5 Best Affiliate Link Manager & Tracking WordPress Plugins

Best Free Affiliate Manager Plugins For WordPress

If you are an affiliate marketer, then you already know that managing affiliate links is not that easy. 

For instance, it will be a lot of hours of work if you manually update your old affiliate links with the new ones if you do not use affiliate link manager WordPress plugins. 

Most importantly, you have to remember where and on which posts you have added your affiliate links. Again, finding the broken links and fixing them is also tiresome & time-consuming. 

Moreover, turning ugly long affiliate links into beautiful short links is also difficult using third-party software.

But not anymore since there are plenty of best affiliate link manager WordPress plugins that let you accomplish those work in an instant automatically after installing them. But finding the best one might be tricky and time-consuming.

To save you valuable time, we have picked the best 5 affiliate plugins to track and manage your affiliate links.


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ThirstyAffiliates is one of the best freemium affiliate link manager WordPress plugins that enable you to manage your affiliate links in a better way. 

The plugin simply lets you group your affiliate links into hierarchical categories. For instance, you can place all Amazon links within an “Amazon” category. Therefore, you don’t have to go back and replace the link in all your posts. 

The plugin also lets you cloak long links to make them shorter and look great. Again, you can add banners and photos to the links. 

The most necessary feature of this WordPress affiliate link manager plugin is that it lets you see the advanced statistics. You can see the detailed report of how many times your affiliate links have been clicked.  

For adding affiliate links, all you need is to highlight a word and click the “TA” button. It’s that easy. However, the plugin also offers pro features such as automatic keyword linking, geolocations, Google click events, automatic link health checker, etc. 

Key Features

  • Link Categorizations
  • Click Stats Tracking & Reports
  • Link Cloak & Uncloak
  • Affiliate Link Picker Tool
  • Easily Insert Affiliate Links in Posts, Pages, and Comments. 
  • Advanced Link Picker Tool
  • Add Banners & Images to the Affiliate Links
  • Automatic Keyword Linking (Pro)
  • Advanced Statistics Reports (Pro)
  • Automatic Links Health Checker (Pro)

Available Version & Prices:

A free version is offered by this amazing WordPress link manager plugin which is downloadable from the WordPress repository. The price of the Pro Version starts from $159/year for a single site. 

Pretty Links 

PrettyLinks offers you the easiest and most efficient way to monetize your content, along with link tracking and managing. It lends you a hand in managing links from different sites under one hood. 

It automatically creates short links for your posts and pages and adds them throughout your content to monetize your content. It can even share your affiliate links automatically with a customizable message. 

The plugin’s usefulness is beyond description if you want to share, beautify, or shrink your URL. To shrink your links, it uses your domain name. It offers you the advanced report for each hit on your affiliate links. 

Not only that, but it also helps you track the location, browser, OS, and hosts. Again it also allows you to adjust server-side redirection, including permanent and temporary redirects. 

The advanced analytic feature enables you to track link click event history and how they are performing. You can even track the number of unique clicks per link if you enable tracking on each affiliate link. 

The pro version of this affiliate link tracking WordPress plugin offers even more advanced features, such as a cloaked redirect, link categories, expiring links, automation features, etc. 

Key Features

  • Select Temporary or Permanent Redirection for Links
  • Advanced Analytic Report
  • Shares Affiliates Links on Twitter Automatically
  • Automatically Adds Short Links to Your Posts and Pages (Pro)
  • Downloadable Analytic Report
  • Shortens Ugly Longer Links
  • Activate or Deactivate Tracking on Each Link
  • All-in-one link management
  • PrettyBar Redirects (Pro)
  • Auto-Link Keywords in Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types and Comments (Pro)

Available Versions & Price:

Get the free version of this Affiliate link manager plugin for WordPress from the WordPress repository. The price of the Pro Version starts from $100/year for a single WordPress site. 

URL Shortener

Create short links that a visitor can quickly memorize using URL Shortener. The plugin shortens and beautifies the link that is to be shared on your social media. 

You can hide your affiliate links using the URL shortener so that others cannot bypass your links. If they cannot bypass you, they cannot cost you money. 

