7+ Best Google Reviews WordPress Plugins (Free &  Paid)

WordPress has become a trusted ally for website owners looking to establish a strong online presence in the dynamic landscape of online business and digital marketing. Concurrently, Google Reviews have emerged as pivotal for online reputation management, providing insights into customer experiences and influencing the credibility of businesses. WordPress and Google Reviews are two influential digital tools that can be utilized together to fortify your online presence and increase sales.

To make the most of the potential of Google Reviews, website owners rely on specialized plugins designed to integrate these reviews into their WordPress-powered websites smoothly. These Google Reviews plugins bridge the digital realm and real-world customer experiences, offering invaluable social proof.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the symbiotic relationship between WordPress and Google Reviews, uncovering the power of plugins that bridge these two digital giants. Let’s keep rolling. 


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Google Reviews Widget (Free | Pro)

The Plugin for Google Reviews is a WordPress plugin enabling businesses to exhibit their Google Business Reviews on their website effectively and effortlessly. The plugin uses the Google API to pull authentic reviews, allowing you to display Google ratings and reviews on your site, boost customer confidence, and ultimately increase your sales.

The Google Reviews Widget plugin offers a variety of features, including unlimited connections to widgets and Google Places, automatic updates for ratings and reviews, and the option to display your reviews on a responsive slider or in a list format. With the plugin, you can easily collect new Google Reviews and use a ‘review us on G’ button to increase your ratings. The plugin is compatible with shortcodes and widgets, making it suitable for various page builders like Gutenberg and Elementor. With the plugin in your hand, you can selectively display reviews, upload custom photos, and implement pagination or “read more” links for lengthy reviews.

In the Pro version, this plugin flawlessly combines your Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews into a unified display and merges ratings from various business places for a summary score. It offers unique customization with a custom rating template, a ‘Write a review’ button, and comprehensive shortcode support. With this plugin, you also have control over rating filters, decide on including word filters, hide empty reviews, and display specific elements to tailor your review presentation.

Key Features: 

  • Google My Business API integration for accessing all Google reviews.
  • Automated updates for connected Google ratings and reviews.
  • Display reviews from multiple businesses separately or merge them into one feed. 
  • Boost Google rating with a ‘review us on G’ button.
  • Toggle between showing reviews and displaying a rating badge.
  • hide negative reviews and set a minimum rating filter.
  • Trim long reviews with a “read more” link.
  • Mix and match ratings and reviews from multiple platforms. 
  • Customize element visibility, including business photos, names, avatars, time, etc.
  • Sort reviews by recent, oldest, rating, striped, and random.


The Google Reviews Plugin provides a variety of features in both its free and premium versions. You can gain access to the pro version by obtaining a single-site license for an annual fee of $89.

WP Google Review Slider (Free | Pro)

WP Google Review Slider is a versatile plugin that seamlessly integrates with your website to display Google reviews to build trust and credibility among your customers. Its user-friendly interface and customizable design options allow you to embed reviews in your widget areas or posts seamlessly.

WP Google Review Slider offers impressive features that effortlessly aggregate Google Places reviews, allowing you to display them automatically in a visually appealing slider format, grid, or list format. You can use the plugin to filter and display reviews based on specific criteria or handpick the ones you want to showcase to target your audience effectively. The plugin offers customizable templates and supports downloading reviews from over 90 review sites, including Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Airbnb, WooCommerce, and others, at the same time enabling you to effortlessly add images and YouTube videos to those reviews, whether automatically or manually.

The Pro version of the plugin enhances the free version by adding value through features like popup reviews, read more links, floating summary and review badges, unlimited review submission forms for different site sections, Google schema integration, advanced slider controls, and many more.

Key Features: 

  • Display reviews in a slider, grid, or list automatically. 
  • Display reviews via shortcode, template function, or by using widgets. 
  • Easy features to add images and videos to your reviews. 
  • Filter reviews based on length, ratings, source page, or display handpicked ones. 
  • Customizable template and sliders with advanced control option.
  • Reduce long reviews with a read more link. 
  • Display floating summary and review badges. 
  • Easy addition of Google rich snippets. 
  • Allows more than 90 review sites to download reviews.
  • Provides review analytics with graphs and charts. 


With free and paid versions available, the plugin provides flexibility to users with varying budgets and feature requirements. The paid version unlocks additional premium features for a competitive $29/year price.

WP Social Ninja (Free | Pro)

WP Social Ninja is another powerful WordPress plugin carefully engineered to integrate Google Reviews, thereby strengthening brand reputation and trust, exerting influence on potential customers, enhancing your website’s brand reputation, and fortifying online presence, all to elevate your search engine ranking and extend your reach to a broader audience.

