6+ Best Free WordPress Accordion Plugins

Best WordPress accordion plugins

Are you looking for a way to add great-looking collapsible sections called accordion on your site? If you are, then you should check out the 6+ best WordPress accordion plugins handpicked by me. 

Accordion on a site adds a magical touch of professionalism to your posts or pages and improves your WordPress site’s user experience. Adding accordions on your site does not require hiring a developer anymore, as you can do it with a WordPress accordion plugin. 

But that does not mean any plugin. Finding the right one per your requirements is challenging because there are tons of available on the market. If you want to choose one for your site, keep reading this post and find out more. 

So let’s get started without any further due!

Ultimate Blocks

If you use the Gutenberg block editor, you should recharge and expand your editor’s functionality using Ultimate Blocks. It’s a multipurpose plugin that allows you to create great accordions besides providing you some useful blocks like Call to Action, Testimonials, Style List, Table of Content, Image Slider, Click to Tweet, and more. 

If you want to create a multi-level or nested accordion and you use the Gutenberg block editor, it is the best free solution available out there in the market. This plugin is modular, so you don’t need to worry about the page speed while using it. 

Creating unlimited collapsible tabs in multiple colors is super easy using this plugin. You can also choose the initial state of whether your accordion should be collapsed or not. You are allowed to change the color of the content container and title for free.

This is how your accordion would look like. You can check out more demos here

Top Remarkable Features

  • Lightweight yet robust multipurpose plugin
  • FAQ Schema options
  • Highly customizable
  • Nested or multi-level Accordion
  • 18 incredible blocks 
  • Choose the initial state of the accordion
  • Modular plugin
  • Blocks Manager
  • SEO friendly

Price: This fantastic WordPress accordion plugin is available for free downloads. Therefore, download the plugin for free from the WordPress repository. 

Accordion by PickPlugins

The Accordion is one of the most straightforward solutions available on the market to add an accordion to your website effortlessly. Besides creating the accordion, you can also use this plugin to create FAQs, tabs, WooCommerce FAQ tabs, and more. 

This WordPress accordion plugin features various customization options like changing color, font-size, etc., to match your brand color and background. It also lets you edit the header and content, and those content are 100% mobile responsive. You can even beautify your accordion more by adding icons to your accordion tabs as this plugin supports Font Awesome Icon fonts.

Adding an accordion, FAQ, tab using this plugin is super easy with shortcodes. You can also create multi-level or nested accordion smoothly, whichever you prefer. Overall this plugin is very easy to use and offers various options despite benign a free plugin. 

Accordion created by the Accordion by PickPlugins will look like this. If you want, you can check out more demos here

Top Remarkable Features

  • Lazy load for page speed
  • Third-party plugin data import
  • Compatible with Gutenberg block editor and WooCommerce
  • Shortcode support
  • Custom Icons
  • Container style
  • Display expand/collapse all button (Pro)
  • Header background image (Pro)
  • Nested/Multi-level accordion (Pro)
  • Vertical Tabs (Pro)

Price: Download this awesome WordPress accordion plugin from the WordPress repository for free. If you are curious enough, definitely try the pro version. The cost of the Pro version is $29 for one site. 

Qi Addons for Elementor

You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger free collection of Elementor add-on than the Qi Addons for Elementor plugin. It comes packed with 60 advanced widgets – all custom-made and full of powerful options, ready to deliver right out of the box. Whether you need to add accordions, sliders, animated infographics, or something like testimonial carousels and add-to-cart buttons, this plugin will have a widget for it.

The Accordions and Toggles widget is the plugin’s solution for collapsible section lists. It lets you choose between two different types of behaviors – the standard accordion and the toggle, which allows for multiple open sections at a time. It also gives you a choice of four different predefined layouts, or styles. The widget does all that even before showing you all its customization options for typography, colors, icons, and more.

The Accordions and Toggles widget was created to be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. But the Qi Addon for Elementor plugin also has some great video tutorials, including one specifically for the accordion widget, in case you’re in need of help or inspiration when creating your accordions. 