Moreover, you can quickly sort your links by creating categories. Categories ensure your links get managed and organized nicely in one place so that you can find them easily whenever you need them. 

However, you can replace your numerous old links with a bulk action which saves a lot of your time.

Like all the WordPress affiliate link tracker plugins above, it lets you see how many people have clicked on your short links. Furthermore, it can track the results of link-click events from different social media websites. 

But if you want more advanced analytics, such as which device has been used to click the link, the OS, referrer, etc., you need to upgrade to their pro version. 

The pro version also offers pro features like redirect with meta refresh tags, cloak URLs, redirection delay, and many more. 

Key Features

  • Hide Affiliate Links
  • Categories Affiliate Links
  • Track Click Events
  • Advanced Click Click Event Analytics (Pro)
  • Redirect with 301/302/307 Headers
  • Shortcode Support for Adding Links into Pages & Posts
  • Bulk Replace Links in Old Posts and Pages
  • Import Short URLs from Pretty Links
  • Set Up Redirection Delay (Pro)
  • Cloak URLs (Pro)

Available Versions & Price:

Get the plugin for free. The price of the Pro Version starts from $29/year for a single website. 

Simple URLs by Lasso

Simple URLs offers the complete solution for link management. It comes with an exclusive affiliate dashboard from where you can manage all links. It also makes your links short and provides you with pretty small links. 

The dashboard enables you to create or add new links, track outbound links, etc. You will not require any complex setup or API. Besides that, you can also categorize your affiliate links into hierarchical categories. 

Therefore, all you need is to modify the affiliate link on the dashboard rather than opening hundreds of posts and replacing them individually. 

One of the exciting features of this affiliate link tracker plugin is that it automatically detects outdated affiliate links and replaces them with new ones. The plugin allows you to import and export your links via the default WordPress backup solution. 

The plugin will protect all your affiliate links since this plugin powers your links from getting scraped and replaced by malware. Again, you can uncloak your affiliate link if you want. 

Key Features

  • Click Tracking & Reports
  • Safe Redirects & Smart Uncloaking
  • Avoids Link Conflicts
  • Group Affiliate Links into Categories
  • Affiliate Links Shortener & Link Cloaking
  • Import & Export Links Via WordPress Tools
  • Outdated Affiliate Link Detection & Replacement
  • Set Link Expiration date & Redirection After Expiration

Available Version & Price:

Try the free version from WordPress.org, or try the plugin for $39/year for a single website. 


BetterLinks allows you to manage your links better & faster with their drag-and-drop UI. From creating to editing, link shortening to tracking, all essential features for managing affiliate links are much easier using BetterLinks. 

Its easy-to-use link-shortener makes your links look pretty instantly and makes them easy enough to memorize. For adding link redirection, it comes with multiple redirect types. 

Since the plugin comes with advanced built-in link analytics, you can see detailed data of your link clicks and get an overall idea of whether your campaign was successful or not. 

However, the plugin integrates with Google Analytics to deliver you even more detailed insightful data of your campaign. 

It offers exciting features such as link no-follow, sponsored, parameter forwarding, custom tags, link categories, tracking, and much more for better link management. You can easily migrate from other plugins since it also lets you import link data directly. 

Key Features

  • Drag & Drop UI for Faster Link Management
  • Quick Link Shortening
  • Simple Migration
  • Link Cloak & Uncloak
  • UTM Builder to Track Campaigns:
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Broken Link Checker with Email Notification (Pro)
  • User Roles & Permission Management (Pro)
  • Google Analytics Integration (Pro)

Available Versions & Price:

Try the plugin for free. To access the Pro version, you have to pay at least $99/year for a single site. 


Hope that you have found your desired plugin to manage your affiliate link easily. Better if you try out the free version first rather than trying the pro version. 

If you are still confused about choosing one from the list, try to check out the Key Features section of each plugin or try out the free version of each one. 

Don’t forget to share what you think about these plugins and which one you choose. You can also ask us questions regarding those plugins. 

If you think the post has helped you discover more about the best affiliate link manager WordPress plugins, share the post on your social media with your friends and family. 

We’ve also covered lots of other WordPress plugins that you might need for your WordPress site. Feel free to check them out below. 

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