6+ Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Are you searching for the best WordPress testimonial plugins to showcase your testimonials to boost your sale? Look no further because you are in the right place as I have handpicked the 6+ best WordPress testimonial plugins.

A testimonial is significant for your site if you sell products online. By showing a testimonial, you are showcasing what your customer thinks about your product. Showcasing a testimonial is one of the best ways to strengthen your brand and reliability with a new customer. 

Creating a testimonial manually is a hassle as you have to do the copy and paste by yourself. But if you use a testimonial plugin, it would automatically search for the best customer comments, reviews, and star ratings.

It would even grab your customer’s review from your social media, as some of them easily integrate with social media seamlessly. After collecting all the information, a WordPress testimonial plugin would showcase that information into a beautiful testimonial template.

There’s a lot of best features of testimonial plugins and what you can do with them. If you want to know further, keep reading the post. 

6+ Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Strong Testimonials

Strong Testimonials is one of the best testimonial plugins that let you add testimonials and customize them the way you like. It is highly user-friendly and an excellent choice for beginners. Despite that, it offers some advanced functionalities that a non-techy person can easily configure. 

It is packed with various display options such as slider, grid, masonry, single column, and many more. You can also add transition effects, star ratings, images, and videos to give your testimonial a better look. Even it supports custom CSS to let you customize the plugin further. 

You can easily add your testimonial using shortcodes that generate automatically. Moreover, it also offers you a form that lets your customers add their testimonials and reviews without any hassles. 

If you are famous on social media like Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, etc., and getting customer reviews, you can easily embed them on your site using the plugin. 

Top Features

  • Translation ready
  • Various display layouts
  • Can add images and videos 
  • Shortcode and widget support
  • Custom Fields
  • A front-end form
  • Custom CSS
  • Captcha anti-spam form protection (Premium)
  • Pro templates (Premium)
  • Multiple Testimonial Collection Forms (Premium)
  • Custom Testimonial Collection Form Fields (Premium)

Price: You can use the core version of this WordPress testimonial plugin for free by downloading it from the WordPress repository. If you want to use the premium version, buy the plugin for $29 for a single site.  

Testimonial Showcase

Testimonial Showcase is one of the most sold testimonial plugins on Codecanyon. It is another great plugin that lets you add and show testimonials in a grid or as a slider. 

Aside from that, this WordPress testimonial plugin is packed with five professional built-in theme options to suit your site better. Like the Strong Testimonials, this plugin also offers you a front-end submission form to collect testimonials from your visitors. 

All the fields and texts are customizable. Using its rich snippets, you can show your star ratings on the Google search engine result page. You can insert your testimonial either as a widget or add it using a shortcode. 

You will also get an intuitive visual editor that lets you see live previews of how your testimonial will look when you modify its options. It also makes it easy for you to create one. 

Top Features

  • Grid or slider layouts
  • Star rating system
  • Rich snippets
  • Translation ready
  • Front-end submission form
  • 15+ layout customization options
  • Widget and shortcode support
  • 5 built-in theme options

Price: As this plugin is only available on Codecanyon, you have to buy the plugin for $19.  

Easy Testimonials

If you want easy to use, simple, and user-friendly testimonial plugin, the Easy Testimonial WordPress testimonial plugin is worth checking out. Despite being simple, the plugin is effective enough to add testimonials effortlessly. 

As this plugin is user-friendly, it comes with a custom Gutenberg editor block so that anyone can easily add testimonials in their sidebar as a widget or embed directly on the page using the dedicated block. 

It also offers you to select the template and customize it to make it more professional. It lets you add images, star ratings, choose background colors, etc. Advanced users can customize the HTML template the way they want or import their own created templates. 

Using the Custom CSS Box, you can modify how your testimonial will look on phones, displays, tablets, and desktop screens. The Pro version lets you have more font options along with template styles. Even you will get a form to collect testimonials. 

Top Features

  • High customization
  • User-friendly
  • Custom CSS Box
  • Dedicated Gutenberg Block
  • Star rating
  • Supports schema.org compliant JSON-LD markup
  • Includes Form Builder
  • Font options (Pro)
  • 100+ theme options (Pro)
  • Spam Preventions (Pro)
  • Testimonial Carousel (Pro)
  • Testimonial Export (Pro)

Price: Unlike the Testimonial showcase, you can download this WordPress testimonial plugin for free from the WordPress repository. If you want to upgrade to the pro version, you have to pay $99/year for a single site. 

Thrive Ovation

Thrive Ovation is one of the best premium WordPress testimonial plugins that let you organize all your testimonials in one sport. With the tag features, you can see what your testimonial is about. It helps you mainly when you sell lots of different products. 

This is a robust yet straightforward WordPress testimonial plugin that lets you collect testimonials from your site and share them beautifully on your site. 