Top Remarkable Features: 

  • Accordion behavior
  • Toggle behavior 
  • Four predefined styles
  • Fully adjustable and customizable
  • Unlimited styling options
  • Comes with 59 other widgets
  • Free to download and use
  • Lightweight and optimized

Price: The plugin is free to download from the WordPress repository. It doesn’t have a pro, premium, or otherwise paid version. 

Accordion FAQ

Want to create a beautiful accordion faq for your WordPress site’s FAQ page? The Accordion FAQ WordPress accordion plugin is one of the best quickest solutions for you. This plugin is designed especially for designing FAQs. 

With Accordion FAQ, you can create an incredible accordion in the backend and display it on any page using shortcodes. You can create a fantastic accordion from scratch, or you can choose from the design templates provided with this WordPress accordion plugin. There are also 30+ content animations to make your accordion look gorgeous. 

This plugin is based on Bootstrap to make the design responsive for any screen size and highly customizable. You will also have a great customizer in the WordPress customizer section to customize the plugin further. This plugin loads faster as well, which is a good deal for your site’s SEO rankings. 

You can check out more demos from here

Top Remarkable Features

  • Bootstrap framework based
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Advanced custom fields
  • Less for quick customization
  • Slick Frontend and backend UI
  • Shortcode support
  • Drag & Drop builder
  • 8 Design Templates (Premium)
  • Preview Option (Premium)
  • Border Color Customization (Premium)
  • Multiple Advanced Custom Field Available (Premium)

Price: Grab the free version from the WordPress repository. Buy the premium version for $9/year for a single website. If you want to use this WordPress accordion plugin for a lifetime, you have to pay $29 for one time. 

Helpie FAQ

Creating an FAQ section or accordion on WordPress is a piece of cake using Helpie FAQ WordPress accordion plugins. This plugin is simply the best for creating FAQ pages where you put questions and answers related to your service or site in accordions. 

The interesting fact about this plugin is that you can easily integrate this with the famous page builder like Elementor, Gutenberg Block editor, and can even integrate with WooCommerce. It also offers a shortcode builder that lets you customize and embed the FAQs and accordions. With its inline search bar, your user can easily find their required questions in a second. 

To increase user engagement, this WordPress accordion plugin also has advanced insights and accordion sorting features. It is highly optimized and is best for answering your user’s questions and reducing support tickets effectively. This plugin also features FAQ submission that enables your user to submit their questions directly from the FAQ page.

Check out more demos here

Top Best Features

  • Inline search bar
  • Fully responsive toggle and accordion
  • FAQ theme Widget
  • Elementor integration
  • Gutenberg integration
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Drag & drop sorting of FAQs in group
  • User FAQ submission (Pro)
  • Custom FAQ toggle icons (Pro)
  • FAQ insights and analytics (Pro)
  • Advanced accordion styling options (Pro)

Price: Download and use this fantastic plugin for free. To use the premium features, buy the pro version for $38.99 for a single site. 

Easy Accordion

Easy Accordion is the name of a popular WordPress accordion plugin that lets you create responsive and beautiful accordions in no time. Easy Accordion enables you to add to your site’s posts pages and widget areas easily using shortcodes. No coding knowledge is required. 

This lightweight plugin loads your accordion faster and does not hamper your site load speed. It also offers both horizontal and vertical accordion layout options for the pro version. Every part of the accordion is customizable, and you can have multiple accordions opening together. 

The pro version offers you more extra features like shortcode support, 16+ themes, nested accordions, and more. You can also create accordion tabs from your existing categories. Like the previous plugins, it is mobile responsive.

Accordions created by this plugin would look like this. You can also check out more demos from their site

Top Remarkable Features

  • Drag and drop accordion sorting
  • Lightweight and fast
  • RTL supported
  • Custom CSS support
  • Translation ready
  • Unlimited color and styling option
  • 16+ theme (Pro)
  • Multi-level or nested accordion (Pro)
  • Accordion from post and category (Pro)
  • Supports video, images, audio, etc. any content (Pro)

Price: Download the free version from the WordPress repository or try the pro version for $29 for a single site. 

