5 Best Divi Table Maker Plugins (Paid & Free)

Best WordPress Divi Table Maker Plugins

Divi is undoubtedly one of the best page builders to create great websites. Since it lets you create every web page section, it provides specific modules to create a better website in quickly.

To create a website quickly, they offer numerous layouts. But necessarily, you will not get every item that you need in a layout. For instance, you might not get a layout that includes product comparison tables with all required elements in them. 

Therefore, you will require plugins to create tables and customize them too. Since the table has become one of the most valuable elements for showing products or content, you must be wondering which plugin to use on Divi Page Builder. 

If you are wondering how to do that, we have the list of the 5 Best Divi Table Maker plugins that let you create fantastic tables in a snap of the finger without any coding. Besides, you can display them on the Divi website with the help of shortcodes. 

Now let’s find out about those plugins and what they are offering.


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5 Best Divi Table Maker Plugins

WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder is one of the finest table maker plugins that let you create unique & responsive tables quickly and easily. 

From pricing tables to schedules, restaurant menus, product lists, info, product comparison, and more, if there’s any kind of table you can think of, you can create it with this plugin every easily.

It does not matter which page builder you are using; it will support every major page builder as long as they support shortcodes. Using Divi Page builder, you can create enriched tables using the plugin since the plugin offers the shortcode feature.

Seven free elements come with the free version that is enough to create standard tables that you can use to show product comparison, pricing, etc.

Free Widgets follows: 

  • Text
  • Image
  • List
  • Button
  • Star Rating
  • Custom HTML
  • Shortcode

Besides, creating an information-packed table is also easy with the help of the drag and drop feature. 

But, if you want to create more professional and advanced tables, you should check out the pro version. The pro version provides you the freedom to add icons, circle ratings, styled lists, ribbons, and text icons. 

Moreover, the pro version of this Divi table maker plugin features 22 pre-made templates so that you do not need to design the table from scratch. But if you wish to create from scratch, you are welcome to do that easily. 

For customization, you can add or delete rows, columns, and cells. You can even customize the background, padding & margin of each cell, column, and row. It also supports custom CSS for different styling.

Key Features

  • Works on Every Page Builder Including Divi
  • Supports Gutenberg Block Editor
  • 100% Responsive Design
  • Drag & Drop Table Maker
  • Shortcode Support
  • Import & Export Tables
  • Five Additional Elements (Premium)
  • 21+ Pre-Made Templates (Premium)
  • Tooltips for List Items (Premium)
  • Cell, Column, Row Customization
  • Supports Custom CSS

Available Versions & Price: Free Version | Premium Version starting from $49/year for a single site. 

Table Maker

Table Maker is one of the most impressive Divi table maker plugins that is bundles with Divi to build highly customized and responsive tables. The module allows you to control every aspect of the table, such as content, columns, headers, footers, and individual cells. 

Using the Table Maker, you can create any table such as product review tables, product comparison tables, etc. For content, you can add icons, text, buttons, images, and many others elements to make your table informative and exciting.

You can also set up your tables to scroll, and all the tables created with the module are mobile responsive. For different breakpoints, you can set the tables to display as blocks or accordions.

You can even split the tables by rows and columns,  add unlimited rows & columns, set row & column height and width.

You can define different colors for row and column customization or add various stripes for odd and even row individually. 

Other advanced customizations include text alignment, rounded corners, borders, box-shadow, customizable accordion toggles, etc. 

In a nutshell, this default Divi Table Maker plugin offers every possible element to make your tables look excellent and professional.

Key Features

  • Row & Column Spanning
  • Add Buttons, Icons, and Pictures
  • Tables Turn into Accordion for Smaller Screens
  • Column & Row Customization
  • Scrollable Table
  • Responsive Table
  • Divi Table Frame
  • Odd & Even Table Stripe
  • Advanced Cell Customization

Available Versions & Price: Premium Version starting from $89/year for unlimited websites.

Ninja Tables

Ninja Tables, another famous name when it comes to creating impressive and the most advanced tables. Like the WPTable Builder, you can create any type of table effortlessly in a minute using their drag & drop table builder. 

This Divi table maker plugin displays tables flawlessly with its enhanced table styles regardless of showing product listing, product comparison, movie review, sports stats, etc.

