5 Best Content Locker WordPress Plugins (2023)

What is Content Locker? Content Locker proves to be a valuable asset for WordPress enthusiasts aiming to elevate their website’s interactivity and expand their user base. In essence, it serves as a mechanism enabling website owners to limit entry to particular content or downloadable assets until the site visitor fulfills a predefined action, be it subscribing to a newsletter, sharing the page across social networks, or participating in a survey.

WordPress users turn to Content Lockers as they serve as effective lead-generation tools, helping collect valuable user information and promoting content virality. By incentivizing user interactions, Content Lockers can be a strategic addition to WordPress sites, fostering user engagement and facilitating audience expansion.

When deciding on the ideal content locker plugin for your WordPress website, users must consider factors like ease of use, compatibility, customization options, performance, security, and support. Carefully assessing these aspects will guide you toward selecting the most suitable plugin to enhance your site’s user engagement and content promotion. Our article is prepared to provide you with a list of plugins that include these features and some unique ones that might help them beat the others. Let’s take a look at them. 

Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress

The first plugin on our list, “Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress,” is an innovative tool designed to safeguard your valuable content by providing exclusive access to subscribers and restricting access for non-subscribers by wrapping your content with convenient shortcodes.

Opt-In Content Locker improves your website’s functionality by withholding important content until users submit their contact details while also utilizing cookies to remember previous subscribers for a smooth access experience. With the plugin at your fingertips, you can choose between the Regular locker mode, where content remains entirely concealed until users submit their contact details, or the Soft locker mode, which allows content visibility to search engines. These plugins offer support for various email marketing services, including MailChimp, iContact, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, AWeber, Mad Mimi, Benchmark, and many others.

Opt-In Content Locker simplifies the plugin installation and activation while offering a range of advanced features, such as editing the subscribe box with a visual editor, tracking “show” and “subscribe” events, and enabling the wrapping of protected content with shortcodes. With this readily available tool, you can create highly targeted campaigns conveniently and precisely.

Key Features: 

  • Protect content with shortcodes. 
  • Remember subscribers by using cookies. 
  • Regular and soft lock modes. 
  • Supports MailChimp, iContact, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, AWeber, Mad Mimi, Benchmark, Sendy and Mailster.
  • Export data as CSV files for use with any newsletter system.
  • Google Analytics integration for enhanced data tracking.


The cost of the Opt-In Content Locker for WordPress includes a $17 fee for a regular license and an $85 charge for an extended license.


Bloom from Elegant Themes might be your go-to solution for enhancing user engagement and growing your email list. With this plugin, you can tailor content locks to encourage users to join your blog’s email list or connect on social media platforms, allowing them to unlock content by clicking social media share buttons or submitting their email addresses.

As an Email Opt-In Plugin for WordPress, Bloom helps you convert visitors into loyal followers through highly targeted content and elegant design options, ultimately leading to more email subscribers. The plugin acts as a gateway between your free resources and visitors, transforming traffic into devoted followers. It comes with the standout feature of the option to personalize, offering a choice from six different display types. It places inline, opt-in, and fly-in popups and simultaneously grabs your readers’ attention with automatic popups and fly-ins. The plugin initiates these actions when users comment, make a purchase, scroll to a specific percentage, or reach the end of posts, and provides options for creating Timed Delays and Inactivity triggers for your popups as well.

In addition to its core functionality, Bloom offers many design settings, including various Opt-In form orientations, customized borders & edges, image orientation options, and a wide range of color schemes. In an extension to the existing features, it provides precise control over display settings, integration with popular email marketing systems, and a dedicated WordPress dashboard panel for easy and intuitive access to your Bloom accounts, lists, opt-ins, conversion rates, and data.

Key Features: 

  • Convert website visitors into loyal followers and customers.
  • Choose from 6 Different Display Types.
  • Utilize inline, opt-in, and fly-in popups.
  • Implement automatic pop-up and fly-in triggers.
  • Benefit from 19 Email Marketing Integrations.
  • Access well-designed opt-in forms with 100+ Pre-made Templates.
  • Create unlimited opt-in forms for specific pages and visitors.
  • Easy A/B split testing. 


The Elegant Themes membership, which provides access to the premium Bloom plugin, comes with two pricing options: an annual subscription at $89 or a one-time payment of $249 for a lifetime membership.


OptinMonster is a lead-generation tool specifically designed to turbocharge your email list growth by offering irresistible incentives to potential subscribers. It lets businesses maximize lead generation from their current content through content locking, attracting high-quality leads, and increasing email subscriber numbers.

Content Lock, a vital tool for bloggers and publishers, enhances subscriber growth by gating high-value content. OptinMonster employs content gating to hide or blur content beneath a specific point on the page, compelling visitors to fill up an opt-in form for full access. This plugin aids website monetization by integrating seamlessly with Custom HTML, allowing revenue collection from locked content. With all its’ features, OptinMonster attracts qualified leads through gated content and enables a web page locker for concealing content until visitors opt-in, promoting email list expansion while delivering valuable content.

