7 Best Facebook Review Plugins for WordPress

Best Facebook Review Plugin for WordPress

Want to boost your sales and attract more customers to your WordPress website?

Look no further than Facebook! With over 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the ultimate genie to grant your digital marketing wishes.

But did you know that showcasing Facebook reviews on your website can significantly boost your credibility and drive more sales?

If you’re on the hunt for the best Facebook review plugins for WordPress, we’ve got you covered. Our list includes free and paid options dedicated to displaying Facebook reviews in the most stunning and customizable ways possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in and discover the top 7 Facebook review plugins for WordPress that will take your website to the next level!



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Social Reviews & Recommendations


WP Review Slider


WP Social Ninja


WP Business Reviews



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Plugin for Google Reviews


Facebook Reviews

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Social Reviews & Recommendations

Want to show off your Facebook Page reviews and recommendations on your website in sidebar widgets? Try Social Reviews & Recommendation, one of WordPress’s best free Facebook review plugins.

Since the plugin enables you to display Facebook page reviews per location, you can show your reviews on both widget areas and any pages using a shortcode.

It helps store owners boost user confidence and lets you have an excellent conversion.

The plugin works by using Facebook Graph API and requires admin rights of that particular Facebook page to get the reviews. Another exciting feature is that this plugin is entirely SEO-optimized. 

Furthermore, this Facebook review WordPress plugin supports email support, live chat, pagination, dark websites, etc.

It also supports significant page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, WPBakery, Divi, Gutenberg Block Editor, etc. 

If you want more advanced features, it also got your back. It offers you the Business version packed with robust features such as the Facebook Trust Badge, Minimum Rating Filter, Merge Reviews Between Each Other From Different platforms, and many more. 

Key Features

  • Shortcode & Widget Support
  • SEO Optimized Plugin
  • Supports Elementor, WPBakery, Divi
  • Gutenberg Block Editor Support
  • Support Dark Website
  • Slider, List, Grid, & Badge Style to Display reviews
  • Includes Fast Cache for Zero Loading Time
  • Merge Reviews Between Each Other from Different Platforms (Business Version)
  • Minimum Rating Filter (Business Version)
  • Google Rich Snippets (Business Version)


The plugin is available in the WordPress repository. The plugin has a business version as well.

WP Review Slider

WP Review Slider is another free Facebook Review Plugin that is easy to use and lets you display your Facebook reviews within a slider.

Show your customer that your website is social proof and earn their trust for better conversion.

That’s not all. You can also display your reviews in a responsive Grid or a list.

The plugin also offers you options to create templates that you can use via shortcode for your posts, pages, and widget areas. 

This Facebook review plugin for WordPress lets you do even more.

It provides you with handy options such as showing or hiding star ratings, changing review dates, modifying text color & background, and many more. 

Furthermore, you can define the review numbers to show per row or in multiple rows.

What’s even more exciting is that it allows you to apply custom CSS to make your review showcase look attractive and match your brand. 

The plugin helps you boost your site’s SEO significantly since it uses official Facebook and Twitter APIs, unlike other plugins that use scraping methods to download reviews. Therefore, you can show positive Tweets from Twitter too. 

Key Features

  • Three Individual Styles to Showcase Facebook Reviews
  • Supports Displaying Twitter Reviews or Positive Tweets
  • Uses Shortcode to Display Review Showcase at Anyplace
  • Lets You Create Different Review Templates
  • Supports Custom CSS
  • Advanced Template Display Options
  • Sort Reviews Based on Date or Randomly
  • Downloads Reviews From Yelp, Google, and 80+ Other Review Sites (Pro)
  • Front-End Review Submission Form(Pro)
  • Email Notification When New Reviews are Found(Pro)
  • Displays Review By a Certain Type and Mix Them Altogether


It’s a freemium plugin. The pro version of the plugin starts at $29 per year for a single site.

WP Social Ninja

Show your positive Facebook reviews on your website to impress your visitors and turn them into your customers easily using WP Social Ninja.

WP Social Ninja helps you promote your social proof to explain your business trustworthiness and get you a good sale. You can control the number of Facebook reviews that you want to show.

You can display only the best product ratings or include/exclude specific Facebook reviews. The uniform dimension option determines the design of your website and adjusts the review’s text height based on that.

There is also a layout variation option for showing the reviews: Grid, Slider, and Masonry. You can also choose rating styles, content lengths, review templates, display reviewer names & images, and many more.

The most important feature of the plugin is that it automatically syncs your reviews to your website. Therefore, all your reviews will be updated on your website automatically.

Key Features

  • Control the Number of Posts to be Displayed
  • Layout Variation
  • Multiple Review Templates
  • Advanced Filter Settings (Pro)
  • Rating Styles
  • Auto-Syncing Reviews
  • Notification Popup (Pro)


The plugin has a basic version available on WordPress.org. The pro version of the plugin costs $89 per year for one site.

WP Business Reviews

WP Business Reviews is one of the best premium solutions for letting your customer do the talking. You can easily show what your customers think about your product by pulling genuine reviews from Facebook. 

