6+ Best Free WordPress Coupon Code Plugins

Best WordPress Coupon Code Plugins

We all love discounts on the product we buy. There is hardly anyone who does not like discounts. Discounts and better deals make us visit the shop repeatedly though the product quality should be good. 

Like physical shopping, we also love virtual discounts while shopping for virtual products. After all, coupons are not only something you see in the newspaper or magazines to buy groceries physically. 

We are obsessed with saving money, no matter what we are buying and from where we are buying. You can give your customer the joy of saving money simply by giving them coupons or gift cards. 

If your products are good and offering your customer a good deal with coupons or discounts, your sale will be doubled. And the more you sell, the more money you can generate.

If you want to display or create coupons for your physical or virtual products on your website, you could do that easily with WordPress coupon code plugins. I have listed the 6+ best WordPress Coupon Code Plugins to save your valuable time searching for the best one. 

To find out more, keep reading the post. 

6+ Best WordPress Coupon Code Plugins

WP Coupons and Deals

If you want to promote your affiliate coupon and deals on your WordPress site, WP Coupons and Deals is the best choice you can have. Using this plugin, you can present coupons and deal in the exact way you want. 

The best coupon maker lets you show your coupons on the widget area or any other place you want using the responsive shortcodes. What’s more remarkable is that this plugin is extraordinarily lightweight that lets you enjoy the fast loading experience. 

Moreover, the plugin protects your sales profits by assuring that the users click on the proper connection. Even users can copy the coupon code to the clipboard with just a single click on the coupon. 

WP Coupons and Deals also features a premium version that lets you have extra features like coupon expiration, coupon hide, coupon templates, etc. 

Top Features

  • Responsive shortcodes
  • Click to copy functionalities
  • Social share button for individual coupons
  • Coupon categories 
  • Coupon widget
  • Coupon expiration system (Pro)
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Coupon archive page (Pro)
  • Front-end coupon submission (Pro)
  • Show specific coupons (Pro)

Price: You can use the core plugin of this WordPress coupon code plugin for free as the free version is downloadable from the WordPress repository. To enjoy the pro features, you have to buy the pro version for $29.99 for a single site. If you don’t like the plugin, they will fully refund your money. 

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

Gifts are always pleasant. Everyone likes to get gifts. You can make your customer love you more by presenting them with gift cards. This plugin simply helps you to create gift cards or discount codes on your site without any hassle. 

These coupon codes or gift cards help you to boost your sale. The gift card you send to your customer consists of the amount you put in. Your user can use the gift card to buy products from your site. 

You can create and sell unlimited gift cards from the intuitive dashboard of the YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards. This plugin is also WPML compatible that suggests you can translate your coupons to numerous languages effortlessly. 

The pro version of this WordPress coupon code plugin lets your customer set their gift card amount with a minimum amount for that. The pro version also allows you to use different images for each gift card and manage the stock of gift card products. 

Top Features

  • WPML compatibility
  • Physical and virtual gift cards
  • Automated email
  • Gift card delivery schedule
  • Customization of the gift card pattern
  • Set the amount for each gift card
  • Allow users to set their amount in the gift card (Premium)
  • Suspend the gift card (Premium)
  • Offer a percentage discount on the gift card price (Premium)
  • QR code in the gift card (Premium)

Price: The basic version of this WordPress coupon code plugin is free. The premium version will cost you $129.99/year for a single site.  

Coupon Creator

Next, I have Coupon Creator, another best WordPress coupon code plugin that lets you create coupons in no time. This WordPress coupon plugin is a great free option for creating unlimited coupons. 

With the help of shortcodes, displaying coupons on any posts or pages is super easy. Coupon Creator is fully compatible with WooCommerce. Therefore, you can create WooCommerce coupons and also can set an expiry date for your coupon. 

This plugin also features the print view so that you can sell or use your coupons physically. This plugin offers you four advanced templates to help you get started quickly regarding the pro features. 

The pro version also includes the Click Reveal feature, which reveals the coupon code when clicked. You can also track the click amount. 

Top Features

  • Block editor support
  • Quick and bulk edits for the expiration (Pro)
  • Visual editor
  • Shortcode support
  • Disable print view per coupon (Pro)
  • Coupon categories
  • Coupon loop
  • Modern advanced templates
  • Recurring expiration (Pro)
  • Click to reveal (Pro)

Price: Download this WordPress coupon code plugin for free. The pro version will cost you $34/year for a single site. 

Advanced Coupons

If you wish to get extra innovative WooCommerce coupon features, you can completely trust Advanced Coupons for WooCoommerce. Though the plugin is free, it is robust enough to make your WooCommerce coupons better. 

This WordPress coupon code plugin comes with an exclusive feature known as BOGO or Buy One Get One deals which lets you profit more. It easily integrates with WooCommerce and provides robust features like coupon URLs, schedules coupons, auto-apply coupons, shipping coupons, etc. 

If you want to have loyalty programs, this is the plugin you need. This feature boosts customer loyalty and lets your customer earn points to redeem coupons with their points. It urges repeated orders and higher quantity orders. 

You can also categorize your coupons. Categorizing your coupons helps you to organize your coupons and use them effectively. This feature is surprisingly useful when you have more coupons on your site. 

