7 Best Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugins (2023)

The core idea of affiliate marketing is straightforward, as you all know: convince people to click on the affiliate link and make them purchase products from that link. But long, cryptic-looking links won’t cut it in affiliate marketing, as people often don’t want to click on that link that looks suspicious or malicious. So, the solution is link cloaking. 

Link cloaking will turn your long, ugly-looking affiliate link into a shorter, more convincing URL. For example, you can turn www.productexample.wordpress/product/2asdc203 to www.productexample.wordpress/iphone14, which is way far informative and trustworthy looking. 

Now, there are many WordPress plugins for affiliate link cloaking. So, which one will you choose? Which one will be the best for your affiliate program? Which one will attract the most traffic or increase CTR? To answer all the questions, today we’ve brought the list of 7 Best Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugins (2023). These are handpicked plugins, perfect for the job, and tested by many satisfied users.


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So, let’s get to work then! 

1. ThirstyAffiliates

If anyone talks about link cloaking, the name ThirstyAffiliates will surely come up at some point. And as numbers don’t lie, This is one of the best affiliate link-cloaking plugins for WordPress sites, without any doubt, With more than 400K+ downloads worldwide. You can not only redirect links with this plugin, but you can also manage all your links on a single page with the help of this plugin. 

ThristyAffiliates not only cloaks long links but also gives you many options. For starters, you can pick from 301 (default), 302, or 307 redirects, all of which are safe. And with the Quick Add button, you can add affiliate links while writing, saving you tons of time. 

Another significant advantage this plugin offers is the smart uncloaking feature. Suppose you are using an affiliate program that doesn’t like links behind a redirect (i.e., Amazon Associates). In that case, you can show the affiliate link to site visitors unchanged. It’s beneficial in case you use different types of affiliate programs. 

With its automatic keyword linking feature, you can set up a predefined set of keywords to be automatically linked to affiliate links. It can help you monetize your content throughout the entire site, even the ones in the back catalogs. And to monitor how your affiliate links are performing, this plugin will provide you with fantastic statistics reports, along with geolocations. 

Key Features

  • Multiple safe redirect options.
  • Smart uncloaking option.
  • No link clashing or database bloating with useless information.
  • Option to add images to affiliate links.
  • Click-tracking option.
  • Automatic keyword linking (Pro).
  • High-speed HTAccess redirect (Pro).
  • Automatic link health checker (Pro).
  • Amazon API Importing (Pro).
  • Advanced statistics report with geolocations (Pro).


Free | Basic plan starts at $79.50 / year. 

2. Pretty Links 

Won’t it be great if you could’ve just added all the affiliate links on your site at once, and all of them would be placed strategically all over your site, automatically! That is what Pretty Links does; it takes the load on itself and does the hard labor for you. This and many other reasons behind it becoming one of the most popular link-cloaking WordPress plugins, with 300,000+ active installations! 

With Pretty Links, you will get your usual 301 permanent redirects and 302/307 temporary redirects. On top of that, there are options for more advanced redirects like JavaScript-based redirection, Meta-Refresh, and framed cloak redirection. With the PrettyBar redirection option of this plugin, you can promote your brand even when consumers click on external links. 

You can leave managing links to this plugin with your eyes closed. It will create short links for all your pages and posts and automatically add relevant links to your blog posts. Once you’ve specified keywords, it will automatically analyze your site’s contents and replace them with links.  And if these are not enough, you can use your links as tracking pixels, enabling you to track email opens, conversations, and whatnot!

Key Features

  • Completely intuitive admin interface.  
  • One-click link sharing.
  • Fully customizable slugs. 
  • Overall click tracking, and unique link click tracking. 
  • Highly customizable report generation.
  • Google Analytics plugin integration. 
  • CSV generation and download feature.
  • Automatic keyword and URL replacement (Pro).
  • Automatic link generation for posts and pages (Pro). 
  • Advanced redirect types (Pro).


Free | Beginner plan starts at $99.50/year, for single site use.

3. Better Links

If you are looking for a link-cloaking plugin that is very easy to use, yet powerful enough to get the job done perfectly, then Better Links can be the perfect choice for you. Armed with a simple drag-and-drop interface, this plugin can create customized shorter WordPress URLs and track, monitor, and analyze links for improved performance. 

BetterLinks is equipped with a robust drag-and-drop builder, enabling you to quickly manage and organize the links you need. You can instantly transfer links to another category, and you can even organize them as per your personal preferences. In addition to adding new links, you can edit or delete existing ones, all from a single platform. 

Another big advantage of this plugin is that if you are switching from another link-cloaking plugin, you can do it instantly. You can easily import data from your previous plugin, and migrate to BetterLinks in mere minutes. If you are thinking about changing your existing plugin and trying out a new one, BetterLink can be the one for you. 

Key Features

  • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface.
  • Quick link shortening and one-click link share options. 
  • Click and unique click tracking feature.
  • UTM code generator and Gutenberg support.
  • Built-in analytics and reports. 
  • Allows instant migration.
  • Google Analytics integration (Pro).
  • Split testing (Pro). 
  • Advanced redirects and dynamic links (Pro). 


Free | Individual plan starts at $79 for a single site license, with 1 year of update and support. 

4. URL Shortener

If you are a marketer, who likes to promote your content on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook, then URL Shortener is a must-have tool in your WordPress plugin collection. This will help you make URLs short enough to post on social media. This plugin can make custom URLs that are easy to remember without changing any other aspect of your website. These URLs can even be shared mouth-to-mouth; those will be that simple.

One of the biggest advantages of this plugin is the customization. Users will have control over how their links will look like. So, you can now tweak the settings, and design the controls for shaping them as you deem best. You won’t need to bring any changes to your site for that. 