OptinMonster offers a user-friendly interface, enabling quick customization of Opt-in content lock form templates and content locker appearance through adjustable colors, images, fonts, and more. With the plugin in hand, you’ll enjoy trackable micro-conversions, extensive targeting options, and seamless integrations with various leading email marketing services.

Key Features: 

  • Complete lead generation solution. 
  • User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop builder. 
  • Captures subscribers through gated content. 
  • Provides trackable micro-conversions. 
  • Works perfectly on WordPress and other content management systems.
  • Custom HTML integration for revenue collection from locked content.
  • Features geolocation targeting, referral detection, cookie retargeting, Exit-Intent, and more. 
  • Lead verification system to filter out fake or misspelled email addresses.


OptinMonster presents four premium plans to choose from: Basic, Plus, Pro, and Growth, with monthly pricing ranging from $9 to $49.

Super Social Content Locker

The Super Social Content Locker is a formidable WordPress Advertising Plugin with exceptional features that fortify your social fan base by promoting likes, shares, and subscriptions to your social media channels, all while enabling website owners to lock and unlock their valuable content effortlessly.

The Super Social Content Locker offers a wealth of amazing features, ranging from building your subscriber list and boosting your website’s membership to increasing video views by requiring viewers to watch content and engaging your audience through picture voting. The plugin distinguishes itself from other content lockers with its extensive range of advanced features. It offers unlimited lockers while also facilitating the expansion of your mailing list through form submissions and the “become a member” feature. It also seamlessly integrates with Mailchimp for efficient email list management. The user-friendly Admin Panel ensures easy customization and navigation, with clear and concise comments for an intuitive experience.

The plugin’s core features encompass its three locker types: Popup Overlay Locker, Premium Content Locker, and Exchange Locker. On the other hand, its main features are focused on Social Share/Follow, Form Submission, Video Ads, X Times Vote Gamification, Rating Widget, and Member Subscription. It also includes four pre-made themes for seamless website integration and six social network incentives for content unlocking.

Key Features: 

  • Create Unlimited Lockers for subscribers and social media growth.
  • Drive engagement with video ad promotion.
  • Choose from 3 Locker Types: Popup Overlay Locker, Premium Content Locker, and Exchange Locker.
  • 4 Pre-made Themes for seamless website integration.
  • Build mailing lists with easy forms and member subscriptions.
  • Authenticate products via reviews.
  • Offer 6 Social Network Features as content rewards.
  • Integrate with Mailchimp for email list export.
  • User-friendly Admin Panel with customization.
  • Engage audiences with contests like “Pic of the Week.”


Super Social Content Locker, a premium plugin, offers a regular license for $25 and an extended license for $150, addressing diverse user needs.

Subscribe to Unlock Opt-In Content Locker Lite

Subscribe to Unlock Opt-In Content Locker Lite is the name of the game when it comes to redefining content engagement in WordPress. The plugin is a premium tool that efficiently effortlessly captures subscribers from your WordPress site by locking specific content until users subscribe, with the choice of either link verification or unlocks code verification to verify subscribers.

Subscribe to Unlock integrates unlimited locker forms, offering 20 pre-designed templates and supporting custom fields for versatile unlimited form creation. The plugin conveniently initiates content locks with the built-in icon and allows the implementation of popup page lockers, some of which feature countdown timers. Users can choose between Hard or Soft Lock modes to control content visibility and select email verification via links or unlock codes. Not to forget, seamless integration with Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Sendinblue, and Constant Contact will simplify subscriber management. 

This flexible plugin gives you the ability to generate countless forms with various custom field support and provides ten pre-designed templates to ignite your creative instincts. You can explore exciting functionalities such as locking entire pages using a Popup Locker, enhancing engagement with countdown timers, and seamless integration with services like Mailchimp and Constant Contact, opening up a wide array of possibilities.

Key Features: 

  • Unlimited locker forms to lock some specific site content or the whole page.
  • Tailor-made locker form templates. 
  • Drag-and-drop builder with numerous custom form fields. 
  • Lock icons to lock content directly.
  • Email verification via link or unique code. 
  • Hard and soft lock modes.
  • Display locker form as popups. 
  • Provides a countdown timer with the locker to make it interesting.  
  • Integration with Mailchimp, Sendinblue. Mailerlite and Constant Contact account.


The Subscribe to Unlock plugin offers a free Lite version and a premium Pro edition for a one-time fee of $18, unlocking enhanced features and priority customer service.


Content Locker WordPress plugins serve a diverse user base, including bloggers, e-commerce businesses, and marketers aiming to optimize their websites for increased revenue. These plugins are valuable for boosting subscriber growth and lead capture, making them essential for email marketing. Their micro-conversion tracking capabilities enable precise optimization, enhancing marketing efficiency. With all its conventional and unconventional features, content locker plugins offer a pathway to elevate your online presence and thereafter monetize your content effectively.

Hope you’ll find our article packed with valuable insights and strategies to pick the best plugin available in the arena. Don’t forget to write to us to share your thoughts via the comment section or share the article with your social media followers using our social share buttons. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase using any of these links, we will get a small commission without any extra cost to you.

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