7 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid)

Still, figuring out which is the — best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin? 

Well, If you’re someone having a WordPress powered Amazon affiliate website, our handpicked collection of seven best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins will help you.  

There are various tasks that can be done with the help of a Amazon affiliate plugin in minutes. One hassle of running a WordPress powered Amazon affiliate website is to manually create affiliate links, cloak it, and then add it to your posts and pages. Another one, updating the product lists with updated prices and uploading new images. The list will go long. 

To solve this hassle, we have curated a handpicked list of seven best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins to help you kickstart your affiliate journey. The list of the Amazon affiliate includes free as well as paid options, all the plugin mentioned here are compliance with all new and updated Amazon associates rules. 

So let’s dive in. 





WP Table Builder



AmaLinks Pro


Amazon Auto Links


AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin) is the ultimate WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates. The plugin provides a one-stop solution for inserting and tracking Amazon affiliate links across your WordPress website. The AAWP plugin offers robust essential and advanced features to help you promote Amazon’s affiliate products effectively. 

The AAWP plugin enables you to — add hypertext links to your posts, comparison tables, product boxes links, widgets links, and so on. The best part, AAWP plugin comes with Geotargeting for affiliate links. Once a user clicks on your affiliate links, it will automatically redirect the user to the country level Amazon domains. 

Let’s take a sneak peek into the key features of the AAWP affiliate plugins. 

Text Links: With the help of the text links, you can add specific products name inside your content. Also, the corresponding links and the output name mainly generated automatically. What’s more, the product name can be overwritten manually. 

Single & Multiple Product Boxes: The AAWP plugin allows you to add a single or multiple product box on your posts or pages. The plugin comes with shortcodes which enables you to display one or more stunning products boxes. 

Comparison Tables: With the help of the AAWP plugin you can easily compare multiple products by adding a comparison table within your content. What’s more, you can customize the look and feel to make it look engaging and attractive. 

Widgets: The plugin comes with robust widgets that enables you to add amazon affiliate products anywhere on your Amazon affiliate website. Also, the plugin gives you full customization control which enables you to change the styles and content. 

The best part about the AAWP plugin, all the products, prices, and discounts get automatically refreshed so that your listing should be always updated. Moreover, you can choose various design options and even add your custom designs styles to match the look and feel of your website. 

Pricing: The single site license costs $42 yearly which includes one of customer support and plugin updates. 

2. WP Table Builder

The WP Table Builder is the most versatile Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin. The WP Table Builder plugin is developed by developers of Ultimate Blocks and other popular WordPress ventures. The WP Table Builder plugin enables you to create stunning and conversion-focused tables to your Amazon affiliate website. 

The WP Table Builder has it all, which can help you promote your Amazon affiliate products in an effective way. Creating a product table and list of products is quite easy and straightforward with WP Table Builder. The WP Table Builder comes with five elements which are — Text, Image, List, Button, and Star Rating. This indicates you can add text, images, list, a CTA button, and star rating to your tables you created with WP Table Builder. 

WP Table Builder plugin gives you complete flexibility to manage all the aspects of your table’s designs and customization. As it comes with a robust cell management feature that enables you to add, merge, and split cells. 

The best part about WP Table Builder it comes with drag and drops table building interface which makes it super easy to create stunning Amazon product tables. What’s more, the plugin enables you to add tables anywhere on your website with the help of shortcodes. 

Pricing: WP Table Builder is completely free to use. 

3. AzonPress

AzonPress is an easy to use yet powerful Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress. The AzonPress plugin has an intuitive interface which makes it super easy to manage your Amazon affiliate website. As the plugin, the plugin comes with a two-step installation, after that you’re ready to manage all the aspects of the AzonPress plugin. 

Comparison Tables: The AzonPress plugin enables you to add stunning product comparison tables to your posts and pages. You can add affiliate links along with a call to action buttons to the comparison tables you create. The comparison tables you add to your posts and pages are responsive to all devices. 

Products Showcase: The plugins helps you to display product info, images, ratings, reviews along with affiliate links in a stunning product showcase box. The AzonPress uses data from Amazon API which is fully compliant with Amazon policies. 

Geo-Targeting: The plugin has a robust geo-targeting feature that mainly redirects your users to their respective country’s Amazon site easily. The features help you get more conversions through your affiliate links. 

Call To Action Buttons: The plugin comes with a powerful call to action aka button feature. You can easily add CTA to the comparison tables or product tables you create with this plugin. 

Moreover, it comes with other useful features customizable layouts, shortcodes support, accurate tracking, user-friendly, 24/7 customer support and so on. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable Amazon affiliate plugin, AzonPress is the best shot to take. 

