7+ Best WordPress Table Plugins In 2024 (Compared)

Whether you’re showcasing product comparisons, price, statistical data, or a schedule of upcoming events, a clean and responsive table can be the difference between a visitor staying on your site or leaving. They help organize data, present it visually appealingly, and make complex information more digestible for readers. 

However, coding tables from scratch is time and energy-consuming. So, what’s the fix? Well, that’s where table plugins come in. These efficient tools will help you make easy-to-read, eye-catching tables, without the hassle of coding.

However, to relieve you of searching and testing multiple plugins, we’ve done that in today’s 7+ Best WordPress Table Plugins.

This post highlights the top-performing table plugins, designed to cater to various requirements, including design, control, and budget. Whether you’re looking to present large datasets, compare products, or simply enhance the organization of your content, we’ve got you covered. 

Let’s start, shall we? 


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1. WP Table Builder

WP Table Builder can be your best choice if your priority is making tables the easiest way possible. It’s a freemium table plugin, with features ranging from easy-to-use drag-and-drop table builder to advanced styling options and pre-built templates. Whether you’re trying to display a comparison of products or showcase a structured dataset, or just make a simple table- WP Table Builder will be your best tool.

This plugin offers a straightforward drag-and-drop interface that makes table creation as easy as possible. No more coding; set the number of columns and rows, drag the elements you want, and drop them on tables- just like moving files on a desktop. You can add rows and columns, rearrange them, or tweak the table settings with just a few clicks. 

Another must-mention feature of this plugin is cell management, which is taken to the next level. You can merge cells, split them, or add individual padding and borders, and even color-code cells, making your tables informative and aesthetically pleasing. It also goes beyond mere numbers and text. You can enrich your tables with images, star ratings, lists, and buttons, all working together to boost conversions.

WP Table Builder offers several pre-designed templates to save time and boost productivity. These templates serve different purposes, like pricing tables, comparison tables, and list tables, and can be customized to match the user’s unique requirements. Not only that, you can also make custom tables, and use those as templates. And if you’re switching from TablePress, WP Table Builder offers automatic migration, too. 

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop table builder.
  • Offers several pre-built table templates for a quick start.
  • Provides advanced elements like circle rating, ribbons, styled list, etc.
  • Automatic migration from TablePress.
  • Tables include built-in lazy loading for images, for improved efficiency and performance.
  • Allows frontend table sorting.
  • Custom CSS styling.
  • Advanced Cell management and customization.


Free | The starter plan of WP Table Builder is set at $49/year, for a single site license.

2. Tableberg

Tableberg emerges as a forward-thinking WordPress plugin, specifically crafted for the WordPress Block Editor. It revolutionizes the way tables are created and managed in WordPress, offering a blend of simplicity, efficiency, and aesthetics. With Tableberg, users can effortlessly design responsive and visually appealing tables, thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The plugin stands out for its compatibility with the modern WordPress Block Editor, ensuring a seamless and integrated user experience.

Key features of Tableberg include its extensive customization options, allowing users to tailor the appearance of tables to fit their site’s theme and style. The plugin also boasts advanced functionalities such as data import/export capabilities, SEO optimization for improved search engine rankings, and speed optimization to ensure fast loading times without compromising website performance.

Ideal for bloggers, e-commerce site owners, and businesses alike, Tableberg is set to redefine the standard for table creation in WordPress. Its focus on user-friendly design, combined with powerful features, makes it a must-have plugin for anyone looking to enhance the presentation and usability of their website’s data.

Key Features

  • WordPress Block Editor compatibility.
  • Responsive design to ensure tables look greate across all devices.
  • Customization options to match the tables with your site’s design.
  • SEO-Friendly for better visibility and ranking on search engines.
  • Speed optimized for fast laoding.
  • Real-time preview to see changes instantly.
  • Sub-blocks (image, list, button)


It’s a free plugin.

3. Ninja Tables

Now, we’re at the final pick of this list, and it’s another all-in-one solution for all your table needs. From basic table creation to advanced eCommerce integration, and real-time Google Sheets synchronization, Ninja Tables serve both newcomers and advanced users. Whether managing a simple blog or a full-fledged online store, it can be the go-to solution to bring visual appeal and dynamism to data presentation.

For those wanting a quick start, Ninja Tables offers pre-made table templates. Whether for a product listing, pricing table, event schedule, or comparison table, there’s a template to match your needs. So, even if you are not good with design or coding, you have nothing to worry about. There are 13 different templates, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. 

Visual content has constantly been engaging. With the image lightbox feature, Ninja Tables elevates your tables by providing an attractive display of images. When visitors click on an image, it will open in a lightbox, offering more details in a pop-up. It gives a better immersive experience to users. On top of that, it’ll save them from switching to another page.

If you’re an e-commerce site owner, you’ll appreciate Ninja Tables’ ability to create dynamic WooCommerce product tables. You can display products with relevant data, filter them, and link directly to the checkout, making shopping quicker for your visitors. Additionally, with the transform value feature, you can modify data presentation without altering the original data, be it converting numbers into percentage bars or changing date formats.

