7 Best WordPress PDF Plugins

Are you looking to sell magazines or other documents online or looking for a way to showcase your PDF files on your WordPress website? If you do, then you are in the right place. Today we will tell you about the 7 best WordPress PDF plugins that will help you showcasing your PDF documents and protect them from copy or download without making a purchase or your consent.

No matter what business you run online, you would require using PDFs on your site, but WordPress, by default, will not let you add PDFs or generate PDF files in posts or pages. So without using any WordPress PDf plugins, you cannot add them. Moreover, you cannot make WordPress support your documents’ various file formats that a PDF plugin would easily support. 

With the help of WordPress PDF plugins, you can quickly generate, edit, and embed documents swiftly. Even you can add payment gateways to some plugins to sell your PDFs. WordPress PDF plugins also help your users to download any blog posts or page as a PDF document if you permit. WordPress PDF plugins also ensure that your page is neatly formatted so that your user can save it or print it. 

If you try to embed PDF files in WordPress directly, it will show your files as a downloadable link. In this way, if any user clicks the link, they will leave your site. If you have a WordPress PDF plugin, you can prevent that from happening and make your visitor stay longer by showcasing the document on your site. 

Therefore, your bounce rate will also improve. The better the bounce rate of your site, the better your ranking on major SERPs. Now that we’ve seen the benefits of using WordPress PDF plugins, now let’s proceed to see the list of the 7 best WordPress PDF plugins. 

7 Best WordPress PDF Plugins

PDF Embedder

Best WordPress PDF plugin

With an active installation of over 300K+, the PDF Embedder has achieved the top position on our list of the 7 best WordPress PDF plugins today. Upload any PDFs and embed them directly on your site the way you add images on your site. Those uploaded PDFs will be optimized and resized automatically to their natural size and shape though you can always specify the custom height & width. 

What’s more interesting is that the plugin recalculates your PDF’s window size and shape when your visitors resize your page. Therefore, you can say that the plugin is 100% responsive enough to support all mobile devices. The plugin works using Javascript only to embed PDFs rather than using any third party services. 

As the plugin uses JavaScript, the viewing experience is butter smooth. Even this plugin lets your visitors zoom, navigate, and even download the PDF file. So, embed your PDFs with this plugin without any worry and also without any coding knowledge. 

This plugin is available in both pro and free versions. The free version does not let your users download the PDF whereas, the pro version lets them download the PDF. Even the hyperlinks in your PDF will be clickable after purchasing the pro version, along with other more advanced features. 


  • Add PDFs just like Images
  • Navigation menu
  • Tons of controls over the document’s appearance
  • Uses Javascript rather than relying on the third-party services
  • Mobile friendly 
  • Full-Screen Mode
  • Functional hyperlinks


  • The free version does not secure your document from copying.
  • Small flip button

Price: You can enjoy the free version of the plugin by downloading it from the WordPress repository. For more advanced features, you have to pay $20 for a single site, and the pro version will solve the problem of securing your document. 

PDF & Print by BestWebSoft

Best WordPress PDF plugin

You would notice one thing for sure, that not all WordPress PDF plugins serve or work as basic WordPress PDF viewers. Some of them act differently. PDF & Print by BestWebSoft is the name of that type of WordPress Plugin, which acts as a converter when you wish to download a post in PDF format. 

As the name goes, PDF & Print by BestWebSoft lets you add a PDF download and print button to your WordPress site’s posts and pages. With the plugin’s help, your visitors can directly download your post as a pdf file from your website. If you want, you can also add a site title, featured images, custom styles, and fonts too. 

If you consider this plugin’s customization and flexibility, it is second to no other plugins. It is entirely upon you to determine where you want to place your button on a post or page. Nonetheless, you can modify the pdf viewing window’s size, hide the pdf from particular users, set a custom margin on the document, and many more. 

Moreover, this plugin is available on the pro version. You can set watermarks through the pro version, modify the document’s header & footer, and even lock your pdf file, making it impossible to copy from your site. You can also integrate this plugin with WooCommerce from their pro version. 


  • Add download buttons
  • Prohibit downloading your document if you want
  • Add the conversion button using widgets or shortcodes
  • Has a free version
  • Various icons for your print button


  • Recurring yearly payment for such a basic plugin

Price: Download the free version directly from the WordPress repository. For the pro version, they charge you $30.98/ year and $309.80 for a lifetime. 

PDF.js Viewer

As the name suggests, PDF.js has been built with javascript that uses Mozilla’s PDF viewer technology to show PDF files in WordPress sites incredibly. This WordPress PDF plugin is unique as it lets users secure their PDF files with secure passwords. With simple shortcodes or Gutenberg blocks, you can show your PDF files on your WordPress site’s posts and pages. 

If you desire to upload the PDF and embed it on the webpage with a simple shortcode, this is the plugin you are looking for. It has been downloaded for more than 10000, making it a reliable choice for showcasing your PDF documents on your website. It supports all mobile devices and is multilingual.  

With this plugin, give your user the best experience by using functionalities like scrolling through the document, searching, printing & downloading PDF files. Moreover, you can also set up advanced zoom settings, display a loading bar & partially loaded PDF documents. Controlling the PDF viewer’s size is easy, and you can set the height, width, and full-screen option to control the PDF viewer’s size. 


