5 Best Rank Tracker WordPress Plugins & Tools In 2023

Choosing good focus keywords, optimizing them, setting up a good meta description, etc.- are all good for SEO. But your hard work will be in vain if your site/content does not rank properly. That’s why checking up on ranks regularly is crucial.

As you may already know, doing that manually is not efficient. Getting a plugin/tool is the better option, as those will know what they are doing.

But which one do you choose? Which one will be more beneficiary to SEO? Is there any good free plugin or tool for the job? 

To answer all your questions and help you decide, we’ve brought you the 5 Best Rank Tracker WordPress Plugins & Tools In 2023. These are trusted by thousands, vetted by WordPress veterans, and perform seamlessly. Tracking your site and the content’s rank will be faster and easier with these tracking plugins and tools.

Let’s start! 

1. Rankie

Right off the bat, we’ve got you Rankie, one of the best rank-tracking plugins for WordPress sites you can buy. From daily ranking updates and detailed keyword research to customizable reports and broad compatibility, Rankie will deliver valuable insights about your site’s ranking. It’ll make SEO management a breeze and help you make precise data-driven decisions. 

One of the most prominent features of this plugin is its real-time rank-tracking capability. The plugin automatically updates your rank in search engines, without you searching it. This hands-off strategy lets you monitor your site rank without actively reviewing it, freeing your time for critical thinking. On top of that, this plugin will give you regular detailed reports, with an overview of site performance.  

Another fantastic plus of Rankie is its automatic search keyword tracking. When someone visits your site through a Google search, Rankie will push Google to get the searched keyword. And after getting that, it can be added to your dashboard for tracking. This way, you can enrich keyword tracking and get better results. 

Before you track ranking, you must ensure you have the best keywords for your content. Rankie’s built-in keyword research tool can be a game-changer in this, as this tool will help you discover new keywords related to your niche. It generates keyword suggestions based on your input, and provides valuable metrics such as search volume and competition level.

Key Features

  • Daily ranking update.
  • Automated searched keyword tracking.
  • Integrated keyword research tool.
  • Has Proxy support.
  • 4 different systems for rank tracking.
  • Real-time rank tracking for devising a better strategy instantly. 
  • Provides ranking graph for each keyword.
  • Sends daily ranking reports via email.


The regular license for Rankie is priced at $27. 

2. Rank Math

Regarding plugins for rank-tracking, Rank Math can be considered one of the best freemium plugins in the market. This plugin performs this task exceptionally, leveraging many features, including keyword tracking, SEO analysis, Google search console integration, and more. Its comprehensive Rank Tracker module offers beginners and experienced marketers the tools to track and improve their website’s ranking.

Keyword tracking is an essential feature provided by Rank Math. It allows users to track how specific keywords or phrases rank over time on search engines. This incredibly dynamic feature adapts to location-specific search engine results, giving the insights needed for localized SEO. Notably, Rank Math lets you track unlimited keywords, ensuring you don’t miss any potential SEO opportunities. 

Google Analytics is a crucial component for SEO, and this plugin seamlessly integrates with it. This advanced feature lets you view Google Analytics data from the WordPress dashboard. This provides vital insights into site traffic, user behavior, conversion rates, etc. You can view detailed reports on your website’s performance, including data on organic searches, page views, bounce rates, referral sources, and more. 

On top of tracking and Google Analytics data, Rank Math provides its own Advanced SEO analysis tool, with over 30 detailed tests. You can also see how other sites are doing via the competitor analyzer. And based on the results, you can take actions such as unlimited keyword optimization for individual posts, or bulk optimization for all your content.

Key Features

  • Google Search Console integration.
  • SERP features (featured snippets, image packs, top stories, etc.) tracking.
  • Provides deep content analysis tests and competitor analysis.
  • Unlimited keyword optimization.
  • Automatic focus keyword adding to rank tracker.
  • Brings Google’s URL Inspection API data for tracking the current index status of pages.
  • Provides position history.
  • Has keyword comparison & Google Trends tools.


Free | Pro plan for Rank Math starts at $59/year. 

3. Wincher

With a blend of meticulous tracking, insightful analysis, accurate data, and more impressive features, Wincher is a simple, yet very powerful plugin for tracking WordPress sites’ ranks. From tracking keyword performance and monitoring competitors, to providing comprehensive reports and alerts, this plugin equips you with everything needed to track your site’s ranking in search engines, within minutes. 

One of the cornerstone features of the Wincher is its data accuracy. It pulls daily updates, giving users the most recent information about their website’s ranking status. Its precise algorithms deliver reliable keyword ranking data, ensuring you have the most accurate information to inform your SEO strategy. Whether tracking a single keyword or monitoring hundreds, Wincher performs the task with astonishing accuracy. 

Another core strength point of Wincher lies in its powerful reporting features. It provides comprehensive yet easy-to-understand reports. These consist of graphs and charts that depict your keyword ranking progress over time. It also includes a notifications feature, alerting you about significant changes in your keyword rankings, and ensuring you’re constantly updated about your website’s performance.