Key Features

  • Unlimited table creation.
  • 13 pre-made table templates.
  • Free dynamic chart add-on.
  • Provides stacking multiple tables for creating complex designs.
  • Amazon affiliate product table.
  • Custom post-type integration.
  • Offers value transformation with simple HTML codes.
  • Data display from custom SQL table and SQL query/remote external SQL.


Free | Single site license for Ninja Tables is $59/year.

4. TablePress

To start today’s list, we’ve picked one of the best table plugins in the market. Whether you are a blogger looking to present research data, an online store aiming to showcase products, or an educator providing resources, TablePress can handle it, and more. It offers an effortless way for users to add and manage tables without writing a single line of code, along with tons of features.

Integration with WordPress would be the best feature of this plugin, offering the most effortless navigation and usage. TablePress supports both the classic editor and the block editor. So, you can easily input and manage table data in a spreadsheet-like interface, directly from the WordPress dashboard. Additionally, tables can be added anywhere in a post or page via shortcodes.

TablePress will also help add readymade tables to sites. Whether it’s a CSV, JSON, or HTML file, the import/export feature supports various table formats, simplifying data migration from and to outside sources. It offers numerous styling options, too. Whether it’s alternating row colors, highlighting specific cells, or even implementing custom CSS- you can tweak, customize, and adjust everything.

TablePress provides powerful options for sorting, filtering, and pagination. With just a click, users can sort tables by columns, apply keyword filtering, and divide large tables into smaller segments with pagination. These features enhance the user experience by offering a structured data view.  Additional modules in the premium version provide specialized functionalities like server-side processing, custom search building, or combining tables.

Key Features

  • Unlimited table creation.
  • Import and export tables from/to CSV, Excel, JSON, and HTML files.
  • Advanced row filtering and sorting.
  • Offers table embedding, though both blocks and shortcodes.
  • Custom search builder.
  • Automatic table export and periodic table import.
  • Server-side processing for faster loading.
  • Plenty of options for pagination, sorting, and filtering. 


Free | The pro version of TablePress starts at $79/year.

5. wpDataTables

wpDataTables is another top-notch table plugin for creating tables and charts from various data sources. Whether you have data in Excel, CSV, Google Sheets, or even in a SQL database, this plugin can present it seamlessly on your WordPress site. Its vast library of features, including responsive design, caching, and conditional formatting, make it a go-to solution for anyone looking to present data visually appealing and interactively.

One of the challenges with dynamic data is ensuring that it’s always up-to-date. wpDataTables solves this issue with its advanced caching features. The plugin offers options to cache query results, improving the loading times for large tables. The auto-update cache feature also ensures that the cached data stays updated and in sync with the original sources, without manually editing them.

Data visualization is not just about presenting numbers. It’s about making data easy to digest. wpDataTables offers conditional formatting, allowing you to highlight specific rows, columns, or cells based on predefined conditions, that will automatically format the data in a particular way, making it easier to understand and analyze at a glance. Moreover, the plugin offers a global search via URL and advanced filtering options. 

This plugin ensures you are not limited to a single data source. Whether your data is from Excel, CSV, Google Spreadsheets, XML, or even directly from databases like MySQL, MS SQL, or PostgreSQL, wpDataTables can handle it without delay or other problems. For more advanced users, creating WordPress tables from nested JSON data with JSON authentication is also an option.

Key Features

  • Easy to use table builder, with massive customization galore.
  • Versatile data source integration, including CSV, MySQL databases, JSON,  PHP arrays, and XML feeds.
  • Dynamic data management with frontend entries, advanced filters, sorting, and pagination.
  • Caching data and auto-update cache.
  • Offers conditional formatting for better table data display.
  • Global search via URL for direct access to filtered table results.
  • Integrates Google, Highcharts, Chart.js, and ApexCharts support for chart creation.
  • Has placeholders feature for personalized content presentation. 


Free | Premium plan for wpDataTables starts at $55/year, with a single domain license. 

6. WooCommerce Product Table

Presentation plays an undeniable role when optimizing the online shopping experience for customers. WooCommerce Product Table is one of the best plugins for the job, as its powerful features and customization options make it a must-have for better product displays and customer interaction. By turning traditional product listings into an interactive and engaging table format, this plugin simplifies the shopping experience and potentially increases sales.

With WooCommerce Product Table, your shop can now display products in versatile tabs and accordions, create product tables with collapsible sections, and further organize content. This is especially useful for stores with a vast product range; these tabs categorize product details, allowing customers to go through specifications, reviews, and descriptions easily. This ensures customers have all the product information they need, without being overwhelmed.

With its include-exclude feature, you can precisely control what products or categories are shown in the tables and what is hidden, allowing you to create targeted displays for different audiences or promotions. For the users, this plugin offers multiple filter widgets to refine their search according to categories, tags, prices, and custom taxonomies. With instant search and sort features, finding a specific item is easier.

