6 Best Store Locator WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid)

In the vibrant WordPress ecosystem, where online commerce thrives, and digital storefronts flourish, the need to seamlessly merge virtual shops with physical locations is undeniable. As consumers seek convenient ways to connect online shopping with in-store experiences, the significance of Store Locator WordPress Plugins becomes increasingly apparent.

Store Locator plugins offer intuitive interfaces, empowering customers to effortlessly pinpoint nearby physical stores associated with their preferred online brands.

Recognizing the pivotal role of these plugins, we’ve meticulously curated a selection of the finest Store Locator WordPress Plugins. Our goal is to simplify the decision-making process for WordPress users, aiding them in selecting the most effective tool to enhance their online-to-offline connectivity.

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WP Store Locator


YITH Store Locator for WordPress


Store Locator WordPress


Store Locator Plus® for WordPress


Store Locator for WordPress with Google Maps 


Store Locator for WordPress


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WP Store Locator

WP Store Locator, the location management virtuoso, artfully designs personalized maps and entry fields, enabling users to refine results by radius and easily access driving directions to nearby stores.

WP Store Locator, with its efficient design, simplifies customer searches for nearby retailers and effectively manages an unlimited number of stores, providing essential details and customizable filters for each location. The plugin, equipped with shortcodes and support for custom map styles, offers a choice of retina-ready marker icons for a seamless user experience. Multilingual compatibility and marker dragging for precise location marking broaden audience reach. Driving directions, customizable options, and refined search filters enhance usability, while marker clusters and customizable map settings contribute to a personalized experience. 

The plugin also offers the ability to provide extra details for each location, such as phone numbers, fax, emails, and URLs, along with opening hours, while allowing users to leverage the Geolocation API and developer-friendly code, making it stand out as a versatile solution for businesses that showcases store locations and prioritizes user privacy.

Key Features: 

  • Easily find nearby retailers.
  • Manage an unlimited number of stores.
  • Provide essential details like phone, email, and opening hours.
  • Easily include store details on any page.
  • Display driving directions to stores in either kilometers or miles.
  • Filter returned results by radius, max results, or category.


Unlocking its features won’t cost you a penny.

YITH Store Locator for WordPress

YITH Store Locator for WordPress & WooCommerce, a comprehensive tool, empowers customers to effortlessly access your points of sale, providing real-time directions tailored to their current position. This all-inclusive solution enables the creation of numerous shops with customizable details, emphasizing the featured establishments.

In the realm of extensive features, the YITH Store Locator excels. With the plugin, customers can easily locate physical stores, each customizable with unique details such as address, opening hours, and contact information. Unlike other solutions, the plugin lets you prioritize featured shops, ensuring they appear prominently in search results. With the ability to create multiple stores and customize content for each, the plugin enhances your store’s Google ranking. Users can activate geolocation for personalized information and benefit from an instant search option for streamlined usability. 

The advanced panel offers many customization options, ensuring the store locator aligns with your specific needs. The compatibility with Elementor and Gutenberg facilitates seamless integration into your website’s design. With all that, the plugin enables the configuration of product stock for each store, accompanied by a “Find in stores” button on product pages, enriching the shopping experience for users seeking physical locations for their desired products.

Key Features: 

  • Unlimited creation of physical stores with detailed information.
  • Featured shop selection for top search results.
  • Activate geolocation for personalized details.
  • Elevate user experience with custom content.
  • Customize store locator with advanced options.
  • Works seamlessly with Elementor and Gutenberg.


YITH Store Locator for WordPress & WooCommerce is priced at €89.99 annually, offering an all-inclusive solution.

Store Locator WordPress

Agile Store Locator, an extensive WordPress Store Locator/Finder Plugin, grants direct access to nearby stores via Google Maps V3. With limitless store additions and efficient category management, it provides a smooth way to pinpoint the finest stores, delivering accurate geolocation details for customer inquiries.

Agile Store Locator, designed for immediate access to the best local stores, serves various listing needs such as stores, deals, hotels, real estate, restaurants, and jobs. With the power of Google Maps, the plugin enables precise store location identification. The free features include a highly responsive UI design, unlimited store management, category management with markers, custom field addition, time format setting, distance unit selection, and sorting options. Additionally, it allows prioritizing stores, integrating geo-location buttons, implementing search and click zoom functionalities, restricting searches to specific countries, and displaying store hours dynamically.

In its pro version, Agile Store Locator offers six beautiful themes, multiple layouts with listing and accordion options, and additional templates for deals and real estate websites. The features also encompass customizable info windows and store lists, an admin dashboard with comprehensive stats, analytics charts for user searches and top stores, time selection for each day, and the ability to duplicate stores with a single click. The plugin’s further functionalities include marker and category management, import/export of stores, advanced filters, and the option to enable/disable analytics and sorting by bound.

Key Features: 

  • Instant access to diverse listings such as stores, deals, hotels, real estate, restaurants, and jobs.
  • Utilizes Google Maps for accurate store location identification.
  • Unlimited management of stores and dynamic categorization with markers.
  • Customizable UI, distance units, search restrictions, and display options.
  • The pro version adds themes, templates for deals/real estate, analytics, and detailed admin stats.
  • User-friendly experience with prompt location dialogs, marker customization, and extensive filter settings.


The plugin presents a complimentary version with essential functionalities, while the Pro version’s regular license is accessible at a cost of $39.