Top Features

  • WooCommerce BOGO deal
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Smart Coupon categories
  • WooCommerce URL coupons
  • Cart Conditions
  • Restrict WooCommerce coupons by role
  • Displays WooCommerce coupons on the order preview popup
  • Auto apply coupons (Premium)
  • Premium cart conditions (Premium)
  • One-Click Apply coupons (Premium)
  • Shipping discount coupons (Premium)

Price: You can use the plugin for free as the free version is downloadable from the WordPress repository. The premium version will cost you $49.50/year for a single site. 

Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Discount Rules for WooCommerce is more than a basic coupon that offers you tons of rich features. This plugin enables you to create dynamic pricing and discounts in your WooCommerce store. 

The discounts you create can be based on a set of rules and conditions. For instance, you can set rules like a wholesale customer will get a 20% discount, while the retail customer will get a 12%. The rules and conditions can be based on quantity, categories, user roles, order total, etc. 

You can even create bulk purchase discounts, BOGO discounts, Cart discounts, order-based discounts, etc. These rules can be set either automatically or upon using a coupon code. Moreover, you can use the same coupon code to activate several discount rules. 

The other remarkable feature of the plugin is that it allows you to create discount rules in 3 easy, simple steps with a wizard interface. This plugin even allows your customer to see the discounts on the product pages and in carts. 

Top Features

  • BOGO deals
  • Discount rules and conditions
  • Free shipping based conditions
  • Discount based on customer’s purchase history
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Date based discount
  • Display discount table on the product pages
  • Store-wide global discount
  • Fixed price discount (Pro)
  • Dependant product based discounts (Pro)
  • Coupon code activated discount rules (Pro)
  • Category-specific discount conditions (Pro)

Price:  Try this advanced WordPress coupon code plugin for free and download it from the WordPress repository. The pro features will require you to buy the pro version that will cost you $49/year for a single site. 

Affiliate Coupons

Affiliate Coupons is another brilliant WordPress coupon plugin that helps you showing and managing your coupons on your site. 

As the name goes, this plugin is worth checking out if you are an affiliate who wants to boost your sale by promoting the best deals. 

With the clean and modern designed dashboard, you can easily manage your coupons from one place. This plugin lets you display coupons in various layouts, such as grid, standard, and list. 

With the help of the shortcode, you can show the deals or coupons in any place you want. You will also get a cool widget to display your coupons in the widget area. Moreover, you can create vendors and predefined affiliate links. 

Top Features

  • Vendor-based coupon creation
  • Create vendor and predefined affiliate link
  • Three templates
  • Front-end shortcode support 
  • Coupon filter
  • Click-to-reveal discount codes (Pro)
  • Discover key coupon stats (Pro)
  • More advanced styles and templates (Pro)
  • Intelligent event tracking (Pro)

Price: Download the free version of this incredible WordPress coupon code plugin from the WordPress repository. The pro version will cost you $29/year for a single site. 

Coupon Generator for WooCoomerce

Coupon Generator for WooCommerce lets you create unlimited coupon codes for your WooCommerce store. Generating tons of coupons, voucher codes, promo codes, discount codes, etc., in three easy steps. 

The first step is to select coupon settings, step 2 is to choose the generation settings, and in step 3, your coupons will be generated. Isn’t it too much easy? Well, it is that easy to create coupons using the plugin.

Moreover, this plugin comes with tons of best features like add usage restrictions, counter, and expiry date on every coupon code. The coupon counter tells its user how many times he can use that coupon code. 

If you want, you can print the coupons and gift one to your dear customer physically. This is a great tool indeed for creating coupons in bulk. 

Top Features

  • Click-to-reveal code feature
  • Three simple steps to create coupons
  • Bulk coupon creation
  • Print template
  • Advanced search function

Price: Grab this awesome WordPress Coupon code plugin for free.  

Coupon Wheel For WooCommerce and WordPress

Last but not least, Coupon Wheel For WoCoomerce and WordPress lets your customer have an opportunity to win a coupon through spinning fortune wheel. This plugin is different compared to the other plugins listed above the list. 

This plugin lets you set the custom label and coupon codes on the 12 slices of the fortune wheel. You will also get ten templates of the fortune wheel. The fortune wheel is also mobile responsive. 

You can control how many and which coupons to show on the slice. You can force your customer to leave their email before taking part in the competition. 

The popup display options let you choose whether your popup would be an Exit-Intent trigger or Timed-trigger. The wheel is secure enough that anyone would not hack it as this plugin comes with an anti-cheat engine. 

Top Features

  • Ten fortune wheel templates
  • Advanced anti-cheat engine
  • Unlimited wheel
  • Popup display options
  • Page filtering
  • 100% responsive
  • Lightweight 
  • 100% server-side controlled

Price: This is a premium WordPress coupon code plugin. Therefore, you have to buy the plugin for $29. 


I hope by this time, you have got the right idea, how you can create coupons and which plugin to choose. After all, coupons and deals make your customer come back to your shop repeatedly and make a purchase from you. This helps you boost your sales.

Using these plugins, you can easily manage and create your coupons without coding scripts and codes. If you are just starting up, try to use the free versions first. Buy the premium and pro plugins when you need the advanced features. 

If you own a WooCommerce store, you might want to know about the best WooCommerce plugins to make your store complete. Check out our 7 Best WordPress WooCommerce Plugins

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. If you have liked the post, consider sharing it on social media. 

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