7 Best Calculator WordPress Plugins 2022 (Free & Paid)

Best Free WordPress Calculator plugins

Are you looking for the best WordPress calculator plugins for your WordPress website to let your customer know your services’ estimation or calculated prices? Look no further; We have listed the best 7 for you.

Using WordPress calculator plugins, you can create cost estimator forms, quotes, mortgage calculators, BMI calculators, Car loan payments, etc.

There are tons of calculator plugins out there. Selecting the best one is troublesome. Today I have handpicked the best 7 WordPress Calculator plugins that would let you create the best-looking calculators, mobile responsive. And they are also highly customizable. 

If you want to find out more about the WordPress calculator plugins, keep reading the post.  


Use Cases



Formidable Forms

  • BMI

  • Mortgage

  • Percentage

  • Insurance

Cost Calculator Builder

  • Loan

  • Delivery Service

  • Wedding Planner

  • Trucking

  • Body Mass Index

Calculated Fields Form

  • Calorie

  • Loan & Finance

  • Date

ez Form Calculator

  • Mortgage

  • Loan

  • LED Saving

Responsive Mortgage Calculator

  • Mortgage

Cost Calculator

  • Renovation

  • Dentist

  • Car Wash

  • Loan

  • Hosting

Stylish Cost Calculator

  • Car Rentals

  • Student Fees

  • T-Shirt Printing

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Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a very renowned name in the WordPress form builders arena. It lets you create highly customizable forms.

To help you create a calculator in no time, it offers you numerous pre-built calculator templates. You can make any calculator such as a mortgage calculator, a BMI, a car payment calculator, a life insurance calculator, etc. 

If you choose to create your forms with dynamically calculated fields, you can do that too. Moreover, you can also create your eCommerce site with the pricing & product fields using Formidable Forms. 

Therefore, Formidable Forms is more than just a regular WordPress Calculator plugin. 

Key Features

  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Collect Payments
  • Display Form Data
  • Calculator Templates
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Form Templates
  • Drag & Drop Form Builder
  • Zapier Integrations

Price: You can try this incredible WordPress calculator plugin for free. If you want to try their advanced features, try to buy the plugin for $49.50/year for a single site. 

Cost Calculator Builder

Cost Calculator Builder is one of the smartest and most simple WordPress Calculator plugins that lets you create a price estimation form easily.

This plugin is best for people who make cost estimations before providing any service to their clients. You can also use this plugin as a loan calculator or to create quotes for anything you want. It is also best if your services and product have different variables. 

Whether your site is a booking website, rent cars, or runs a delivery service, this plugin will work like a charm. You can easily create an estimation form with their intuitive drag & drop calculation builder. You will also customize options for changing colors, fonts, background color, etc. 

This plugin also offers a premium version that allows you to integrate with WooCommerce, contact forms, and payment gateways. 

Best Features

  • Contact Form 7 Integration (Pro)
  • PayPal Integration (Pro)
  • Conditional System (Pro)
  • Calendar Field
  • Instant Estimation
  • Customization
  • Estimation Forms
  • Supports Major Page Builders
  • Calculation Builder

Price: Like the Cost Calculator, this WordPress calculator plugin is downloadable from the WordPress repository for free. If you want to try the pro version, you will have to pay $29.99/year for a single site. 

Calculated Fields Form

If you want to create a form with dynamically calculated fields like Formidable Forms, you can use the Calculated Fields Forms. This WordPress calculator plugin even lets you display the calculated values. 

The included form builder with the plugin allows you to add or edit different field types. This plugin is the best for both single and complex calculations. Using the plugin, you can create basic calculators, weight calculators, calorie calculators, loan & finance calculators, etc. 

This plugin supports multiple form types such as drop-downs, checkboxes, dates, radio boxes, etc. Moreover, this plugin supports form separator, comment sections, multi-page forms, conditional rules, etc. 

Best Features

  • Visual Form Builder
  • Conditional Rules
  • Multi-page Forms
  • Multi-page Calculated Forms
  • Comment Sections
  • Multiple Field Types
  • Unlimited Calculated Fields
  • Gutenberg Block Integration
  • Major Page Builder Support

Price: As this is a freemium WordPress Calculator plugin, you can download the basic version plugin for free or buy the premium version for € 49.99 or $59.57.