WP Business Reviews is made to show your best reviews in the most attractive way. You can pull and display reviews from Facebook and other platforms such as Google, Yelp, Zomato, etc. 

The plugin also comes with an intelligent filter option to filter negative reviews. You do not need to manually add reviews since it automatically adds reviews as soon as your customer leaves feedback on your social media. 

Furthermore, you can add custom reviews and design the star ratings & review layout. You can choose a light, dark, or transparent style for design. You can display your reviews in the gallery, carousel, or list format. 

What’s more, it comes with a collection option that lets you search, style, or sort them directly from your WordPress dashboard. Collections allow you to group the reviews while still offering you the ultimate control over each review. 

Key Features

  • Display Reviews From Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.
  • Create Custom Reviews
  • Review Customization Options
  • Automatically Adde New Reviews
  • Light, Dark, & Transparent Design Layout
  • Filters Negative Reviews
  • Organize Reviews by Tags


It’s a premium-only plugin that costs $49/year for a single site. 


BIZREVEIW, also known as Business Review WordPress Plugin, lets you show reviews from Google, Trustpilot, Facebook, etc., but with a cheaper price tag, unlike WP Business Reviews.

Besides showing reviews, you can also create custom reviews and customize review badges. It’s a review widget plugin that lets you grab your customer’s attention by showing your great social media reviews with a beautiful presentation.

It comes with 14+ attractive layouts and custom review options to choose from. Furthermore, you can also show your Facebook reviews in three specific designs: slider, grid, and masonry grid. The plugin supports significant page builders like WPBakery, Elementor, etc. 

Don’t worry if you don’t find your desired page builder’s name on the list. BIZREVIEW supports shortcodes and widgets. Therefore, you can display your Facebook reviews using any page builder that supports shortcodes.

Key Features

  • Show Reviews from Facebook, Yelp, Trustpilot, etc. 
  • Create Custom Reviews
  • 14+ Amazing Layouts for Review Styles
  • Supports Elementor & WPBakery
  • Shortcode & Widget Support
  • Review Badges
  • Review Slider, Grid, & Masonry Grid
  • Rating Filter Option
  • Visitor Statistics


The premium version is available on Codecanyon for $12 for a single website. 

Plugin for Google Reviews

Don’t get fooled by the plugin’s name because one plugin can include the functionalities of various other plugins. The Widget for Google Reviews is the same since it showcases reviews from Facebook other than Google. 

The plugin works without crawling and using other unofficial methods since it displays reviews approved by Google API. The free version limits you to show 5 Google & 3 Yelp reviews. The free version also supports a slider and list view.

But the good news is it does not limit you from displaying numerous reviews extracted from Facebook. The business version of the plugin breaks all the limitations. It lets you display all unlimited reviews from all platforms.

Again, the business version offers sorting options, filter options, HTML/JS options, Google Rich Snippets, custom reviews, rating filters, and many more. 

The reviews displayed using this Facebook review plugin automatically update without manual actions. Since the plugin supports shortcodes and widgets, you can easily display your reviews using any page builder. 

Key Features

  • Automatically Updates Google Ratings & Reviews (Business)
  • Display Reviews Using Shortcodes & Widgets
  • Supports Pagination
  • Slider & List View
  • Filter Negative Reviews
  • Customize Layouts with Custom CSS
  • Trim Long Reviews
  • Google Rich Snippets (Business)
  • Sorting Options (Business)


The plugin has a free version in the WordPress repo, and the business version is available only at $85/year for a single website. 

Facebook Reviews

Let your Facebook Reviews do the job of impressing your other customer by showing the best Facebook reviews on your website. It’s a dedicated Facebook review plugin that offers you vast customization options. 

You will get three review templates, four layout variants, and a flexible header. You can customize the color combination of your review text, background, links, review request button, and star rating. 

The request review button of the plugin does a fantastic job by showing a custom CTA to your Facebook visitors to leave a review for your product. 

Furthermore, it provides you with shortcode and widget options to display your Facebook reviews using every page builder. Even you will get a dedicated block for Gutenberg Editor. 

Besides, the plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme, and no coding is required to customize the plugin. You can easily customize the widget’s size by adjusting the widget’s height & width. 

Key Features

  • Showcase Reviews from Facebook
  • Automatically Updates Reviews
  • Contains Three Filters to Sort the Content
  • Add Trust-Raising Review Elements like Images, Name, etc.
  • Start & Number Rating
  • Request Review Button
  • Three Review Templates
  • Four Pre-Defined Layouts
  • Adjustable Size of the Widget
  • Adjust Typography
  • Shortcode Support
  • Dedicated Block for Gutenberg Editor


The Premium version is available only on Codecanyon for $25 for a single website. 


We’ve tried our best to introduce you to some of the best Facebook review plugins you’ve been looking for for WordPress. 

We recommend you try out the free version of the plugin first, although everyone on the list is equally qualified to acquire the same result of getting a good sale by showing Facebook reviews on your website. 

Try out the premium or business versions if you are an advanced user. Before selecting a plugin for your website, you must check out the key feature section of each plugin. 

Let us know which one you choose for your website. Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment section. If you’ve liked the post, consider sharing it on your social media. 

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