WP Social Ninja, packed with exceptional features, enables you to display Google Reviews, gain valuable insights from satisfied customers, and leverage them to boost engagement and sales. This plugin provides full control over your website, allowing customization of ratings, specifying the number of Google reviews to display, setting minimum ratings, adding CTA buttons for instant reviews, and fine-tuning Google reviews by inclusion or exclusion. With this plugin, you can easily manage reviews, exercise thorough control over social reviews and ratings through an advanced filter, and decide whether to display or hide reviews based on keywords while excluding textless reviews.

The additional features of WP Social Ninja offer versatility, including the ability to show/hide reviewer details, auto-sync reviews, choose from stylish layouts and templates, utilize advanced filters, customize review and rating styles, adjust text height and content length, and select various display options for your business name, reviews, and ratings. 

Key Features: 

  • Control the number of Google reviews displayed.
  • Customize, filter, and feature selected reviews and ratings.
  • Add a Call to Action button.
  • Provides various stylish layout types and template options.
  • Advanced review filters with different settings.
  • Show/hide reviews by keywords.
  • Hide reviews without text.
  • Implement notification popups.
  • Automatic and manual syncing of social reviews.
  • Manage reviewer identity visibility.


Another freemium plugin that includes an extensive range of features in both its free and paid version. Along with the free version, you can upgrade to the paid version by paying $44/year for a single license.

Google My Business (Free | Pro)

Google My Business enhances your online visibility, simplifies customer discovery on Google, and converts your website into a potent marketing asset by effortlessly gathering data via Google’s Place ID and seamlessly transforming this information into well-formatted lists or blocks of reviews and ratings.

This powerful plugin offers easy setup and integration, utilizing Google Places API to swiftly retrieve and display your business’s ratings and reviews on your website, while its automated process ensures accuracy in the overall rating and continually enriches the catalog of customer reviews. The plugin offers extensive features, including full responsiveness, multiple layout options, diverse templates with SVG vector graphics, and customizable review item appearance and order. It allows you to sort and filter reviews by all elements, including star ratings, displays the most positive feedback, and include/exclude reviews based on word content, cached shuffled reviews, and more.

The plugin’s additional features encompass shortcode and widget functionality for displaying customer reviews, supplementary shortcodes for links routing to present reviews and ratings, allowing customers to submit their ratings and reviews, and providing direct access to the business location through Google Maps integration and many more.

Key Features: 

  • Seamless shortcode and widget integration. 
  • Extensive customization options. 
  • Customized review display with flexible options. 
  • Fully responsive design with SVG graphics.
  • Thorough customization of appearance.
  • Carousel and slider functionality
  • Additional shortcodes to route to current reviews, ratings, location, and a “write a review” option.  
  • Demo mode for testing.


The Google My Business plugin is completely free to use.

Business Review (Free | Pro)

Business Review, introduced by RadiusTheme, is a Pro plugin designed to enhance your website by enabling you to showcase and manage Google Business reviews effectively. With support for three types of reviews, including Google, Facebook, and Yelp, the plugin effectively leverages the power of social proof, instilling trust among potential customers and amplifying your online presence.

The Business Reviews plugin authorizes you to flawlessly showcase your Google Business reviews and ratings on your WordPress site, all while saving your reviews directly in the database. This smart solution ensures swift loading times and offers the flexibility to generate unlimited shortcodes for effortless integration into any page, post, or widget. This versatile plugin seamlessly integrates with any page builder, ensuring responsiveness and mobile-friendliness while adhering to SEO best practices. It presents authentic external reviews, automatically refreshes them, offers a customizable field display, and conveniently trims lengthy reviews with a “read more” link for a polished user experience.

Business Review, with its wide range of premium features, has the potential to become the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to leverage customer feedback. You can fine-tune your content with multiple review types, minimum rating filters, word filters, and review sorting while enhancing your website’s presentation through additional layouts, advanced styling, and Google Rich Snippet integration.

Key Features: 

  • Allows display of Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews. 
  • Display reviews using a shortcode or a widget. 
  • SEO optimized and responsive. 
  • Multiple advanced layouts with additional styling options.
  • Diverse Review types with specific fields. 
  • Filter by minimum ratings and words. 
  • Auto refresh reviews and review sorting system.
  • Store reviews in the WordPress database. 
  • Minimizes long reviews with a read more link. 
  • Offers zero loading time. 


To unlock the Business Review plugin’s features, you can choose an annual subscription for $24 or a lifetime access option for $75.

Reviews Block for Google (Free | Pro

Reviews Block for Google is another plugin that embeds Google reviews into your website, providing valuable insights and feedback from your customers. It simplifies the presentation of authentic user feedback, boosting trust and credibility with a wide array of customization choices, and is suitable for numerous businesses with Google reviews. 