WooCommerce Product Table lets customers view product variations and attributes from the table. Details can be customized in preferred options, such as size or color, and you can display variations as dropdown lists or even as separate rows, providing customers with clear choices. This feature saves customers from switching to individual product pages, reducing clicks and enhancing the shopping experience. 

Key Features

  • Offers one-page ordering, directly from the table.
  • Instant search, sort, & filter options for better customer experience.
  • Offers unlimited product listing with lazy loading.
  • Customizable columns with listing attributes, custom fields, or taxonomies.
  • Provides 3 ways to list variable products.
  • Include or exclude specific products based on their ID. 
  • Offers image lightbox feature for better image display.
  • Built-in caching. 


With a single site license, WooCommerce Product Table costs $99.

7. Data Table Generator

If you want more than simple tables, for example, Excel Spreadsheet functionality like calculation, or need a plugin to turn your data tables into diagrams and graphs, Data Table Generator will be the perfect fit. This plugin provides a comprehensive solution for all your data table needs, including front-end editing to responsive designs, calculations, and attractive visual representations.

If you need a table that performs calculations, this plugin has got you covered. Its calculation feature is similar to that of advanced spreadsheet software. It can sum, average, and perform various mathematical operations, in real-time, turning your table into a multi-functional tool. This function is convenient for sites that want to create dynamic sales reports or financial analyses.

Visual data representation often makes complex information easier to understand. Keeping that in mind, Data Table Generator takes data visualization to the next level, by allowing you to integrate diagrams and charts directly into tables. You can create different graphs like line charts, pie charts, etc. You can showcase data through various diagrams, making the presentation more engaging.

Those in any competitive product business know the importance of comparing multiple items, as it helps customers choose easily and quickly. To help with that, this plugin offers fantastic comparison tables, including side-by-side evaluations of products, services, or any comparative analysis. Whether it’s product/price comparisons, feature breakdowns, or any multi-dimensional data, Data Table Generator can handle it easily, and help customers make informed decisions.

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface with font-end editing. 
  • Versatile data presentation with several graphs, charts, and diagrams.
  • Offers mathematical calculation functionality.
  • Advanced search, sorting, and pagination features.
  • Large table building with server-side processing. 
  • Supports image, link & video integration into tables.
  • Responsive design consistent performance on all devices.
  • Supports multiple database sources.

Free | The yearly plan of Data Table Generator for a single site license will cost $49. 

8. Visualizer

Visualizer will be perfect if you have enough money to get the most premium product. And to justify its price tag, it provides the most premium features in the market. It allows users to create and manage tables, charts, and graphs directly from the WordPress dashboard. It can be handy for businesses, researchers, educators, and bloggers who often need to deal with statistical information.

Visualizer stands out by offering a wide range of chart types. Users can select the chart that best fits the presented data, from simple line graphs to more complex bubble, radar-spider, geo, and combo charts. Whether you’re looking to depict financial trends, demographic data, or project timelines, there’s a chart for every need, and you won’t have to limit yourself to tables anymore.

Ease of use is another notable feature of this plugin. No matter what you need to create or how complex they are- you simply select the chart/table/graph type, input your data, and that’s it! The chart is ready. Embedding them into posts, pages, or even widget areas is also easy with Visualize, making it especially user-centric. 

Visualizer supports data import from various sources like CSV, Excel, and Google Sheets, making it convenient for users to upload their existing data. Moreover, with the automatic synchronization feature, your charts and tables update in real-time as the source data changes. Colors, fonts, and sizes can all be tweaked to requirements, and its responsiveness makes your data presentation consistent over all devices.

Key Features

  • Offers 15+ types of charts and graphs. 
  • Excel-like data editor for easier usage. 
  • Customizable permissions system for creating private charts.
  • Lets you allow visitor-level edit access.
  • Periodical data synchronization. 
  • Chart creation from posts, pages, products, etc.
  • Tables can be animated. 
  • Can import data from any database.


Free | Personal plan for Visualizer starts at $99/year.


Well, that’s it for today. As you all know, WordPress table plugins, in particular, play a pivotal role in presenting complex data in an organized way, be it for e-commerce sites, data-rich blogs, or any platform requiring structured data presentation.

So, choosing the plugin based on your need type is essential. Here’s our suggestion: WP Table Builder is for everyone, as it offers tons of table options in the free version, and has the cheapest premium annual offer. However, if you are a starter, use TablePress, which offers more straightforward navigation and usage. If your tables are mainly dependent on multiple data sources, pick wpDataTables. For e-commerce sites, WooCommerce Product Table will be the best pick. And if you’re good with Excel spreadsheets, you might want to get Data Tables Generator. To present your tables with the most eye-catching visuals, choose Visualizer. And last but not least, Ninja Tables is another allrounder with a bit pricier pro option.

I hope the 7 Best WordPress Table Plugins In 2023 (Compared) will help you pick the best WordPress Table plugin for your site. Please share if you’ve liked the post, and ask us anything regarding it. 

Good luck! 

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase using any of these links, we will get a small commission without any extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

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