7 Best WordPress Facebook Chat Plugins (Messenger & Live Chat)

Best Free WordPress Facebook Chat Plugins

Want to provide your customer with the quickest and easiest way to reach you? Using a WordPress Facebook chat plugin can help you do that instantly. 

You may ask, why WordPress Facebook chat plugins, not other WordPress live chat plugins? The majority of people use Facebook to connect, and WordPress Facebook chat plugins allow users to initiate the chat using their Facebook ID instead of inputting their email and name. 

Besides, it’s a hassle when you have to input your email ID and name before starting a chat. Moreover, the Facebook shop is also getting popular day by day, and it’s a vast marketplace to promote your business. 

Using a WordPress Facebook or messenger chat plugin, you can solve your customer issues right away if their query is simple. Some plugins also allow your customer to call you directly instead of chatting and rate your agent’s customer service.  

So why would you not use WordPress Facebook chat plugins after seeing all these benefits?

Grab one today, but not all WordPress Facebook plugins are the best. Therefore, we have picked the best 7 WordPress Facebook chat plugins from several. Learn more about them in the detailed discussion below. 



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Let’s learn more about these plugins.

Facebook Chat Plugin

If you want a free and official solution to chat with customers using Facebook Messenger, the Facebook Chat plugin is the exact one you’ve been looking for. 

Using the plugin, both registered Facebook users and non-Facebook users can chat with you while they are browsing your site.

Facebook provides a guest mode to non-Facebook users while chatting with you so that you never lose a customer; instead, you get more and more customers. 

This plugin guarantees that your customer will not lose their chatting with you since all the messages will be saved in their Messenger. T

he same goes for you too. All the messages between you and your customer will be saved in your Facebook account. 

The exciting part of the plugin is that it allows you to define auto-replies when you are away.

You can also specify the FAQ and hours of your availability. The plugin also provides you with messaging analytics for your Facebook page. 

If your customer needs to chat with you while they are on your website, they will need to press the lower right corner and click on the messenger button. 

Top Features

  • Integrates with WooCommerce
  • Accept payments 
  • Automate FAQs
  • Auto replies
  • Define hours of availability
  • Live agent integration
  • Showcase product
  • Send follow-ups
  • Collect customer feedback

Price: Get this official WordPress Facebook Messenger chat plugin for free.  


Provide better customer support and solve their problem on the go by chatting with them instantly using LiveChat. It is one of the robust WordPress chat plugins to connect all your websites into a single chat account.

It easily integrates with Facebook Messenger so that you can keep all your communication under one hood.

You can also reply to assist your customer right away and accept or send attachments to understand better and solve your customers’ problems. 

Furthermore, you can also hold multiple chat sessions simultaneously and send defined responses or canned responses to FAQs. 

It also comes with a built-in ticketing system to provide far better customer support 24/7. The ticketing system allows you to collect all the issues of customers when you are away. 

This plugin also supports major page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, SiteOrion, etc. Moreover, LiveChat is also translated into over 40+ languages to provide you the freedom of using the plugin on multilingual sites. 

Top Features

  • Translated into 45 languages
  • Chat on multiple websites from one single account
  • File upload support
  • Support and agent ranking
  • Canned responses
  • Reports and analytics
  • Ticket form
  • Chat transfer
  • Chat surveys
  • Messenger integration
  • Chat widget customization 

Price: Initially, the live chat WordPress plugin lets you enjoy the free version for 14 days. But after that, you have to pay $20/month annually for a single site. You can also select other packages that cost much higher. 


HubSpot offers various functionalities that you need in one place to run a successful business website. The free live chat function is one of the most used functionalities of HubSpot. 

The live chat option allows visitors to connect with your website in real time and turn them into new leads, providing them with excellent customer support. 

With the widget support, you can effortlessly integrate live chat into your website. The widget is highly customizable, as you can customize the color to match your brand and make targeted welcome messages for different web pages or audiences. 

Another interesting fact about the HubSpot Live Chat option is that it automatically stores every chat conversation in a universal inbox on HubSpot’s free CRM. It gives you full context and a clear view of every customer interaction. 

If you are far away or your team members are too busy, you can let the chatbot handle the live chat for you. The included chatbot helps you qualify leads, schedule a meeting, answer customers’ common questions, etc. 

Key Features

  • Slack Integration
  • Create a Customizable Live Chatbot
  • Chat Automation for Faster Response
  • CRM Integration
  • Customizable Chat Widget
  • Stores Chat Conversation in Universal Inbox

Price: The free version is downloadable from the WordPress repository. But for the pro version, you must pay a minimum of $18 monthly. 


Another impressive WordPress Facebook Chat plugin is Chaty which provides your customer the ultimate freedom to connect and chat with you using their chat app while browsing your site.

No matter which social media or chat app your customers are using, they can chat with you immediately, but first, they have to select which social media they would prefer to contact and chat with you. 

They can use WhatsApp, Viber, Slack, Telegram, Messenger, Skype, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Therefore, it’s one of the perfect WordPress Facebook chat plugins that allows your customers to call you directly. 