Store Locator Plus® for WordPress

Store Locator Plus® emerges as the ultimate powerhouse in location management systems, elevating WordPress sites with stunning directories and map displays. Its robust suite of features ensures a hassle-free installation of a locator, empowering users to create dynamic, intuitive location-based interfaces effortlessly.

Store Locator Plus® stands as a comprehensive location management system and a reliable solution for crafting visually striking directories and map displays on WordPress sites. With features catering to managing ten or tens of thousands of locations, WordPress seamlessly integrates the plugin. By entering locations, creating a dedicated page, and utilizing the SLPLUS shortcode, the Store Locator Plus® search form and map effortlessly materialize. The plugin offers full customization through basic HTML and CSS, all managed via the admin panel with select add-ons. 

Store Locator Plus® impressively accommodates 125 to 15,000 locations, ensuring seamless support for the largest directories. It provides thousands of map views, unlimited categories for efficient organization, a GPS location sensor for user convenience, and the ability to import and export locations through CSV. The plugin enhances the experience with WooCommerce integration, territories, cluster map markers, and more, providing a comprehensive and tailored solution for demanding location-based needs on your WordPress site.

Key Features: 

  • Quick setup with SLPLUS shortcode.
  • The pro version supports up to 15,000 locations.
  • Thousands of map views with volume discount.
  • Unlimited categories for efficient organization.
  • Advanced features like GPS location sensor and customization options.
  • Prioritize or highlight key locations for emphasis.
  • Gain insights through advanced reporting on user searches and location performance.
  • Enhance relevance by setting territories to filter results based on the visitor’s address.


Store Locator Plus® for WordPress is free, with a premium subscription at $275.00/year plus a $49.00 sign-up fee, including the Premier Plugin.

Store Locator for WordPress with Google Maps – LotsOfLocales

Store Locator for WordPress with Google Maps – LotsOfLocales transforms your WordPress site into a spatially intuitive hub, seamlessly integrating Google Maps for an interactive store locator experience. The plugin with WordPress-integrated map-making tools shines through, allowing effortless management of countless locations via the WordPress admin interface.

With the flexibility to manage and display a few or thousands of crucial stores, points of interest, or product locations worldwide, LotsOfLocales offers an intuitive admin location-management interface to handle diverse features expertly. You can easily enhance your store locator’s appearance in under 5 minutes with the responsive design, automatically adjusting for desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The plugin surpasses expectations with add-ons that further boost its capabilities, allowing you to customize the map’s appearance with your own icons, colors, and branding. It manages hundreds of locations effortlessly through the MapDesigner admin settings. New highly requested functionalities are now available, including custom ordering of locations, custom starting location, custom zoom, and more. 

The capabilities extend to almost any feature you can think of, from scrollwheel zoom to stylized maps, making it a comprehensive solution. Include cool Google Maps options like an inset box, zoom level, and map types. The plugin also offers the option to show a dropdown list of cities, allowing visitors to see your locations and choose their search accordingly quickly. With all these features, the plugin can certainly be a user-friendly solution for creating and managing store locators on your website.

Key Features: 

  • Multiple add-ons with top-level features to enhance capabilities.
  • New functionalities like MVC objects, custom map styling, and more.
  • Comprehensive search options: by name, radius, country, and more.
  • Support for scroll wheel zoom, draggable map, and animated map icons.
  • Variety of Google Maps options: inset box, zoom level, map types.
  • Option to use miles or kilometers for distance measurement.
  • Intuitive admin location-management interface for expert handling of locations.
  • Option to show a dropdown list of cities for convenient location selection.


The plugin provides a free version and offers a pro version starting at $39/month, unlocking advanced features.

Store Locator for WordPress

Store Locator for WordPress, a plugin designed for simplicity and efficiency, makes plotting your stores on a map becomes the easiest task. The plugin smoothly incorporates Google Sheets for effortless location management, offering a unique map-based store locator to embed all locations on your website.

In terms of features, this plugin offers a blazingly fast and interactive map, requiring zero coding effort to build your store locator. The highly responsive UI ensures a consistent experience across all browsers and devices. Customers can conveniently search for the nearest store based on their location, and geo-locations are automatically calculated using the Mapbox API. The ability to filter stores based on tags or unique columns provides a personalized search experience. Managing store locations is made simple with Google Sheet integration, and the interactive maps are easily shareable via a single link. Customers can always obtain route guidelines to a location from Google Maps and access business hours, contact numbers, and email addresses for each store. 

The plugin also allows customization with a choice of color themes to match your WordPress website. Not to forget, adding, updating, or removing new stores from the Google Sheet is smooth, and collaboration with your team is facilitated by sharing the sheet for easy store editing.

Key Features: 

  • Easy store plotting with zero coding.
  • Google Sheet integration for seamless management.
  • Fast, interactive maps for a great user experience.
  • Personalized search and filter option.
  • Simple embedding with a single shortcode line.
  • Detailed store info, including hours and contacts.


The Store Locator for WordPress offers both a free version and a lite version, with the latter priced at $24 per month.


WordPress, renowned for its adaptability and diverse functionalities, recognizes the crucial role of store locator plugins in enhancing the user experience. Store Locator plugins connect businesses’ online presence with the geographical footprint of their brick-and-mortar stores, creating a cohesive customer journey. Today, integrating these plugins has become crucial for smoothly connecting online and offline business experiences.

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