3 Best WordPress Plugins to Display Trustpilot Reviews

Regardless of the type, reputation is everything in business, and nothing screams credibility louder than customer reviews.  This is where ‘Trustpilot’ comes into play – a respected platform that crowdsources user reviews for your business. But, how do you carry these badges of trust over to your WordPress website? 

Plugins are the most prominent and effective solution. But which one do you choose? Which one is going to help you the most? 

To help you out with the issue, we’ve brought you the 3 Best WordPress Plugins to Display Trustpilot Reviews. In this post, we’ll reveal the top three tools that seamlessly integrate Trustpilot reviews into your WordPress site, boosting your credibility, and building trust.

And these plugins are tested by veteran site developers, so you can rest the process of testing out several plugins fruitlessly, and put complete trust in these tools. 

Let’s dive into it, shall we? 

1. Trustpilot Reviews

When discussing plugins for displaying Trustpilot reviews, finding one better than the plugin provided by Trustpilot itself would be very tough! Yes, Trustpilot Reviews is the plugin developed by Trustpilot itself; with its straightforward integration, automatic review invitations, customizable widgets, and SEO benefits, showing reviews from this brand is now a snap.

Trustpilot Reviews is designed to blend seamlessly into your existing website. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, installation and setup are as easy as a few clicks. The plugin handles the heavy lifting, linking your WordPress site directly to your Trustpilot business account. As it’s compatible with major WordPress themes, you won’t face any hassle working with it. 

One of the standout features of the Trustpilot Reviews Plugin is sending automated review invitations to your customers. Following a transaction or interaction on your website, the plugin can automatically trigger an invitation to the customer, asking them to leave a review on Trustpilot. This feature can drastically increase the number of reviews you receive, and it also ensures you’re collecting feedback from a wide range of customers. 

Another key feature of this plugin is its suite of customizable widgets. These widgets display your Trustpilot reviews, making it easy for website visitors to see what your customers think about your business. These widgets are customizable in placement and design, making integrating them into your site’s overall design easy. Moreover, they update automatically whenever a new review comes in.

Key Features

  • Free of any cost.
  • Features seamless integration.
  • Can send automatic review invitations. 
  • Allows displaying reviews with customizable widgets.
  • Requesting old customers to give reviews feature.



2. ReviewBucket

Now, if you want a plugin that will show Trustpilot reviews, and also cover other ones too, then ReviewBucket can be the perfect fit for you. By integrating with multiple review platforms, offering customizable widgets, and providing unlimited free updates & custom reviews, ReviewBucket is the all-in-one solution for displaying reviews from Trustpilot and other reputed review services. 

The key strength of the ReviewBucket plugin lies in its capacity to manage a wide range of review platforms. Whether your site runs on Google Reviews, Facebook Recommendations, Yelp or Trustpilot Reviews, or all of them, ReviewBucket merges them into a single, easy-to-manage dashboard. This simplifies the process, saving you time and effort. On top of that, you can also show customized reviews.

While ReviewBucket manages reviews from various platforms, it specifically focuses on Trustpilot reviews. From a simple widget to a full-page layout, ReviewBucket’s showcasing flexibility is unmatched. This plugin allows you to display Trustpilot reviews anywhere on your site, from the sidebar to the footer or even a dedicated reviews page.

One of the standout features of ReviewBucket is its shortcode generator. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, this feature allows you to place your reviews anywhere on your site easily. You can generate a shortcode with a few clicks and paste it into any page or post. It’s a simple way to display reviews exactly where you want them.

Key Features

  • Multiple review platforms integration.
  • Responsive and customizable widgets.
  • Allows showing custom reviews.
  • Unlimited free updates.
  • Translation ready.


The regular license for ReviewBucket is set at $29.  


For the last pick of today’s list, we’ve got a review plugin targeted especially at businesses. BIZREVIEW is a comprehensive solution for companies seeking to leverage customer reviews effectively. Its versatile features, seamless integration with Trustpilot, multiple review styles, and customization options make it a must-have plugin for any WordPress business site.

One of the best features of this plugin is the several layout options, giving you full control over how your reviews are presented to visitors. Whether you prefer a carousel, grid, or list layout, BIZREVIEW will adapt to your needs. There are 14+ layouts available, and each layout can be further customized to match your site’s design, creating a better user experience.

Another impressive feature of this plugin is the ability to show user statistics. With BIZREVIEW, you can directly see important insights about visitor statistics from the WordPress dashboard. With that important information, you can set new plans for your business and make better, strategic decisions to help your business grow. 

Long reviews can be counter-productive sometimes, as visitors often want a concise detailing, rather than a lengthy one. BIZREVIEW can help you out with that too. With its trimming long reviews feature, you can cut huge reviews down, and make more compact versions for showcasing, thus providing a better user experience.

Key Features

  • Features Google API-based review fetching.
  • Custom review with badge options.
  • 14 + review layout styles.
  • Shows visitor statistics directly on the WordPress dashboard.
  • Well documented. 


BIZREVIEW is available at $25, for a regular license.


As you already know, a strong foundation of positive reviews can be the deciding factor for potential customers, as they rely on these shared experiences to make informed decisions. So, if your reviews shine, site traffic and conversions will follow suit, taking your online business to new heights. 

Remember, choosing the right tool isn’t just about features; it’s about finding a plugin that aligns with your business goals, suits your website’s design, and matches your technical skills. And we hope the 3 Best WordPress Plugins to Display Trustpilot Reviews will help you find the perfect one for the job. 

 As always, testing is key. So, try these plugins, experiment with their settings, tweak and adjust to your requirements, and see how they can transform visitors’ perceptions and your website’s credibility. 

We’re at the end of the article now. If you’ve liked the article, kindly share it with peers. And if you have any questions or issues regarding the write-up or its content, please let us know in the comment section; we’ll be happy to help!

We wish you good luck! 

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