Pricing: The single website license of AzonPress Pro costs $39, the Agency License costs $79 for upto 20 websites. 

4. WZone (WooCommerce Amazon Affiliate)

WZone is an ultimate  WordPress WooCommerce Amazon affiliate plugin. If you have a WooCommerce powered Amazon affiliate website, WZone is the reliable plugin for incorporating affiliate links to your WooCommerce store. 

The WZone plugin enables you to select products from Amazon marketplace and promote them to your WooCommerce with a click of button. The plugin allows you to add products on your WooCommerce store automatically on the basis of the keyword you enter. 

When a visitor lands of your website, they will see the products on your store, but once they click on the buy button they will be redirected to Amazon site. The best part, you can add your affiliate links to the products you’re promoting on your WooCommerce store. 

What’s more, the WZone make use of Amazon’s API key to easily keep your WooCommerce products listing up to date with ease. The plugin also gives you an in-depth reports which helps you check your sales dashboard to meet your marketing and sales goals. 

To sum it up, if you have an WooCommerce store promoting Amazon products, WZone plugin is worth taking a shot. 

Pricing: The basic plan of WZone starts at $49 for a single site. This plan includes all the premium features of WZone. 

5. AmaLinks Pro

AmaLinks Pro is another reliable Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin which has a similar approach to the AAWP plugin. The plugin enables you to add both text and image-based affiliate links, beautiful product displays to any WordPress posts or pages. 

The plugin has an easy to use interface which enables you to easily manage all the aspects of your Amazon affiliate website. AmaLinks Pro enables you to add products from Amazon marketplace to your WordPress affiliate website real quick and easy. 

AmaLinks Pro has a table builder and comparison table builder add-on which enables you to add stunning tables to your WordPress posts and pages. All the data you add to your tables will be pulled from Amazon official website. Within the comparison tables and products list you can easily add conversion focused call to action buttons. What’s more, the AmaLinks Pro plugin helps you add beautiful product showcase boxes, even it offer various pre-made products designs to choose from. 

Moreover, the AmaLinks Pro seamlessly integrates with the Google Analytics, which helps you track all the impressions and clicks on the products you’re promoting. The best part about AmaLinks Pro it comes with copy/paste showcase shortcodes to display comparison tables, products showcase anywhere on your WordPress website. 

Pricing: AmaLinks Pro pricing starts at $67 yearly for a single site license and the Table Builder Add-on. 

6. Easy Azon

Easy Azon is a robust Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin that comes with a free and pro version. Easy Azon is the quickest way to create affiliate links directly from your WordPress post editor. The Easy Azon Pro version enables you to create text and image affiliate links directly to any products available on Amazon. 

The setup of this plugin is simple and they actually supports every Amazon marketplace such as USA, Canada, China, India, UK etc. The Easy Azon Pro version provides additional support for other affiliate links options. With the Pro version you can add product info blocks where you can showcase product title, image thumbnail, price and even add a buy button. 

The Easy Azon Pro version enables the toggling to links to open in a new tab and enabling the no-follow attributes to affiliate links. The plugin also offers automated link cloaking which solves the affiliate link cloaking hassles. 

What’s more, the Easy Azon plugin comes with multiple affiliate tracking IDs’ which enables you to track all the sales and conversions on your Amazon affiliate website. 

Pricing: The Easy Azon has a free plugin with limited feature. The Easy Azon Pro plugin pricing starts $47 for unlimited usage on personal websites. 

7. Amazon Auto Links

Last but not least, Amazon Auto Links is a robot Amazon affiliate plugin. This plugin enables you to easily add Amazon products to your affiliate website using the Amazon API. Now you don’t need to find search for products a pasting the products to your website. 

The plugin allows you to add Amazon products to your WordPress website using category or keyword you use. Also, it enables you to add specific products to your WordPress website. All in all, the plugin comes with 4 ways to add products to your websites that are:

URL: List products from an external website sources.

Product Search: Use product search to find and list products.

Category: Add a products on the basis of category you

Products or Item Look-up: Add some specific products of your choice. 

The plugin also provides easy to use shortcodes parameters which enables you to customize the output. You can customize image size, length of the description, products titles and so on.  Also, the products you’re adding to your website will automatically adjust and use your affiliate links. 

Pricing: The plugin is completely free to use. 


So this our handpicked list of seven best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins in 2020 & beyond. All the Amazon affiliate plugins mentioned in the list are tested, and approved from Amazon affiliate marketers. 

Which Is you top pick from the list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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