You will also have the option of using shortcodes, making it more convenient for adding links. You can also stop spiders and trackers from accessing order confirmation pages and activation codes by adding ‘nofollow’ to your links.

Key Features

  • Fully customizable.
  • Open links in new windows feature. 
  • Click-tracking feature.
  • Option to add title attribute.
  • Bulk replace links in old pages and posts. 
  • Option to add nofollow and noreferrer. 
  • Allows setting up redirection delay (Pro).
  • Feature to show different URLs on hover (Pro).
  • Redirect with Javascript, Meta refresh tag, and Invisible frame (Pro).


Free | The Pro version is available at $19, with 1 year of updates and support.

5. Easy Affiliate Links


Easy Affiliate Links is one of the best freemium link-cloaking plugins available for WordPress sites. You can easily cloak all your links from one single platform and uncloak them when necessary. On top of that, you can automatically track the links with no effort and time. 

The best thing about this plugin is its ease of use. You can use the classic WordPress editor here if you are a fan of it. And if you want to use the new Gutenberg block editor, you also have the option. Regardless of your editor, you can control all your links from a single page. 

Another excellent feature of Easy Affiliate Links is the ability to use UGC and sponsored attributes for your links. This is very helpful for SEO, as sponsored attributes make it easier to rank higher in searches. So, if you are trying to rank your site on search engines, this plugin is a good choice. 

Key Features

  • Compatible with both the classic editor and Gutenberg block editor. 
  • Can create shortlinks to cloak affiliate links optionally.
  • Automatic text disclaimer for affiliate links.
  • Monthly and lifetime click tracking.
  • Ability to import and export your links to XML and CSV. 
  • Allows use of UGC and sponsored attributes for your links. 
  • Offers valuable insights with click statistics and charts (Pro).
  • Automatic broken links checker with email notifications (Pro).
  • Shows automatic tooltip disclaimers when hovering over links (Pro).
  • Feature to use replacement links to temporarily swap affiliate links (Pro).


Free | You can get the premium version of Easy Affiliate Links at $29, for a single site license. 

6. Lasso

Now, if budget is not an issue, and you are not afraid of spending money, then you can definitely go for Lasso. It is the only fully premium link-cloaking plugin on this list today. This plugin is asking for full price, delivering all the features you’d expect from a premium link-cloaking WordPress plugin. You’ll get the whole package by redirecting your affiliate links, checking link health, and importing links. So, do not worry about the money you will spend; it’ll be worth it. 

Lasso will create a database of all the links you’ll have. You’ll be able to replace all the old URLs with new affiliate links from there. And the best thing about it? You can do that from the dashboard this plugin provides, and you won’t even need to switch to WordPress editor! On top of that, you can find new affiliate programs to join. 

If you are using the Amazon affiliate program, Lasso will be especially of help to you. Just copy and paste the Amazon URL, and the plugin will automatically grab the product title, image, and price. The good thing about it is that you won’t need an API key; Lasso will take care of it. It will convert the URL to an affiliate link. And even if there are any changes to the product description or anything, there is no need to worry, as the plugin itself will update the link every 24 hours, including images. And if the product goes out of stock, Lasso will notify you about it. 

Key Features

  • Impressive product display, which is A/B tested. 
  • Click tracking. 
  • Amazon integration, with updates every 24 hours. 
  • Google analytics integration. 
  • Allows adding custom permalink.
  • Offers a vast database of new affiliate programs to join.
  • One-click link import from other link-cloaking plugins.
  •  Link health checker.
  • Great dashboard. 


The price for Lasso starts at $39/month, for a single site use. 

7. EasyAzon 

If you are only focused on Amazon affiliating, then the last pick of this list is for you. EasyAzon is one of the best affiliate link-cloaking WordPress plugins, and it claims to be the quickest way to create Amazon affiliate links, which is absolutely true. This plugin lets you create affiliate links in moments, and you can enable link localization for any region where the Amazon affiliate program is available. And the best thing about this plugin? It’s free! 

With this plugin, you can create set-up plugins to be opened in new windows/tabs when clicked, making people stay longer on your sites. You can also have no-follow attributes applied to your links. Not only text links, but you can also set up images from Amazon to make those clickable links. So, whenever a visitor clicks on those images, they will be taken to the affiliate links, increasing the chance of more sales.  

Automatic link localization is another fantastic feature of this plugin. With this feature, you can control where the visitors will be taken when they click on your affiliate links, based on their geolocation. For example, if someone from France clicks on the link, they’ll automatically be taken to Amazon.co.fr links. This way, you can catch more traffic by redirecting them to region-specified links, boosting your sales.

Key Features

  • Free of charge.
  • Complete control over links with easy setup.
  • Image affiliate links.
  • Product information blocks.
  • Product pop-ups.
  • Add to cart functionality.
  • Automatic link localization.
  • Support for multiple affiliate tracking IDs. 
  • Automated Bestseller Lists. 




So, we’ve reached the end of today’s discussion. All the link-cloaking plugins we’ve mentioned here are the bests in the market, hand-picked and tested by experts, and chosen by thousands of professional affiliate marketers.

So, you won’t be on the rope’s short length picking any of them. However, if you want a suggestion on which one to choose, here it is: If you have been using link-cloaking plugins for a while, ThirstyAffiliates, BetterLinks, and PrettyLinks are equally good, in terms of premium features. So, use the free versions, and choose which one you want to buy.

If you are a newcomer and looking for something cheaper to use, go for URL Shortener and Easy Affiliate Links, because of their lower price points. And if money is not an issue, try out Lasso. And if you are only doing Amazon affiliating, go for EasyAzon.  

If you have any questions regarding the 7 Best Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugins (2023), ask them in the comment section, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. And if you liked the write-up, please do share it. We wish you all the best. 

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