WP Business Reviews offers a significant upgrade, providing free review blocks to display your best reviews from platforms like Google. With the plugin, you will have the flexibility to showcase reviews from various platforms, blend reviews from multiple sources, or focus on displaying reviews from a single platform. The plugin offers to customize the display of essential information like business hours, location, directions, and contact details while providing the option to set a unique header image to bring your reviews to life.

The plugin offers an intuitive interface to make it easier to search, style, and sort your reviews directly from the WordPress dashboard. It provides advanced features for filtering out negative reviews, adding custom ones, and grouping reviews based on tags while supporting various display formats such as gallery, carousel, and list for enhanced customization.

Key Features: 

  • Display reviews from various platforms.
  • Mix and match reviews across platforms.
  • Customize the style of displayed reviews.
  • Filter negative reviews and add custom ones.
  • Organize reviews by tags.
  • Automatically update new reviews.
  • User-friendly interface for search, style, and sorting reviews.
  • Choose from multiple display formats (gallery, carousel, list).
  • Group reviews using review tags.


The Reviews Block for Google is an effective marketing tool available in both free and pro versions. The pro version, WP Business Reviews, is priced at $49 per year.

Google Places Reviews Pro (Free | Pro

Google Places Reviews Pro is another dynamic WordPress plugin that elevates your website’s credibility by seamlessly integrating authentic business reviews and ratings to build credibility and trust among visitors and lay the foundation for meaningful interactions.

Google Places Reviews Pro shines in showcasing your business profile brightly, allowing you to display your business reviews anywhere on your website through customizable widgets. This multi-option reviews widget offers a dynamic way to engage your audience while attracting more reviews for your local business. Integrating this plugin will save time and improve your website’s Google ranking by ensuring the most recent and positive reviews are prominently displayed. With this, your customers are given a voice, leaving their words on your website, making your bright side visible to the targeted public.

This powerful plugin promotes better brand awareness, boosts customer loyalty, and convinces your audience of your credibility. The plugin will act as your partner in building a strong online presence, increasing your brand’s fame and sales, creating significant corporate revenue growth, and leveraging the power of customer testimonials for lasting success.

Key Features: 

  • Highlight your business profile effectively and prominently.
  • Display business reviews seamlessly in content or a widget.
  • Offer versatile reviews widget.
  • Attract a greater number of reviews. 
  • Boost your website’s Google ranking.
  • Ensures positive reviews are displayed.
  • Save time by efficiently presenting positive reviews, ratings, and testimonials.
  • Present your business website and contact information prominently.
  • Aggregate reviews from various sources onto a single page or post.


The regular Google Places Reviews Pro WordPress Plugin license is priced at $39.

Embedder for Google Reviews (Free | Pro

The last plugin on our list, Embedder for Google Reviews, is another powerful tool designed to allow users to integrate Google Reviews into their web pages seamlessly. It’s here to build trust and credibility with your audience by showcasing authentic customer feedback from Google Reviews. 

The “Embedder for Google Reviews” plugin goes beyond merely displaying reviews; it also elevates your website’s review section by effortlessly fetching Google Reviews from Google Business Profile, ensuring your site remains current with customer feedback. With the plugin, you can choose between slider or grid layouts and fine-tune the designs to harmonize seamlessly with your website’s look and feel, creating an engaging user experience. The plugin offers the convenience of using dummy content for testing, making it ideal for both newcomers and seasoned users. Your website will enjoy rapid loading times, enhanced user satisfaction, and improved SEO ranking through its integration with popular page builders.

The Embedder for Google Reviews Pro brings a host of powerful features to the table. It pulls and updates all reviews seamlessly, presents them in attractive layouts, and offers a special word filter for positive reviews only. With this, you can filter your reviews by a minimum rating, hide textless reviews, or omit the bad reviews, all while using the reviews across various content types like posts, pages, and custom post types.

Key Features: 

  • Fetch all Google reviews.
  • Update reviews automatically.
  • Display reviews on a slider or grid format. 
  • Keyword-based review filtering.
  • Filter out negative or textless reviews.
  • Dummy Content for Testing.
  • High-quality pre-designed styles and layouts.
  • Simple Shortcode Integration.
  • Fast loading and secure review storage. 


The final plugin featured in our list follows a freemium model. The free version is available for download from the WordPress directory, and you have the option to purchase the premium version for $49 per year.


Google reviews are vital for website owners to fortify their credibility, trustworthiness, and conversion rates. With the assistance of Google Review plugins on WordPress, these reviews become easily accessible and improve the user experience. Whether opting for free or paid plugins, website owners can leverage the power of authentic customer feedback to strengthen their online presence, cultivating trust and credibility that can drive their business to new heights in the digital realm.

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