3 Best WordPress Content Box Plugins

WordPress is a widely used platform for managing content that enables users to generate and distribute content online. In WordPress, a content box is often used as a way to organize and present information on a website. It is essentially a container or block where you can add different types of content, such as text, images, videos, links, or any other type of media. Content boxes can be used to highlight key points, add call-to-action buttons, or showcase specific products or services. By incorporating content boxes into your WordPress content, you can improve the overall readability and visual appeal of their posts and pages, ultimately increasing engagement and driving conversions.

A content box plugin in WordPress is a third-party software add-on that provides additional functionality for creating and customizing content boxes on a website. WordPress content box plugins typically include a variety of customizable templates, layouts, and design elements to make it easy for users to create attractive content boxes without any coding skills. Some content box plugins also offer features such as animations, hover effects, and integration with other WordPress plugins. Here we have made a list of some of the best WordPress plugins that offer the content box feature to create more visually appealing and engaging content on their website. Let us take a glance.


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1. Ultimate Blocks

The Ultimate Blocks plugin for WordPress is a robust tool that boasts a user-friendly interface with diverse features, making it indispensable for individuals seeking to produce captivating and visually striking content on the platform.

To create visually appealing content boxes on WordPress, one can make use of the Ultimate Blocks plugin. This plugin is equipped with various functional content blocks that are tailor-made for the Gutenberg editor. The plugin offers a range of styles for your content boxes, allowing you to choose from Notification Box, Feature Box, Number Box, and Bordered Box, enabling users to select the one that best suits their needs. Once you choose your preferred content box, you can commence by adding text, images, numbers, or borders to your boxes. Additionally, you have the option to modify the text color, background color, and foreground color of the box through the block settings.

The content box feature of the Ultimate Blocks plugin is a powerful tool that enables users to create visually striking content with ease. Users can choose from a variety of customization options, making it easy to incorporate content boxes into any type of content.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface. 
  • Responsive in nature. 
  • Offers to add images, texts, numbers, and borders. 
  • Customizable color schemes. 
  • Customizable border settings. 
  • Modify text color, background, and foreground color. 


The Ultimate Blocks plugin for WordPress has a free version available on the WordPress repository and can be downloaded for free.

2. Magic Content Box Lite

Magic Content Box Lite is a free and user-friendly WordPress plugin that minimizes the effort of creating and managing content boxes on your website. With an easy-to-use interface and pre-designed templates, the plugin allows its users to create and customize the page section of the WordPress content in a visually appealing way. 

The Magic Content Box constructs a stunning sequence of page sections using Gutenberg blocks for WordPress content, enabling you to effortlessly construct the website you’ve longed for. By utilizing this plugin, you can create a stunning website with an array of advanced options and controls using over 30 pre-built design patterns readily available for import. The title/subtitle segment offers a range of layouts that can catalyze a superior header design. With a predefined collection of shapes and picture alignment options, you can create stunning sections that captivate your audience. Additionally, the plugin allows for an attractive button appearance with customizable fill and border styles, complete with hover effects.

Incorporating the inner content section enables you to add multiple blocks within the content box, thereby providing a dynamic and engaging experience for your website visitors. Furthermore, the ability to separate individual sections with layered shapes in various colors adds a distinctive touch to your website’s aesthetic.

Key Features:

  • Fully responsive and user-friendly. 
  • Tailor-made block layouts with reverse option. 
  • Ready-made design patterns. 
  • 30+  image masking shapes, including regular, bubble, ring, brush, and blob shapes. 
  • Attractive button layouts. 
  • 100+ icons for buttons. 
  • Highly customizable. 
  • Default typography and color control. 


The Magic Content Box Lite plugin is available in free and Premium versions. The free version can be found in the WordPress directory, whereas the Pro version will cost you $14. 

3. Infobox

Infobox, introduced by WPDeveloper, is a resourceful and powerful tool for anyone looking to enhance their WordPress site with eye-catching and informative boxes. The plugin is intended to be intuitive and straightforward without requiring any coding expertise, enabling you to present your highlights and essential information in a visually appealing manner.

With the Infobox plugin, you will have the flexibility to personalize your Infobox content, colors, and other elements to suit your precise requirements. Info Box simplifies the process of showcasing your essential highlights with the desired title, as well as providing an option to include a CTA button below the information. The button can redirect visitors to event details, a scheduled calendar, or social media pages. Furthermore, Info Box makes it effortless to briefly present your services, product features, or installation details, allowing you to achieve your desired results with ease. 

It’s worth noting that Infobox is lightweight and optimized for speedy loading. Additionally, it offers customization options that enable you to personalize the appearance of your content, such as creating icons, modifying CTA buttons, or completely revamping the overall visual style.

Key Features:

  • Super lightweight and user-friendly. 
  • Tailor-made captivating interface designs.
  • Multiple design options for icons and CTA buttons.
  • The Content feature section includes InfoBox Image, InfoBox Content, and Link.
  • Different styles are available in different colors and typography. 


The Infobox plugin is accessible to all and can be obtained for free from the WordPress directory.


Content box WordPress plugins are a great way to enhance your website’s appearance and functionality. With so many plugins available in the market, it can be a little bit daunting to choose the right one. However, by considering factors such as features, ease of use, and compatibility, you can select the best content box plugin for your website. Whether you are looking to showcase your services, products, or team members, there is a content box plugin that can help you create beautiful and engaging content.  So, take time, study the article, and choose the right plugin for your website, and you’ll be able to create content that captures the attention of your visitors and helps you achieve your goals.

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