The enriched collection of table styles offers you a solid design foundation. This Divi table maker plugin offers you 100+ professionally designed table styles to choose from. All you need is to select the most suitable one and tailor it to harmonize with your website. 

What’s even exciting is that the plugin is SEO-Friendly and comes with the three most popular CSS libraries that offer unlimited color schemes. Furthermore, you can import and export tables from other plugins such as TablePress, Ultimate Tables, etc. 

There is one similarity between Ninja Tables and WP Table Builder. Both of them offer a shortcode feature to display tables using any Page Builder. Thus showing creative tables won’t be a problem when using Divi Page Builder. 

Ninja Tables plugin has a pro version that includes additional features like drag-and-drop data sorting, advanced date sorting. It also allows you to connect to your Google Sheets and publish tables from there directly.

Also, the pro version of this Divi table maker plugin is capable of conditional column formatting and value transformation that gives your site’s tables a modern edge.

Key Features

  • Drag & Drop Table Builder
  • Advanced Customisation Features
  • 100+ Responsive Table Styles
  • Shortcode Support 
  • Compatible with Divi Page Builder
  • Conditional Column Formatting (Premium)
  • Table Import & Export
  • Connects Google Sheets (Premium)
  • WooCommerce Product Table (Premium)
  • Supports Hover Rows & Striped Rows
  • 3 Most Popular CSS Libraries with Unlimited Color Schemas
  • FrontEnd Table Editing (Premium)

Available Versions & Price: Free Version | Premium Version starting from $49/year for a single site.  


Visualizer is a versatile report builder plugin with which you can create fantastic & interactive tables and charts. 

The best use of the plugin is if you use it to create impressive charts and graphs since it uses table data for that. Using the plugin, you can display highly customized tables, animated charts, colorful diagrams, etc. 

However, the plugin integrates with Google sheets and can import data from CSV files too. The plugin also offers customizable designs to match the tables to your site’s branding background.

With the help of the shortcode, you can embed your chart and tables easily. Furthermore, you can add sorting capabilities, pagination, search options within your table. 

Aside from these, the plugin is cross-browser compatible and supports all modern display sizes.

Key Features

  • Create Mobile Responsive Tables
  • Import & Export Data from CSV 
  • Google Sheet Integration
  • 9 Chart Types
  • Highly Customizable Tables & Charts
  • Shortcode to Embed Tables & Charts
  • Edit Data Using an Excel-like Data Editor (Premium)
  • Import Data from Any Database (Premium)
  • Import Data from Other Charts, Graphs, and Tables (Premium)

Available Versions & Price: Free Version | Premium Version starting from $99/year for a single site. 


TablePress, a simple table maker plugin for creating tables without any advanced customization, is the most downloaded free table maker plugin available in the market. 

The plugin offers you a simple shortcode that displays your tables into posts, pages, or text widgets. It provides you with a spreadsheet-like interface to input your information. Therefore, you do not need to code to create a table.

You have the freedom to add any type of data and even can add formulas for evaluation. The plugin also has an additional JavaScript library to add features like sorting, pagination, and filtering your site’s visitors. 

Moreover, you can also import & export tables from Excel, HTML, CSV, and JSON files, making initializing tables or backing them up super easy.

TablePress also offers additional extensions such as Row Filtering, Responsive Tables, Table. 

Row Order, etc., to enrich the functionality of the plugin even further.

Key Features

  • Easy to Use
  • Spreadsheet-like Interface
  • No Coding Required
  • Import & Export Tables
  • Supports Excel, CSV, JSON, & HTML Table Formats
  • Row Filtering (Premium)
  • Responsive Tables (Premium)
  • Table Row Order (Premium)
  • Shortcode for Embedding Tables

Available Versions & Price: Free Version | Premium Extensions


Hope you have found the solution for adding unique tables on your Divi website. All of the plugins are equally qualified to create standard tables. 

But if you are still confused, let us provide you with our recommendation.

WP Ninja Tables, WP Table Builder, and Divi Table Maker.

WP Table Builder, TablePress, and Visualizer.

If you are confused why those plugins went under those heading, try to read the key feature section of each plugin. We also recommend you try the free version of each plugin first before upgrading to the pro version.

We hope you have found this post helpful. If you do, consider sharing the post on your social media with your friends and family. Do let us know which one you choose for your website in the comment section. 

You can also read our other table plugin-related posts right below.

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