The exciting part of the plugin is that it provides premium features for free. For instance, it offers various button designs, animation effects, display triggers, contact us form and many more for free. 

Though it is a better free solution, it has its limitations too. Using the free version, you can add up to two different click-to-chat channels, whereas the pro version allows you to set up to 25 other click-to-chat channels. 

The pro version offers more robust features like chat button customization with hex codes, uploading your own custom chat button icon, traffic source targeting, country targeting, Custom CSS, widget analytics, and much more.

Top Features

  • Show up to 2 different click-to-chat channels
  • Add a custom Call-To-Action message
  • Chatbox animation to attract customers
  • Chat button customization
  • Contact us form
  • Widget size adjustment
  • Show different chat channels for mobile and desktop
  • Show all the channels you want at the same time (Pro)
  • Country targeting (Pro)
  • Widget Analytics  (Pro)

Price:  You can get the free version easily from the WordPress repository. The pro version costs $15/month for a single site. 


Next, we have WP-Chatbot that adds an OmniChat widget throughout your site and provides you with the fastest and most reliable way to chat with your customer.

Since the plugin is integrated with Facebook, users registered with Facebook can interact directly with you. 

Do not worry if your customer does not have a Facebook ID. They can still contact you via live chat using guest mode.

Your user can use any web chat app to contact you since all you need is to create one chatbot instead of creating numerous different chat apps.

You will also have a single chatbot dashboard to see all your customer messages from different chatting apps. Therefore, WP-Chatbot makes it easy to reply to all your customers from one place. 

You will not miss a single interaction with your customer even if you are away or sleeping or busy with other work since the chatbot is here.

The chatbot will take care of the interaction with the customer for simple issues that you can check back later. 

Furthermore, it saves the chat history forever so that you can start contacting your old customers whenever you want.

Overall this plugin provides you the simplest way to add a live chat button to your site.

Top Features

  • Ability to chat with both Facebook & non-Facebook users
  • Chat button shape & location customization
  • Chat button color customization with hex code & color picker
  • Add a chat button on designated or all pages
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Language selection for chat
  • Keeps chat history forever, as Facebook does
  • Facebook business page integration

Price: You can use this plugin for free by downloading it from the WordPress repository. 


Last but not least, we have JivoChat, another popular WordPress Facebook chat plugin that is well WordPress to facilitate live chat with customers. 

JivoChat is an all-in-one live chat tool that lets you talk with your customers via chat, phone, email, and social media. The plugin is famous for being integrated with popular apps like Slack, PipeDrive, Zoho CRM, etc. 

Just like our previous plugin on the list, JivoChat supports the Omni Channel. Therefore, your user can live chat with you from any messaging app. All the messages and communications will be saved in one place to manage your contacts more efficiently. 

One distinct feature of the plugin that makes the plugin special from other plugins is multi-agent chat. Multi-agent chat allows you to transfer discussions to other expert colleagues when you can’t handle your customer’s issue. 

With JivoChat, you are bound to forget the language barriers since the plugin automatically translates your live chat in both directions with foreign-language speakers quickly and accurately. 

The plugin is capable enough to translate any inputted text into 90+ different languages. Moreover, you can use the chat widget in 20 other languages. 

Top Features

  • Omnichannel 
  • Callbacks
  • Multi-agent chats
  • Unlimited archive
  • Team chats
  • GDPR compliant
  • Chat auto-translation
  • Visitor monitoring & smart triggers

Price: Use this impressive WordPress messenger chat plugin for free

Cresta Social Messenger

Cresta Social Manager is another free WordPress Facebook chat plugin that allows your customers to contact you directly using their Facebook account. 

With the provided messenger icon on your site, customers can initiate contacting you immediately. You may find your customer’s messages in your private messages. 

Embedding the plugin is super easy. Using shortcodes, you can place the messenger button into your posts and pages. You get to choose on which pages you want to display the Facebook Messenger button. 

The plugin also comes with a pro version that gets you more advanced options like adjusting the position of the chat button, changing the background color, Facebook Messenger widget, button size, button animations, etc. 

The plugin is also compatible with WooCommerce and WPML. Using the plugin on a WooCommerce site and multilingual site is easy. 

Top Features

  • Shortcode support
  • Select particular pages for the messenger button
  • Opens the Messenger app on the phone when clicking on the button
  • Supports WooCommerce and WPML
  • Adds the chat button at the bottom right of your site
  • Button animation (Pro)
  • Button position (Pro)
  • Button size (Pro)

Price: You can access the free version of this WordPress Facebook chat plugin from the WordPress repository. The pro version will cost you €9.99/year for a single site. 


We hope you have all the information you need to choose the best WordPress Facebook Chat plugin for your site. If you are starting up a new business, you must keep live chat support so that your customers can believe you right away. 

So far, we have collected the best 7 Free WordPress Facebook chat plugins above, but you do not need to install all of them, that’s for sure. All of the plugins above are highly capable of setting up a chat button on your WordPress site effectively. 

If you are still confused about which one to pick for your site, make sure to check out the top features of each plugin again, or you can go to the download page to check out their complete feature list. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading the full post. If you do, please share the post with your friends and family on your social media. After all, sharing is caring. 

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