7 Best Auto Blogging WordPress Plugins (AI-Based)

Let’s say you are switching from a blog site to a new one. All your blog posts are on the old one, and while they are doing good, you don’t have the time or resources to run both sites. So, you have to transfer all the contents to the new one and operate from there. 

Doing it manually is time-consuming, tedious, and exhausting. You’ll have to do SEO repeatedly, so your posts can get ranked. You’ll spend time and effort after old posts, which could be used for new content. So, get an auto blogging plugin. It’ll automatically pull content from your previous site and publish it. 

We’ve brought you the 7 Best Auto Blogging WordPress Plugins (AI-based) to reduce your problems. These plugins are tested and vetted by thousands of users so that you can put your trust in them. They’ll do the job efficiently, and you won’t have to worry about anything.


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Let’s dive in! 

1. WP RSS Aggregator

Branded as ‘the original’ one, WP RSS Aggregator is one of the best auto-blogging WordPress plugins in the market. With its advanced features, this plugin can easily grab blog posts from other sources, and automatically post them to your site. Just set up the sources, and you are good to go. 

Multiple RSS feed sources can be added to your site with WP RSS Aggregator, and the plugin’s interface makes it simple to manage them all. The result is a website that displays content gathered from various sources with minimal effort on your part. And the number of sources or posts is not fixed; they are unlimited! 

With this plugin, the amount of control you have over RSS feeds is amazing. You can choose how they will be displayed, with pre-defined templates in your arsenal. You can use shortcodes to embed feeds on any page or post. You can even set up youtube videos to display your site. 

Key Features 

  • All RSS feed sources can be managed from a single page. 
  • Multiple templates for content display, customizable to match the site theme and looks.
  • RSS feed auto-discovery for sources with hard-to-find RSS feeds.
  • Built-in shortcode and block.
  • Advanced filtering option, via keywords, phrases, tags, and shortcodes. 
  • All RSS feeds can be set up to grab new content automatically.
  • Extendable via action and filter hooks.


Free | Basic plan for one site use starts at $79/year.

2. Feedzy

Feedzy is another very powerful auto-blogging plugin on today’s list. With this plugin, your site will auto blog posts, ensuring it is continually updated with fresh content, which will help with content marketing, SEO, and user engagement. In only a few minutes, it can let you collect an endless number of RSS feeds and post them to your site automatically.

‘Feed to post’ is the best feature of Feedzy. With this feature, all the RSS feeds that will be aggregated, will be turned into posts. You won’t need to do anything manually, except for setting up the parameters the first time. The plugin will take care of the feeds, convert them to posts, and post them automatically. No need for manually editing posts anymore! 

If you are an affiliate marketer, Feedzy will particularly help you. This plugin will allow you to showcase affiliate links on your site by automatically inserting your affiliate/referral IDs. Not only that, you can even import prices from different sources, so that you can create product displays. 

Key Features

  • Automatic ‘Feed to post’ feature.
  • Bulk import and organize multiple feed sources of similar topics into Categories.
  • Easy display of RSS feeds using shortcodes, Gutenberg blocks, or widgets from third-party page builders.
  • Automatic content paraphrasing and translation.
  • Full-text RSS feeds import (with image).
  • Affiliate links and referral parameters can be added for affiliate marketing.
  • WordAI and SpinnerChief integration. 


Free | Personal plan for a single site license starts at $99/year. 

3. GetGenie

Although only partially focused on auto blogging, GetGenie is an efficient AI tool for automated content writing, SEO keyword analysis, ranking, and growing your site. If you are not too keen on having posts from RSS feeds, and want fresh new content regularly, without having to do the hard work all by yourself, then this plugin will come in handy.

The Blog Writing Wizard feature of this plugin works like magic. Just put in keywords, choose the title and heading, give an outline, and the plugin will take care of the rest. It’ll do SEO, check keyword data & SERP competitors, and deliver beautiful content in minutes. You won’t need to find out anything manually, move on to the next topic, and have tons of blog posts in no time. 

GetGenie doesn’t stop at SEO and keyword analysis. Its competitor analysis feature will automatically analyze the posts from other sites, find out their lackings, devise a plan to overcome them in your posts, and deliver a report. You can act based on them, and deliver spotless content without a sweat. 

Key Features

  • Competitor’s blog or content analysis data for generating finely-researched and unique articles.
  • Unique SEO title suggestions.
  • AI Content generation is finely optimized for SEO.
  • Provides SERP analysis data for SEO guidance.
  • Generates ideas for microblogs.
  • Quick Outline generation for blog posts or content.
  • Elementor Advanced editor, Gutenberg Blog Wizard, and classic editor support.


Free | Writer plan is available at $19/month and $15.83/month if subscribed for the yearly plan.

4. WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher

Regarding auto blogging plugins, WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher is one of the easiest to use. It will publish your content automatically from the RSS/Atom, and XML feeds of your choice and will do it in a streamlined, campaign-based structure. You can also create sub-categories inside each campaign to better organize relevant material across several platforms.

With this plugin, you are not limited to just RSS/Atom feeds for fetching posts. You can grab posts from office products like doc/pdf, social media platforms like Facebook, e-commerce sites like eBay, and so on! The plugin can assign posts to categories or add tags to them, which can be manually selected, or it can automatically do that for all the feed items. 

This plugin has your back if you can’t access a blog’s RSS feed. With the auto-discovery feature of WPeMatico RSS Feed Fetcher, you can import content from another site. This feature uses API instead of URL, extracts the content from the site, and imports it to your site. 

