5 Best Multiple Shipping Addresses WooCommerce Plugins

Navigating the dynamic landscape of WordPress and its steadfast companion, WooCommerce, underscores the ongoing pursuit of optimal functionality and user satisfaction. Picture this scenario: a customer with diverse needs, each requiring a separate shipping destination within a single order. This is where the significance of Multiple Shipping Addresses in WooCommerce comes to the forefront, offering a solution that aligns seamlessly with the evolving demands of online businesses.

At the heart of a more personalized and efficient shopping experience lie Multiple Shipping Addresses WooCommerce Plugins. These plugins represent a tailored response to the ever-growing need for flexibility in online transactions. By empowering customers to assign distinct shipping addresses to specific items in their carts, these plugins redefine the checkout process, ensuring a smoother and more customer-centric journey through the e-commerce landscape. A compilation of thoroughly explained top-notch plugins can assist you in achieving that objective. Let’s check.

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YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce


WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses & Shipping


Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce


Shipping Multiple Addresses


Multiple Customer Addresses


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YITH WooCommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses

YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce brings innovation by letting customers choose various delivery points for items in one order. This straightforward feature enhances your e-commerce approach, simplifying multi-recipient shipping, boosting customer satisfaction, and driving sales.

YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce facilitates multi-shipping for each order, empowering users to manage shipping addresses seamlessly from both Checkout and My Account pages. The plugin enables the splitting of product quantities in the cart across diverse shipping addresses to provide flexibility. It also offers the capability to exclude specific products or categories from the multi-shipping process, ensuring precise control over the distribution of items. Further customization is achieved by the option to enable or disable multi-shipping for individual product variations. 

The plugin also empowers users to efficiently manage and track each shipping status directly within the order, streamlining the overall process. As a valuable communication tool, it automatically sends notification emails to customers, keeping them informed whenever a shipping status undergoes a change.

Key Features: 

  • Manage shipping addresses from the Checkout and My Account pages.
  • Multi-shipping for each order.
  • Split product quantities among different shipping addresses.
  • Exclude products or categories from multi-shipping.
  • Turn on/off multi-shipping for product variations.
  • Manage shipping status for each address within the order. 
  • Send email notifications for shipping status changes. 


The cost for this plugin is $69.99.

WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses & Shipping 

WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses & Shipping (WCMCA), a versatile solution, lets registered customers link multiple addresses to their profile, simplifying the shipping process. This plugin goes beyond the basics, enabling customers to assign varied shipping addresses for individual products during checkout, ensuring a personalized experience.

WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses & Shipping (WCMCA) streamlines the customer experience by enabling registered users to connect multiple addresses to their profile and dispatch cart products to diverse destinations. Through straightforward navigation to the My Account page, customers gain the ability to manage additional billing and/or shipping addresses effortlessly, ensuring flexibility during the checkout process. Address customization is further enhanced with the option to disable multiple addresses for specific address types. Customers can seamlessly switch addresses or introduce new ones on the fly within the checkout process.

The plugin streamlines product-specific shipping through the Shipping per Product feature, enabling customers to allocate each item to distinct addresses. Administrative oversight is robust, granting administrators the capability to view, modify, and delete all customer addresses. Admins can conveniently load any customer’s shipping and billing details, utilizing them as the current order’s billing and shipping addresses. For enhanced control, user capabilities to add, edit, and delete are selectively disabled, reinforcing a seamless and secure checkout process. 

Key Features: 

  • Enable multiple billing and shipping addresses.
  • Manage or add addresses effortlessly from the My Account and Checkout pages.
  • Customize address options by disabling multiple addresses for specific types.
  • Optionally include a shipping email for enhanced communication.
  • Enable shipping per product for precise order delivery.
  • Add the VAT Identification number field to the checkout billing address.


For WCMCA, the Regular License is available at $12, granting full access to its features.

Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce (Address Book)

Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce, an ingenious solution, empowers you to stay ahead of competitors. This tool simplifies the process of saving numerous shipping or billing addresses in the Address Book, enhancing efficiency and saving valuable time during your shopping endeavors.

Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce simplifies address management and introduces a unique feature allowing the shipment of various products to multiple locations in a single purchase. For billing purposes, users can enable a feature supporting multiple addresses, while another option facilitates the addition of diverse shipping locations for future purchases. The admin has control over the number of addresses users can save, offering flexibility from restricting to setting an infinite limit. The plugin’s standout feature, Multiple Shipping Address, enables the shipment of different products to numerous locations in a single order.

The premium edition of Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce brings a range of functionalities like Google AutoComplete for smoother address input, personalized address formats, and precise management of shipping choices for individual products or categories. It offers detailed tracking by separating the delivery status of each item in an order, efficiently catering to diverse shipping needs. With guest user privileges, time-restricted multi-shipping capabilities, seamless integration with other plugins, and customizable button styling, the premium version empowers your business for enhanced address management and customer satisfaction.

Key Features: 

  • Enable multiple addresses for billing and shipping.
  • Send various products to multiple locations within one purchase.
  • Choose display types for multiple addresses (dropdown, pop-up).
  • Restrict the number of saved addresses per user.
  • Control shipping methods and allow products to be shipped to different addresses within an order.
  • Add new addresses and manage them from the checkout page.
  • Receive email notifications for order status updates.


Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce by ThemeHigh provides both free and premium editions, with the premium version available at an annual rate of $39.00.

Shipping Multiple Addresses – WooCommerce Marketplace 

Shipping Multiple Addresses, an adaptable plugin by WooCommerce, offers customers the convenience of shipping individual items in a single order to multiple addresses, enhancing the overall shopping experience with its multiple ship-to functionality.

Shipping Multiple Addresses introduces a unique solution for WooCommerce users,  especially useful around the holidays when more people are doing their primary holiday shopping online. With one checkout, users can ship to many locations, and customers have the authority to send identical carts to multiple addresses, allowing the dispatch of any quantity of products to any number of destinations. For added convenience, customers can save more than one address to their Customer Accounts. 

The plugin supports all WooCommerce shipping methods, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. With a new option added to the shopper’s account page and the checkout page, users can easily add new shipping addresses, and these addresses are displayed at checkout in dedicated boxes below the products.

Key Features: 

  • One checkout for multiple addresses.
  • Send identical carts to various locations.
  • Dispatch any product quantity to numerous addresses.
  • Save and manage multiple addresses in customer accounts.
  • Supports all WooCommerce shipping methods.
  • Easily add new shipping addresses on account and checkout pages.


Shipping Multiple Addresses by WooCommerce is priced at $4.92 per month.

Multiple Customer Addresses

Multiple Customer Addresses, a versatile solution,  empowers eCommerce stores by enabling customers to manage and select from various shipping and billing addresses. The plugin is recognized as an essential feature for online shoppers, helping them enhance their shopping experience by offering diverse delivery destinations, including offices, homes, and addresses to send gifts to friends and family.

Multiple Customer Addresses, a versatile tool, offers the ability to restrict the multiple address feature to specific user roles and limits the number of addresses a customer can add. The extension allows specific user roles to add shipping and billing addresses, displaying an interactive drop-down on the checkout page for customers to choose a relevant address. Users can enable/disable specific billing fields for alternate addresses and set maximum limits for adding billing and shipping addresses for each customer. Further customization is possible with the ability to tailor address headings and ADD-NEW button text. 

The plugin facilitates efficient address management by providing options to duplicate, edit, or delete existing addresses, and users can designate any address as the default with a single click. In continuation, Multiple Customer Addresses streamline checkout processes, allowing specific user roles to add shipping and billing addresses.

Key Features: 

  • Restrict multiple addresses based on user roles.
  • Interactive checkout dropdown for easy address selection.
  • Enable/disable specific billing fields for alternate addresses.
  • Set maximum limits for billing and shipping addresses.
  • Customize address headings and ADD-NEW button text.
  • Efficiently manage addresses through duplication, editing, and deletion.


The complete pricing information for Multiple Customer Addresses is $3.25 per month and $39 per year if billed annually.


In the realm of WooCommerce, the adaptation to diverse customer needs is an ever-evolving quest. Multiple Shipping Addresses WooCommerce Plugins stand as beacons of innovation, sculpting a more personalized and streamlined shopping expedition. As e-commerce continues to evolve, these plugins represent the pivot towards a more agile, customer-centric future in online retail, enriching the checkout experience and bolstering customer satisfaction.

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