also includes built-in reading time statistics for each page and post. 

The pro version of the plugin provides you with detailed statistics of your monthly writing output by day, post types, author, category, etc. It also allows you to monitor the expanded post details with revision history, site ranking, etc. 

Top Features

  • Word count
  • Page and post count
  • Shortcodes to embed the reading time
  • Add estimated reading time at the top of the post
  • Custom post types support
  • Post details with revision history  (Pro)
  • Detailed statistics of monthly writing output (Pro)
  • Chart & data visualization for writing output monitoring (Pro)

Price: Get the free version from the WordPress repository. The pro version will cost you $29/year for a single site. 

Worth The Read

Worth The Read is another best WordPress reading time plugin that adds a progress bar indicator along with a reading time at the top of the post. The progress bar indicator indicates how far the users have to scroll through the page or post. 

Customizing the progress bar is very easy. You can easily adjust the color and position. You can also add custom CSS to customize the progress bar even further. The progress bar only shows once when the user starts scrolling the page. 

The progress bar stops when scrolling is paused or the reader has completed the reading of your content. 

The reading time feature can be placed at the top or the bottom of the content via shortcode. You get to define if the reading should be displayed on posts or pages or both. 

Top Features

  • Reading time
  • Progress bar 
  • Reading time placement and style customization
  • Progress bar placement and style customization
  • Custom CSS support
  • Shortcode support
  • Custom post types

Price: Good news is that the plugin is entirely free. Download this WordPress reading time plugin from the WordPress repository.  


Hope this post has provided enough information to give you an overall idea of WordPress reading time plugins. If you have enjoyed the post, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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