Essential Addons for Elementor

Elementor is probably the most popular page builder that features almost every element you need to build a stunning website. You can also use various widgets and addons for Elementor to sharpen the features of Elementor.

Essential Addons for Elementor is one of the popular addons plugins that let you create great accordions and create Post Grid, Gravity Forms, Testimonials, etc. If you use this addon plugin, you will not require any other plugins to create other webpage elements. This way, your site will be lightweight and load faster. 

Adding advanced accordions on your pages and posts using Essential Addons for Elementor is easy. This plugin also supports nested accordions and is available in the free version, just like Ultimate Blocks offers. The wide range of accordion options covers icon options, color options, typography options, etc., to let you create stunning advanced accordions for your site. 

Accordions create by Essential Addons for Elementor would look like this. You can check out other demos from here

Top Remarkable Features

  • Advanced Accordions
  • Highly customizable accordions
  • Image Accordions 
  • Testimonials
  • Team Members
  • Pricing Table
  • Call to Action
  • Tooltip
  • Forms
  • Post Block (Premium)
  • Testimonial Slider (Premium)
  • Lightbox & Modal (Premium)
  • Interactive promo (Premium)

Price: As for the price, you can use the free features by downloading the free version from the WordPress repository. If you want to try the premium features, buy the premium version for $39.97/year for a single site. 

Bellows Accordion Menu

Finally, we have arrived at the last plugin on our list, and it is the Bellows Accordion Menu, but we should not consider this plugin as a weak one. It is a unique WordPress accordion plugin that is simply the best for creating cool accordion menus along with accordions for your site. The accordion menu created by the plugin is fully functional and responsive. 

It comes with three skin presets and supports submenu levels, making it one perfect choice to choose this plugin. Creating and embedding the accordion menu in any place on your site is easy with a shortcode integration. You can place your accordion menu on your widget areas too. 

You can decorate your accordion by adding advanced content like icons, widgets, images, custom content, etc. Aside from these, Bellows Accordion Menu is SEO friendly, RTL supported, and is Translation ready. 

This is how your accordion would look like. Check out more demos here

Top Remarkable Features

  • Mobile responsive
  • Unlimited color and styling options
  • Translation ready
  • 3 skin presets for the free version, and 20 skin presets for the pro version
  • Multi or single folding accordion menu
  • Supports adding submenu levels
  • Shortcodes integration
  • Menu style customizer (Pro)
  • Advanced content adding support (Pro)
  • Menu Management (Pro)
  • Ability to disable links, text, and custom URLs, etc. (Pro)

Price: Enjoy the plugin for free from the WordPress repository. To use the pro features, buy the pro version for $15 for a single site. 


I hope by this time, you have been able to find one for your site. If you are still confused, make sure to go back to see the whole post or see the top remarkable features of each plugin. But if you are still confused, let me break it down for you. 

If you use the Gutenberg editor and want a free plugin to use accordions with other cool features & blocks and keep the site lightweight at the same time, check out the Ultimate blocks. 

Its other blocks are capable and robust enough to fulfill different tasks like creating CTA buttons, social share buttons, styling lists, table content, etc., effortlessly without needing other plugin installation. The Ultimate Blocks is a free solution for using nested accordion too. 

If you want to style your website menu further and want a menu accordion, try Bellows Accordion Menu. If you use Elementor, you can choose the Essential Addons for Elementor and Helpie FAQ.

Accordion by PickPlugins is another best one that is compatible with Gutenberg editor, just like Helpie FAQ. Easy Accordion and Accordion FAQ are the best premium options if you like to create more advanced accordions. Make sure to check out their demos too. 

Let me know which one you choose for your site. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section and if you have liked the post, consider sharing it with your friends. 

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