5+ Best Time Clock WordPress Plugins

3+ Best Time Clock WordPress plugins

Are you looking for the best Time Clock WordPress plugins? If you are, then you are in the right place. 

Today, we have listed the 5+ Best Time Clock WordPress plugins that will help you to display time clocks of different locations on your website. 

Besides, those plugins work right out of the box. Even some of them provide shortcodes so that you can easily insert different time clocks on your posts and pages quickly and easily.

Moreover, they also offer different clock faces and other clock customizations. Now let’s check out the names of those plugins and what they are offering. 

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Analog Clock

MX Time Zone Clocks

Different Timezones

Local Time Clock

Location's Timezone

DT World Clock

Multiple Timezones

All in One Time Clock

Employee Time Tracking

Ultimate Blocks

Countdown Timer

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As the name goes, CoolClock provides you with a vast collection of clocks from which you can select one and display times of different countries on your website. 

CoolClock comes with 22 awesome skins which are unique to choose from. On top of that, you can also create your custom watch with the help of the Custom skin option. 

This time clock WordPress plugin is JavaScript-based. Therefore, the clock will be easily compatible with tablets and JavaScript-enabled devices. 

You can easily add the clock as a widget into your sidebar. But with the use of the shortcode, you can insert your clock into your post and pages. 

The pro version offers more. The pro version provides digital clock designs, changing clock’s background image & color, advanced positioning options, etc. 

Key Features

  • Shortcode and widget support
  • 22 different clock skins
  • Custom skin option
  • Add unlimited clocks
  • Show date or 24-hour format digital time (Pro)
  • Clock’s background image and color (Pro) 
  • Advanced shortcode parameters (Pro)

Price: The free version is accessible from the WordPress repository for free. The cost of the pro version is €7/year for a single site. 

MX Time Zone Clocks

MX Time Zone Clocks offers you the easiest way to add different time zone clocks on your website. 

The plugin comes with several clock designs to choose from. Again you have the option to choose between digital and analog clocks. You can also define the city and country of the clock and can choose the hour time format. 

After defining your customization, you will get the shortcode using what you can display your clocks in any place on your website. Aside from these, you can also show or hide the date, month, and year. 

Key Features

  • Several clock design
  • 12/24 hour time format
  • Show or hide date, month, and year
  • Can show different time zone’s clocks
  • Shortcode support
  • Analog/digital clock
  • Show unlimited clocks 

Price: Get this time clock WordPress plugin for free from the WordPress repository. 

Local Time Clock

Want to display a fantastic clock on your website’s sidebar? Local Time Clock allows you to do that without any hassle. 

The plugin is packed with a series of clocks from where you can choose the correct colors and sizes and overall your clock’s design. The plugin also offers analog and digital clocks along with digital flip-over clocks. 

Moreover, clock customization is also possible. You can easily change the border, local time, text, and background color from the Appearance menu in your WordPress admin panel. You can also make your clock look even better by adding transparency.

 Besides, the clock adjusts the daylight saving time automatically from the localtimes.info servers. You can easily add several clocks to your widget bar. 

Key Features

  • Add unlimited clock on your widget area
  • Analog & digital clocks
  • Digital flip-over clocks
  • Clock customization
  • Clock templates
  • Automatic adjustment of daylight saving time

Price: Since Local Time Clock is a free time clock WordPress plugin, you can easily download the plugin from the WordPress repository without spending a single penny. 

DT World Clock

DT World Clock enables you to show the time of multiple time zones with date and time on your website. Using the plugin, you can show up to 4 different clocks. 

Since the plugin supports shortcodes, you can display different time zones’ clocks on your posts and pages. You can even customize the shortcodes based on your needs. 

Key Features

  • Shortcode support
  • Display up to four different time zone’s clocks
  • Responsive clock design
  • Shortcode customizations

Price: Get the plugin for free. 


We hope this article has helped you to find out the best Time Clock WordPress plugins. If you are still confused when choosing the best one from the list, feel free to check the key features section of each plugin. 

Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment section. If you like the post, consider sharing it on your social media with your friends and family. 

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