6 Best WordPress Before After Image Comparison Plugins (Free & Premium)

Best WordPress before after image comparison plugins

Are you looking for the best and simplest ways to display the differences between your images on your website? If you do, you need the assistance of the best WordPress before after image comparison plugin. 

We have collected the best 6 WordPress before after image comparison plugins that allow you to display the differences between two or more images in a slider. Using these plugins, you can add unlimited image comparison sliders on a single page. 

Furthermore, these plugins are capable enough to show your image comparison sliders in the widgets too. Besides, they support touch and drag actions and are 100% responsive to support all device screens.

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Before After Image Comparison Slider for Elementor


Multipurpose Before After Slider

Noo Before After 

Ultimate Before After Slider

6 Best WordPress Before After Image Comparison Plugins (Free & Premium)


If you are looking for a supreme WordPress before after image comparison plugin, BEAF is the right one for you. It lets you create fantastic before-after image sliders or galleries effortlessly.  

Using the plugin, you can add unlimited before-after images on your web page for free. With the free version, you can display images in a horizontal or vertical layout. It also offers you to change the label text and label background colors. 

However, you can also set titles, descriptions and read more buttons to make your before-after image comparison section look informative. You can also edit the background color, font size, alignment, etc. You can display your before-after image anywhere using shortcodes easily. 

The plugin comes with a premium version that offers advanced features such as six stunning-looking preview styles, multi-columns filterable gallery, auto-slide, etc. 

The interesting fact about the plugin is that it also supports popular page builders like Elementor, Visual Composer, Divi Page Builder, Beaver Builder, and Gutenberg Block Editor. 

Top Features

  • Major Page Builder Support
  • Multiple Layout
  • Before-After Gallery
  • Mouse Hover
  • Shortcode generator
  • Live preview
  • Widget Support
  • Single image slider (Pro)
  • Additional layouts (Pro)
  • Auto slider (Pro)

Price: This WordPress before after image comparison plugin is free. The pro version will cost you $49/website for a lifetime. 

Before After Image Comparison Slider for Elementor

If you do not use other page builders except Elementor, the Before After Image Comparison Slider for Elementor is the perfect one for you. All the image comparison sliders created with the plugin are mobile responsive and touch-friendly. 

Generally, this plugin works like a widget after installing. All you need is to drag and drop the widget on your page and insert images to compare. You can add an unlimited number of image comparison sliders if you need them. 

Like the previous plugin, it also assists you in creating a better image comparison slider by offering you a live preview. Again you can adjust image dimensions or use any image dimension for your comparison slider. You can also add custom CSS to style the slider even further. 

The plugin also features pro features such as slider orientation, mouse hover, before-after text customization, dynamic tags, etc. One thing to remind you is that this WordPress before after image comparison plugin will only work with Elementor. 

Top Feature

  • Custom CSS support
  • Custom image dimensions
  • Any image size is usable
  • Live preview
  • Unlimited slider
  • Dynamic tags (Pro)
  • Comparison slider orientation (Pro)
  • Custom Image dimensions (Pro)

Price: Get the free version of this WordPress before after image comparison plugin for free. You can get the pro version for $12/year for a single site. 


Twenty20 WordPress before after image comparison plugin enables you to compare two images only by swiping from left to right. This plugin works best when the image dimensions of both images are the same. 

Unlike all the other plugins above, Twenty20 allows you to select between horizontal or vertical image orientation for free. After activating the plugin, select two photos and insert which will automatically create a shortcode to apply on a page to display. 

This plugin works with three popular page builders; WPBakery/Visual Composer, Elementor, and UX Builder. This plugin is a simple solution of adding a before-after image comparison slider or gallery on a page or in a widget. 

Top Features

  • 100% responsive
  • User-friendly interface
  • Widget support
  • Shortcode generator
  • Elementor, WPBaker, and UX Builder support
  • Two Image orientations
  • Unlimited image comparison sliders

Price: Use this simple WordPress before after image comparison plugin for free.  

Multipurpose Before After Slider

Now it’s time for the best premium and most sold WordPress before after image comparison plugin that is Multipurpose Before After Slider. 

The reason behind its utmost popularity is that it offers you no critical shortcodes, a user-friendly admin panel, responsive and mobile-friendly image comparison slider, and touch and swipe enabled. 

It also offers various customization options to control every aspect of the slider. To style up the slider to a different level, you can add custom CSS.  Besides, You can easily add your image comparison slider on pages and posts, and widgets. 

The noticeable fact about the plugin is that it allows you to choose between two options to compare images, one is the traditional way, and the other one is through jQuery. All image comparison sliders created using the plugin are 100% responsive. 

Top Features

  • Touch & swipe action support
  • Responsive slider
  • Unlimited slider
  • Unlimited pair of images into one slider
  • Widget support
  • Traditional and jQuery effect
  • Shortcode free slider embedding system
  • Custom CSS support

Price: Buy this premium WordPress before after image comparison plugin for $18 for a single site. 

Noo Before After 

Noo Before After is one of the best premium WordPress before after image comparison plugins that comes with tons of unique customizations like adjusting label text, modifying color, offsets, hover effects, comparison orientation, and many more. 

Like all the other plugins above, this plugin helps you create image comparisons between two images effortlessly. Since it is a premium plugin, it supports significant page builders like Elementor, WPBakery, and Tiny MCE Editor. 

Furthermore, this plugin also supports touch and swipe actions too. Overall, it has all the elements a premium plugin should have. One distinguishing feature that makes the plugin stand out from others is the Slideshow feature. 

Unlike all other plugins above, the slideshow feature enables you to add numerous pairs of before-after images rather than a couple of before-after images. To diversify your slider further, you can add different orientations, hover, drag & click functionalities, etc. 

Top Features

  • Mobile responsive slider
  • Major page builder support
  • Slideshow
  • Custom colors and positions
  • Custom label texts
  • Custom overlay images
  • Move on hover, drag & click
  • RTL support
  • Slider orientation
  • Touch & swipe action support

Price: Purchase this premium WordPress before after image comparison plugin for $12 for a single site.  

Ultimate Before After Slider

If you want to showcase your before-after images in unique ways easily, try Ultimate Before After Slider. As its name suggests, it provides you tons of pro features with unlimited customization options. 

This is the only plugin on the list that comes with four orientation modes; horizontal, vertical, fade, and side by side. It also provides you three label display modes & three ribbon display modes. You can even upload and add your icon instead of the default comparison handler.

Moreover, this plugin allows you to customize the label texts and colors. There are also options to add image credits under the slider. This one standard feature that makes this plugin stand out from other plugins on the list. 

You can add unlimited sliders on one page. You can even add numerous sliders in a row. The image comparison slider created with the plugin is 100% responsive and supports touch & swipe actions on mobile devices. 

Top Features

  • Unlimited sliders on one page
  • Add several sliders in a row
  • Custom label text & color
  • Upload custom icons
  • Four orientation modes
  • Touch & swipe support
  • Add image credits
  • Adjust initial slider position
  • Hover or drag interaction
  • Mobile responsive slider

Price: The price of this plugin is a bit more than that of the previous one. This WordPress before after image comparison plugin costs $18 for a single site. 


We hope you have learned a lot about the best WordPress before after image comparison plugins. We have only sorted out the best ones out there in the market, top-rated and best of the best. 

We hope you have liked our post. If you do, please do share the post on your social media with your friends and family. Also, do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment sections. 

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