I like one feature most about the Thrive Ovation: it lets your grab testimonials from your social media pages as it integrates well with social media seamlessly. 

You can import all the necessary data with a click of a button. You can import their name, images and display them without copying and pasting anything. Plus, it also provides you stunning templates and various designs to help you get started. 

Top Features

  • Central Dashboard to manage testimonials
  • Templates and design
  • Seamless social media integration
  • Testimonial customization
  • Beginner-friendly user interface
  • Supports automated messages
  • Dynamically updated testimonials
  • Ability to insert testimonial anyplace
  • Converts WordPress comments into testimonials

Price: Start leveraging your conversion-boosting power right now using Thrive Ovation WordPress testimonial plugin. Buy the plugin for $19/month.

Testimonial by ShapedPlugin

If you want to use one of the best Free WordPress testimonial plugins, you can rely on Testimonial by ShapedPlugin without thinking twice. It is best for showcasing testimonials, reviews, or quotes in several ways on any page or widget. 

The easiest way is to showcase them using shortcodes. The shortcode generator that comes with this plugin provides you with a settings panel that enables you to create incredible and unique testimonials with 100% responsive layouts and customizable styles on your website. 

The Testimonial WordPress testimonial plugin is also available in the pro version. The pro version lets you do both, showcasing your testimonial effectively, and collects new testimonials regularly.

This plugin is lightweight and mobile-friendly. It offers you complete control over how you want to showcase your testimonial slider. For instance, you can turn on/off autoplay, set hover settings, pagination speed, show/hide pagination, etc. 

Top Features

  • 100% responsive
  • Star rating system
  • Easy settings panel
  • Collects fresh testimonials 
  • Widget ready
  • Easy customization
  • WPML and translation ready
  • Rich snippets
  • Slider, grid, masonry, isotope filter, and list layouts (Pro)
  • 10+ professionally designed themes (Pro)
  • Supports images and videos (Pro)

Price:  Download and use this incredible WordPress testimonial plugin for free. To try the pro features, buy the pro version at $39 for a single site. 

WP Testimonials with Rotator Widget

WP Testimonials with Rotator Widget is another best free option that enables you to add incredible testimonials to your website. It also allows you to add multiple testimonials and the author info, images, designation, etc. 

It also lets you add tags and categories to sort your testimonials. It helps you to search for the actual testimonials quickly if you have lots of them. With the help of the shortcodes, you can easily display them anyplace you want. 

The shortcode is also packed with many parameters to let you customize the outer appearance of the testimonials. If you are a Gutenberg user, you have good news. It works great with Gutenberg’s shortcode widget. 

But if you want Gutenberg Block support, you should upgrade to their premium version. The premium version also includes 15 new designs, a testimonial font-ent form, 15 testimonial widget designs, etc. 

Top Features

  • Template designs
  • Form fields
  • Display Testimonial category wise
  • RTL support
  • Multiple Slider parameters
  • Testimonial front-end form
  • Tags and categories to sort testimonials 
  • Gutenberg Block support (Pro)
  • Template overriding feature (Pro)
  • Star rating (Pro)

Price: You can try this WordPress testimonial plugin for free. To gain access to the pro features, you have to pay $119/year for unlimited sites. 

Testimonial Slider

Last but not least, Testimonial Slider enables you to show your customer’s feedback within a clean, beautiful testimonial slider. As the testimonials are custom post types, it’s straightforward to add, modify, and remove testimonials. 

In the testimonials, you can add the author’s image, name, company, website, etc. This plugin is packed with 5 stylish skin to give a better look to your testimonials. 

It also supports shortcodes and widgets to show your testimonial anyplace you want. 

Top Features

  • 5 skin
  • Testimonial slider settings
  • Add a specific testimonial to the custom slider
  • Shortcode and widget support
  • 3 language files available

Price: This plugin is free. Download the plugin from the WordPress repository.  


I hope you have finally been able to choose the right plugin for your site. Before making a decision, make sure to go through the best features again.

You should also consider whether you want to go for the pro version at first or not. If you have used free versions for a long time, you can choose the pro version of any on the list. If you asked me, I would recommend you the Thrive Ovation, Strong Testimonials, and Testimonial Showcase as these are the best pro testimonial plugins out there. 

All the plugins I have listed on the 6+ best WordPress Testimonial Plugin are highly capable of handling the job of showcasing testimonials on your site. If you are curious enough to try all of them to discover more, you are welcome to do that. 

If you want to showcase your excellent team members on your site, you can do that by checking out the 6+ Best WordPress Team Member plugins.  

If you have enjoyed the post, consider sharing it on your social media and let me know your thoughts about these plugins in the comment section.  

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