To help users manage their numerous tracked keywords, Wincher provides a unique feature to group and categorize keywords. This allows you to analyze clusters of similar keywords, and understand how they perform as a group. You can also prioritize your primary keyword on the groups. This can be beneficial when structuring content strategies and identifying new keyword opportunities. 

Key Features

  • Automatic keyword suggestions.
  • Local rank tracking.
  • Keyword importing from Google Search Console.
  • Daily competitor ranking updates with alerts on important events.
  • Automated e-mail reports.
  • Supports unlimited users.
  • Gives full API access.
  • Provides on-page SEO scores.


Free | Starter price for Wincher is set at $39/month.

4. Semrush

A comprehensive solution to all your rank-tracking needs, Semrush offers a plethora of robust tools that will steer your SEO strategy with precision and confidence. What sets SEMrush’s rank tracking apart is that it goes beyond merely reporting your site’s position for selected keywords. It provides a more in-depth view with features like multi-targeting, rankings distribution, tracking of featured snippets, and a cannibalization report.

Position tracking is the heart and soul of Semrush’s rank-tracking capabilities. This dynamic feature offers a continuous monitoring system, that tracks your website’s daily rankings for custom keywords across different search engines. Whether you want to monitor your own website or keep an eye on your competitors, it will provide a detailed analysis of your domain’s search engine rankings.

Rankings Distribution is another exceptional feature of this tool’s arsenal. It dives deeper into the data pool, visualizing your website’s search performance across top 3, top 10, top 20, and top 100 SERP results. This feature outlines the distribution of your website’s keyword rankings and compares them to your competitors, allowing for a comprehensive competitive analysis.

SERP features are valuable assets. Semrush knows this for a fact and allows you to track your website’s visibility in Google’s featured snippets. These high-visibility boxes can significantly boost click-through rates (CTR), so knowing whether your content reaches these highlighted spots is crucial. The tool also extends this tracking to other SERP features like site links, videos, etc.

Key Features

  • Dynamic position tracking.
  • Provides geo-specific tracking. 
  • Multi-targeting feature for different devices and locations.
  • Ranking distribution report with data visualization.
  • Has a bulk analysis tool. 
  • Featured snippets and SERP features tracking.
  • Gives important organic traffic insights.
  • Cannibalization report. 


The pro version of Semrush starts at $129.95/month.

5. SERPWatcher

As the last pick of our list, we’ve got another state-of-the-art rank-tracking tool, designed to ensure you are always up to speed with your website’s SERP ranking status. Whether it’s the one-key metric, keyword tags, an intuitive data dashboard, custom reports and alerts, or global and local position checks, every feature of SERPWatcher is designed to make tracking your site’s rank easier and faster.

SERPWatcher simplifies rank tracking by filtering complex metrics into easily understandable metrics, named the dominance index. This powerful feature combines keyword positions and their respective search volumes to provide a straightforward metric, reflecting your overall SERP visibility. By utilizing this feature, you can swiftly check your site’s performance and measure the impact of your SEO efforts.

Another highlight of SERPWatcher is its data dashboard. It provides a comprehensive snapshot of your rank-tracking data in an interactive and user-friendly layout. You can easily visualize changes in your ranking, get insights on the top performers, and even see how you’re doing against your competitors. You can observe trends, notice sudden changes, and swiftly identify potential opportunities or issues.

Another captivating feature of SERPWatcher is the keyword tags. This feature helps the categorization and organization of keywords, making it easier to monitor groups of keywords based on preferred criteria.  With it, you can efficiently categorize your keywords based on parameters like content themes, locations, or campaigns. This feature simplifies managing your keywords portfolio, making monitoring specific keyword groups and tracking their performance easier.

Key Features

  • Features the dominance index as an all-in-one metric solution.
  • Data dashboard for streamlined position tracking.
  • Customizable reports and alerts.
  • Offers a versatile global and local position checker.
  • Daily keyword position update.
  • Keyword tags for better organization.
  • Desktop and mobile SERP analysis. 
  • Interactive report sharing option.


The entry plan for SERPWatcher is $29/month and $19.90/month (if the annual plan is chosen).


The key to successful SEO is consistent monitoring and adaptation. So, using a powerful rank tracker plugin or tool is vital. And remember, the best SEO tool isn’t the one with the most features, but rather the one that aligns best with your requirements. 

Fortunately, each of the 5 Best Rank Tracker WordPress Plugins & Tools In 2023 discussed in this post brings unique value to the table. They provide real-time rank tracking, competitor analysis, and in-depth reports crucial for driving more organic traffic to your WordPress website. 

Then again, don’t just rush and buy. It’s always a good idea to take advantage of trial periods or free versions of these tools and plugins, to find the best match for your site. And if you have the budget, invest, and you’ll be rewarded for the money spent. 

That’s it for today. If you have any questions, ask in the comment box, and we’ll be back to you in no time. And if you liked the write-up or found it helpful, please share. 

Good luck! 

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