EZ Form Calculator

The EZ Form Calculator is one of the most sold WordPress calculator plugins on Codecanyon. You can easily create different types of form calculators, advanced cost estimators, or extensive contact forms in minutes. 

You can also create LED savings calculators, Mortgage calculators, Loan form calculators, Food table order forms, etc. You can also export and import your necessary forms. 

With its intuitive drag and drop form builder, you can create your desired form layout. It also provides you with more than 30+ form elements. You can quickly add form elements like drop-down menus, radio buttons, checkboxes, date pickers, etc., in a few clicks. 

One unique feature of the plugin is that it allows you to create PDF files and attach them to emails and send them directly. This plugin is also translation-ready so that you can translate the content you create with this plugin. 

Best Features

  • Visual Form Editor
  • Advanced Calculations
  • 30+ Form Editor
  • Email Notifications
  • 5 Form Design
  • GDPR Ready
  • 20+ Form Designs (Premium)
  • PDF File Generation (Premium)
  • Mailchimp Integration (Premium)

Price: Fortunately, now you can download and try this WordPress calculator plugin for free. If you try out the premium features, buy the plugin for $49. 

Responsive Mortgage Calculator

If you want to let your visitor estimate their mortgage payments, check out the Responsive Mortgage Calculator. It also offers you a sidebar and a shortcode that enables you to add the calculator to your posts and pages. 

This WordPress calculator plugin lets your user know their mortgage payments by entering the property’s total cost, down payment amount, interest set, etc. They can do that by adding an amortization period, payment period, etc. 

It is highly customizable and supports custom CSS. Therefore, you can easily change the outer appearance or set your calculator’s color to light or dark. You can even remove the default or custom styling and use your theme’s styling. 

Best Features

  • Shortcode Support
  • Sidebar Widget
  • Custom CSS
  • Popup summary with chart and amortization period
  • Rename input tables
  • Set a default interest rate

Price: Download this incredible WordPress calculator plugin to your site for free if you own mortgage business. 

Cost Calculator

If you are looking for a lightweight and flexible calculator plugin for the price, quote, or project estimation, Cost Calculator is one of the best solutions for you. This plugin also offers calculators demos for various niches like the dentist, renovation, Car wash, loan, BMI, hosting, etc., to help you get started quickly. 

Therefore, creating a medical cost calculator, project cost calculator, shipping cost calculator, etc., is a piece of cake using this plugin. You can also integrate the plugin with PayPal to make instant payments from your customer. 

It also provides you with stunning, eye-catching elements like numeric sliders, advanced drop-downs, boolean switches, text boxes, etc., for your cost calculator forms. It is quite an easy plugin to use; therefore, it is user-friendly. 

Best Features

  • Programmable elements
  • Pre-made cost calculator builder
  • Contact form or PayPal integration
  • Calculator demos for various niches
  • Quotes & estimations
  • Boolean switches
  • Advanced drop-down

Price: This fantastic WordPress calculator plugin is available in the premium version. Buy this plugin from Codecanyon for $29.

Stylish Cost Calculator

Last but not least, Stylish Cost Calculator lets you create the most impressive calculators on your WordPress site. To get started quickly, this plugin is packed with 7 built-in templates. 

You can customize the cost calculator the way you like. Using this plugin, you can set a bulk discount, create branded estimation invoices, etc. The plugin is also GDPR compliant; therefore, it does not store any information about the customers. 

The pro version lets you create coupons and integrates with PayPal, Stripe, etc., to take your clients’ payments. This plugin keeps your site looking modern, stylish yet professional, fast, and secure. 

This plugin is capable enough to convert between currencies automatically upon detecting the visitor’s location.

Best Features

  • Conditional logic
  • Language translation
  • Custom math (Premium)
  • Automatic currency converter (Premium)
  • 7+ templates
  • Stripe and PayPal Integration (Premium)
  • WooCommerce integration (Premium)
  • File upload
  • Customized email estimates & invoices
  • Drag & Drop form builder

Price: You can use this plugin for free. The premium version will cost you $60 per year. 


I hope this post has helped you to get familiar with some of the best WordPress calculator plugins. All of the plugins above possess at least one unique feature, making them a better candidate to try. 

Before choosing one from the list, recheck its features, and then decide. I would recommend you try their basic or free version first, then upgrade to the premium or pro version.

As these calculators are made with advanced customized forms, you can also check out the 7 Best Free Contact Form 7 Alternatives to find out more about the best WordPress form plugins.

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