Key Features 

  • Campaigns Feeds and options are organized into campaigns.
  • Options to set max items per fetch, comments on or off, and many more options.
  • Can copy the slug from the original permalink for better SEO.
  • Feature to upload remote images or link to the source.
  • Allows to publish from XML custom feeds.
  • Features content parsers and modifications.
  • Allows you to publish in any custom WordPress post type, status (Published or Draft), and post formats.


Free | Starter Package (Pro) will cost $82/year, which can be used on a single site. 

5. WordPress Automatic Plugin

If you want a premium plugin for auto blogging, which can grab content from almost every website on the internet and write creative posts, then WordPress Automatic Plugin can be your go-to tool. While it can fetch and post from virtually any website with its fantastic scraping modules, it also employs the power of OpenAI GPT to create diversified content. 

The best thing about this plugin is its ability to import posts from almost any website or webpages. The list includes Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Flickr, Pinterest, Youtube, SoundCloud, and even TikTok! Its single and multi-page scrapers can easily import single or multiple posts according to your need.

As you already know, OpenAI GPT is an amazing tool for writing fantastic AI-assisted articles. With WordPress Automatic Plugin, you can use the full potential of this tool. You only need to feed keywords and instructions, and the plugin will procure optimized and engaging content in seconds! 

Key Features

  • Auto post from OpenAI GPT3 to WordPress.
  • Plugin can check specified feeds regularly & post every new feed item as a new post.
  • Can convert truncated feeds to full content posts with a big success ratio.
  • WordPress Automatic can extract two specified parts of the original post by CSS id/class, XPath, or REGEX.
  • The plugin can verify the extracted content and skip posts if it has no content.
  • Has the option to decode HTML entities of the extracted content/title.
  • Feature to convert extracted content encoding from any specific encoding to utf-8 to be compatible with wordpress.


The regular license price for WordPress Automatic Plugin is $30, with 6 months of support.

6. Youtubomatic

Not all sites are text/image-based content sites. And truth be told, video content attracts more traffic if done correctly. So, if you are looking for an auto-blogging WordPress plugin for your site’s video content or just want to add some content alongside your text content, Youtubomatic is the one you want. 

Whether you want to import videos from YouTube to a WordPress site, or from WordPress to your YouTube channel, this plugin can handle both, making it the perfect tool for auto-uploading & posting videos. As it uses the native YouTube PHP API, auto blogging is seamless and perfect every time you use it. 

Unique content is concerning in the case of SEO, as repetitive ones won’t cut it and rank lower in searches. Youtubomatic uses innovative methods to ensure that the content it produces is entirely original in the eyes of search engine bots, improving your SEO rankings almost instantly. With this plugin’s help, you can make content without overthinking about creativity.

Key Features

  • Post automatically to your YouTube channel, each time you publish a post containing a video on your blog.
  • Ability to automatically upload YouTube Shorts.
  • Feature to make screenshots of social posts, and embed them directly into generated posts.
  • Shorten and monetize outgoing links using Shorte.st link shortener service.
  • Text Spinner support.
  • Features ‘Keyword Replacer Tool’.
  • YouTube meta tags inclusion for the entire blog.


The regular license starts at $49, with 6 months of support. 

 7. Auto Robot

Your site is not just text content-based, or video content based. Instead, it includes everything- writing, videos, images, and even sound. For a site like that, you need a jack of all trade sort of plugin, and you’ve found just the one you want. The last pick on today’s list, Auto Robot, is a powerful and robust auto-blogging WordPress plugin that can scrape and auto-post content efficiently and flawlessly.  

This plugin lets you quickly and easily grab and collect the finest content from across the internet using various sources. Regardless of the post, Auto Robot will get the most updated of them, always giving you the edge. For example, if you are running a news site, this plugin will always find you the latest news. So, now you won’t have to spend precious time scrolling and finding the latest information by yourself. 

Auto Robot’s post template feature is another strong point of the plugin. Using this feature, you can your own AdSense codes to your pages, giving you an extra boost in earning. On top of that, you can earn a lot of money by aggregating posts from RSS affiliate marketing feeds.

Key Features

  • Autoblogging with unlimited keywords and scraper campaigns.
  • Keyword suggestions feature using google suggest API.
  • You can choose your own caching time, and frequency for pulling RSS feeds to ensure the best site performance.
  • Bulk import and organize multiple feed sources of similar topics into categories.
  • Advanced options to check and verify for not posting any duplicate content.
  • Set custom post template using shortcodes.
  • Translation using Google Translate API before publishing posts.


Free | Regular license for the premium plan will cost $59. 


An auto-blogging plugin is a perfect solution if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to run your WordPress blog. With the ability to generate high-quality content in a matter of seconds, these plugins can save you time and energy while improving your website’s SEO rankings.

The plugins in the 7 Best Auto Blogging WordPress Plugins (AI Based) are collected after thorough research and years of experience. Using any of these plugins will make it much more straightforward than ever to write engaging posts for your blog. Whether you’re a newbie or an expert blogger, these plugins can help you improve your website. 

So, there’s no reason to hold off. Now is the time to try one of these auto-blogging plugins a try and see how they can increase your website’s traffic and interaction. Keep in mind that you could grow into a successful blogger with the help of the correct resources and methods. 

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase using any of these links, we will a small commission without any extra cost to you. Thanks for your support.

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