  • Customizable buttons
  • Advanced Search
  • Page navigation drawer
  • Advanced zoom settings
  • Secure documents with password
  • Gutenberg support


  • No significant disadvantage was found this time.

Price: This plugin is an open-source project; therefore, use the plugin for free and download it from the WordPress repository. 

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

For those using the WooCommerce plugin for their online store, WooCommerce PDF invoice & Packing slips can be an incredible choice for WooCommerce invoice automation. Using this plugin, you can generate a PDF file automatically for your guest and send the PDF invoice to all of your customers. Not only that, but it also can create credit notes and packing slips in bulk. 

Furthermore, you can modify and customize your invoices too, and it provides you stunning invoice templates to make your invoices look incredible and professional at the same time. Numbering the invoices chronologically is also possible if you desire to create a lengthy invoice. It supports various languages; therefore, localizing your invoice or packing slip can quickly be done with the help of this plugin. 

If you want, you can also add a custom logo to your invoices’ header, select the paper size, and customize the data, footer, disclaimer, etc. It offers you some other features, including font and template editing of the generated PDF invoice, editing the layouts & contents, and many more. Above all, this plugin offers the best features that every WooCommerce website owner should have. 


  • Generate invoices in PDF format automatically
  • Add a custom logo to the header area
  • Customization of the Invoice template
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Download the invoices 
  • Integrates easily with Google Drive, Egnyte, OneDrive, Dropbox for cloud storage


  • No significant disadvantages were found this time. 

Price: This plugin is open-source; therefore, it is free. Grab your copy from the WordPress repository. 

Google Doc Embedder

If you want to use various formats of your documents and don’t want to convert your files, you should use Google Doc Embedder. This plugin supports numerous file formats of documents, no matter what format your document is. Embed any file like PDFs, PowerPoint, Excel, and other file formats. 

After installing the plugin, you can embed your PDF and other document files directly. As the name goes, this plugin relies on Google Doc Viewer. You can make your file accessible to the public after the successful upload of your file. Moreover, it can translate your document to engage more people. 

Therefore, Google Doc Embedder is one of the best WordPress PDF plugins that provide you an embed button while writing your post to add pdf and other file formats. It comes with fewer customization options like modifying borders, background colors and enhanced viewer mode. As this plugin can translate your document up to 10 languages, you can target an international audience if you want. 


  • Quick Embed button
  • Support numerous file types
  • Translates your documents up to 10 languages
  • Shortcodes options available
  • It does not require a pro version


  • Less control over your documents

Price: This plugin is free. Grab your copy now from the WordPress repository. 

Gravity PDF

Gravity PDF is another best free WordPress PDF plugin that offers the solution for creating digital PDF documents using Gravity Forms and WordPress. This plugin comes with highly-customizable PDF templates to show your user’s data more professionally. Customize your documents by adding the company logo, set font size, color, and paper size.

Moreover, it supports various languages like Chinese, Japanese, and RTL. You will have the option to use the plugin along with Gravity Forms to activate the option of emailing your PDF to your users automatically as soon as they fill out the form. Moreover, you can restrict PDF access until your user makes the payment. 

It is best for people who deal with business documents and contracts and send the company’s policy back and forth. No third party is involved while generating your PDFs, so your data will be secured from breaching. You can also add payment add-ons like PayPal, Stripe, etc. 


  • Offers 4 free PDF template to showcase your documents
  • No data breach
  • Supports complex languages like Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, etc
  • Sends PDFs automatically as soon as they fill the form
  • No third party involvement
  • Add payment gateway.


  • Gravity PDF requires Gravity Forms to work. 

Price: This plugin is free, but you can buy their premium add-ons. Make sure you visit their website to learn more about their premium add-ons. 

Do you wish to showcase your PDF documents like a flipbook? If you do, you should try the 3D Flipbook that lets your users browse images, PDFs, and HTML as a flipbook. You can even use it to demonstrate magazines, books, cards, brochures, booklets, and much more naturally. 

Its 3D feature is the most relaxed way to grab your user’s attention and give your audience a real experience of reading a book naturally. It comes with flexible page corners that your user can drag to flip the page just anyone turns the page of a physical book. It also features some cool skin to customize the plugin and a user behavior prediction system easily. 

Furthermore, you can render PDFs fast in high quality. It also supports PDF links and highlighters, allows a realistic view, and performs page flipping animation. You will have some other features like CSS layers, PDF search, PDF bookmarks, Flip sounds, auto resolution, etc. 


  • Google Analytics
  • Predefined Flipbook styles
  • PDF links
  • Flexible page corners
  • Lightbox effect
  • Double page’s PDFs
  • Live Preview


  • No significant disadvantages were found.

Price: Download the plugin for free from the WordPress repository.


Now that you have known all about the 7 best WordPress PDF plugins, we assume that you have made your mind already to select one from this list above. All of these WordPress PDF plugins let you professionally showcase your PDF and let your users save or download the post in PDF format. Even these plugins help you to secure your documents from copying. 

Now that you have the 7 best WordPress PDF plugins list, you should try and see which one works best for you. 

Do you want to use PDF files on your site or use any to secure your documents? Let us know your thoughts about these plugins and if we have missed mentioning any best plugins on our list. Don’t forget to share it on social media if you have enjoyed reading the post. 

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